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I have absolutely no fear of spiders or even care if they are in my car, I lived in HI for a long time and they are pretty much the Squirrel of those islands.  My only problem is when I am driving and they go sliding down a web in front of me and I cant catch them fast enough.


Unlike most insects, spiders and house centipedes kill the other shit I do hate, flys, gnats, and all kinds of nuisance bugs like beetles, bed bugs, silver fish etc.  They are creepy fucks and no one wants one crawling on them, but they are a needed evil =)  


There is one exception however that I have and its the garden variety Cane spider, and that's because one of them chased my nekkid 5 year old butt out of my bathroom when I was a kid and he was one large mother, took like 20 broom hits to kill that one, they are pretty aggressive.

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