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Ford Font

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So I found it once, but it took me a while, I am hoping it's just on here or someone knows easy. I have figured out how I am going to do the power dome, I will buy the american muscle stripes for 50 bucks and my dad still has some blue vinyl that perfectly matches the grabber blue (used it on my mustang pony under my grille) and just put that ontop of the black stripe from AM. Issue is my dads computer we use for the vinyl plotter wasn't hooked up to our server correctly last time we used it so the file and font is gone.


I know I know, we have a plotter and I can't do all of this myself... Issue is that damn curve on our hoods. I can't figure out how to get those dimensions right to cut it, BUT my dad thinks we can hand cut it fine. He has a damn good eye (cabinet manufacturer for 35 years) and we have all the proper vinyl cutting scissors, so that is my current plan. Get some good matte black vinyl and just hand cut it.


But back to the most import part of this thread. What is the font ford uses? I need to cut out the 227 in the ford font.



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So far I think it may be "nokiaregular" or Eurostile Bold Italic. I think the normal mustang one may be nokiaregular and the BOSS 302 style is the eurostile bold italic. I know its not a boss 302, but those numbers look more "ford" to me. I am not sure. This is why I am trying to figure this out lol. I do have a LOT of grabber blue vinyl tho, so if it isn't perfect I can redo it many times :)

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