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69 Road Runner

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Now that I will have some pix to share since the car is running,  I figured I should make a thread.


The car is a 79 Road Runner, it was my father and his best friends back when they were kids. Well, specifically, it was his best friends, but his buddy decided to give it to my dad about 1.5-2 years ago as its been sitting on jack stands since 1982, uncovered, in LA, in relatively plain view from the street. Its a fucking miracle it was never fucked with or stolen. Backstory on the car and the build, this was the second RR his buddy had, my father totaled the first one for his friend before his buddy even had a license. Man, the 70's really must have been fun!

The first one was blue, second one was the orange it is now. My father was driving the blue one around in the rain with heavy rain boots on, it was a 343 with 440 heads, decent little setup, and hit boot got stuck under the brake pedal on the gas and into a tree it went, or, so the story goes. The motor was from his buddies moms totaled sedan (I forget all the old dodge cars, I mean I was not even close to being born, so forgive me on my history blunder), so they pulled the 343 from the car before it was hauled off to the junk yard, and they started building that up in their early teens, as I said, his buddy who owned it didn't' even have a license yet.

I don't know all the details, but it was a decent little 343, 440 heads, really nice rear end (I just know its a nice drop in unit, not sure what it was, but it was a strong one), B&M built trans, and he had a B&M floor shifter but never got around to installing it. In highschool it was one of the cars everyone knew, and they would light it up after whatever sport practice and just roast some tires. Once again, 70's really must have been great.

Long story shot, my dads buddy gave it to my father and my pops went to work getting it all restored. The driver side was rusted out pretty badly, but they kept the not destroyed body panels from the blue car, and what do ya know, the passenger side was destroyed,  but they still had a pristine driver door and rear quarter in the garage!! 1.5 is years later, car was stripped to the frame, totally restored, had a modest race motor built, and its a hell of a machine. I don't have the engine specs, but I know some of the info. My dad wanted to use their original 343, but his buddy could't find the main caps in time so my pops had to get a donor motor (he was trying to get the car done in a year for his buddys birthday, that clearly didn't happen anyways so the timeline was ruined) but the donor motor was a 400 block, and when all was said and done with some custom pistons that still have some skirt left, its a 510 (I think its 509.95) CI motor, decent cam, not insane, but certainly a lot of CAM for sure, the same 440 heads it had, the same whatever huge carb from before, just gone through and cleaned up and im sure whatever else could be done to it. Same rear end, same axles, all of that stuff was up to the task as they had solid stuff in it back in the day when they built it. The trans is the same as well, but my father had it rebuilt by Mikes transmission in palmdale, he is the M half of B&M. Its on its second trans, first one ate itself since someone installed the lines to it incorrectly at the shop putting it all together. Anyways, Mike himself installed it the second time, and added a separate trans cooler in. Also, the floor shifter finally is in the car after all those years. It has a Mikes trans torque converter, no idea what the specs on it are, but I mostly trust blindly trust him, and holy shit, it drives like a dream. The shifts are, uh, hard, but really, its pretty damn impressive for being way over built.

No idea on power numbers beyond the engine builder saying it should make 500+ TQ, and its hard to really know, but holy shit it'll light some 285 Michelin PS4S's up without even trying and just not stop, it pulls relentlessly, or, until it runs out of RPM which seems to be around 5k, hard to know without a tach! lol.

It does have some sort of MSD ignition electronics going on, but I assume its just a rather simple timing advance and retard system. I really don't know all of these things, but now that the car is at my dads house and not in shops, I do plan to try and learn what I can, google will be my friend.

Car hauls ass and sounds the part, and today on a drive up sunset in beverly hills area, we "raced" a 61 Ferrari 250 GT SWB.  Awesome dude, he knew we ad a 69 right away, said he always wanted a super bird (he has a ~10 million dollar Ferrari he wasn't shy about shifting and driving, im sure he could figure that out one day). We didn't really race, we would have smoked him anyways, his car was immaculate, and seemingly totally original, perfect amount of blue smoke when he got on the throttle lol. 

I took a handful of real pix, but my PC is in parts as I am milling a custom motherboard heatsink cuz im weird like that and just decided that was a good idea. It was, but thats a story for another day. Once the PC is back together I will edit and post the pix I took, and hopefully more to follow over the holidays. We will 100% get a photo shoot of his Road Runner and his whippled 'Yote.


O man, only pix I have are us next to the Ferarri, and the insta story pix I uploaded. Thats... sad. I will get more, don't worry!




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Those cars are a blast to play with. Float down the road like a yatch but fun cruising.

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I had a 67 Camaro and "rode" in a 69 road runner in Arkansas's Ozark's at a college orgy, another story, anyway, I used B&M tranny fluid in two of my old vehicles, a 73 Grand Prix & I forget the other ride I used B&M. Your bringing back memories for my "Old arse", Lol. Thank's Ligistix!

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