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Product Review: Royal Purple Ice

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Hey everyone,


With the hot summer months ahead and the install of my new supercharger I have been monitoring temps on my X4 while driving for some time now.  I noticed my IAT floats around 110°F - 125°F and my ECT was around 199°F - 209°F.


I was not worried about the IAT as that was normal. The ECT seemed high to me. I did some searching online and looked at the shop manuals for the 2014 Mustang and the ECT was within operating temperature.


Still I did not like it being that high and decided to do a little modification.


I started out by using my antifreeze tester to determine the antifreeze vs water ratio. It was around 50/50 which provided protection to -34°F.


I thought about changing it to a 60/40 mixture which would provide protection to -24°F but decided I would try something different first.


I have used Redline Water Wetter in the past with positive results but the autoparts store only had Royal Purple Ice in stock.


I did a brief search online about the product and only saw positive reviews, and I was originally going to use AMSOIL's version but I did not want to wait (It would have to be ordered and delivered)




The stock GT cooling system holds 13.1 Quarts and my Supercharger cooling system holds 7.5 (bigger heat exchanger and reservoir) 


Royal Purple Ice states to add 1 to 2 oz per quart into the cooling system. The bottle only has 12 oz.  :dry:


I bought 3 bottles and spent $35 on this crap, it better work.


I added 24 oz to the engine cooling system and 12 oz to the supercharger cooling system, it made a difference.


I went back out driving and I was now having IAT's of 100°F - 120°F (5°F less) and my ECT was floating between 189°F - 196°F


So while the IAT was not affected very much the ECT was.


It was on the same day, within an hour of itself and I drove the same roads to test for results.


So for $35 and a 10°F drop. not a bad thing for piece of mind.



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I've used the Redline Water Wetter in the past with good results!  Glad to see the Royal Purple Ice works well too!

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