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****SOLD**** PTE turbo kit for 2.3L EBM

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I am selling my turbo setup I am going with a different kit, I am not looking for big cash, its a very good setup about 7K on this kit and it has been very well maintained, only race oil used, no over spooling etc. **Note this kit is still currently on the vehicle, I am going to remove, carefully package the kit up and have it ready for expidited shipping within 3 days of the sale of the kit should arrive no later than 5 days after receipt of payment. (BUT I plan to have the kit off the car this coming Saturday or Monday evening (24th/26th) as its the earliest I have the shop lift available to me. As this is as my car is a daily driver and I will be on my stock setup during the interim while the other kit is on back order. The Kit will is as follows:


PTE 5862 Dual ball bearing turbo + turbo manifold (with turbo blanket)
Hot side charge pipe (SS) with TS Smart Vee port super sonic BOV (Same as the one for the F150) with NEW factory diverter resistor (to plug into factory harness for the stock electronic DV)
3" catless down pipe with TS Comgate 40 wastegate with upgraded 14lb spring (DP is heat wrapped and strapped)
Cold side charge pipe (SS)
Factory connect 90 degree elbow to bolt up factory or aftermarket cat backs to 3" down pipe (Vband Clamp style)
Water bypass hose + oil line feed
The aftermarket CAI I modified to bolt up to the stock airbox, I did not like the air filter in the fender it made it difficult to clean and change and added more noise than I wanted in cabin. I will include this piece or you can use your own aftermarket unit must have a 4" silcone couple to connect to the turbo inlet (3,3.5" to 4") or use mine.


Price reduced $2750 o.b.o shipped continental US. very flexible on the price.


You will need your own tuner for this as I am keeping my AP, I suggest using Tune+ or Lund for tuning and using either a Cobb AP or SCT X4 if you have them already, you should also run an upgraded intercooler and I suggest colder plugs on race oil like Valvoline VR1 or equiv.


Turbo is capable of 640WHP you will need upgraded internals and aux fueling for the max output of this turbo, but with race gas, e83, methanol it is capable 430 to 450+WHP My current setup running conservative at 400 at the moment.


PM me with your interest or post questsions as needed.
Note I am posting this on multiple forums that is why you see more than one name =)





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