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Some of my favorite YouTube channels in a zombie movie

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This is just too funny, Matt from DemoRanch and Hickock45 together in a zombie apocalypse flick called Strain 100.


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Some of the comments are just killing it! For all the Hickock45 fans out there...



  • "Please tell us that Hickok will talk about the history of the guns as he kills zombies with them."
  • "*BAM* Hickok45 here *BAM* bringing you a Winchester 1200 *BAM* Thanks to the great folks over at *BAM* Buds gun shop"
  • "Hickok would absolutely trail across zombie-infested America spreading lead and the good word of Bud's gun shop"
  • Hickok45 would have a RV caravan, which would contain the mobile entirety of Bud's Gun Shop, and all the employees. "Bud's Mobile Gun Shop"

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