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Project Banananana

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Since I have traded in Grey Matter I am now going to be working on new stuff with my ecoboost, and to be honest I think for the money the gains will be more pronounced.  Anyway all hail Banananana! * :dwarf:

*Note: not a real banana



Going forward I will be appending new stuff to later posts in this thread =).




This will be my mod thread for my new GT coupe going forward. I already have a starting list of items, but I am holding out because one thing I had not done on my 11 vert was anything radical with the motor, while I did do some heavy lifting stuff like the tranny swap, leather interior and full paint job etc, I think the budget part of me kept holding me back. Then when I really was going to go overboard and start boosting, I kept shifting gears and thinking about the other stuff I never touched (full suspension) etc.. Now I have two comp turbos and a set of ecoboost manifolds that I will probably not use obviously since I have a 5.0 on the way hehe. Anyhow I have to heavily weigh purchasing either the Procharger or Roush s/cs this march as I really am itching to do so, but I also have to put into context the new warranty as well.

So to start I will go easy but I may still make that big dollar purchase as I have the funds right now to do so =) (especially with the 3 paychecks in Jan thats alot of OT)

So to start this is what I got going on.

Already purchased:

Craigs no drill front plate bracket (gunna hold on to this one, see if I can get my bumper patched and refinished in the spring maybe to remove the holes.
New LEDs for side markers, reverse, map lights etc.
Ford Racing cat back exhaust (removing resonators) Returned gone with resonator delete with FRPP X pipe. After this install will see if it needs axles.
Hood struts (a must and kind of perplexed why we still in 2015 have a hood prop rod) DONE
Lowering springs (Picked up a set of Eiback Pro springs will possibly install them next week or the following, week of 2/14/15) DONE
Tuner sct x4 DONE

I did pick up a JLT CAI since I was given the X4 tuner for free so I figured I would round this out. DONE

Items wanted:

There are a number of wheel options I am looking at right now, I love the PP black 19" but would love to go bigger, wider on all 4 corners. Looking at some Niche wheels right now  No longer doing wheels I love the stock 20" as is will get larger rubber later.
Roush hood vents, I like the stock bubbles but they are a little distracting when looking down the hood. Keeping it stock I am used to them now and they look ok =)
Tint the windows DONE
Car cover (covercraft with 50 year logo)
50 year floor mats and trunk mat
Racing stripes, looking into doing either gloss or matte black, or something color coordinated,DONE (note: Aug 13th I added metallic silver 1/4" pinstripes to the outer edges of my existing stripes.)

Wishlist items:
Procharger or Roush superchargers, one provides stock like mpg with boost on demand, the other is more traditional with similar power, but smaller warranty (3yrs/36000 vs 5yrs/100000 miles) This one will prob be a 2016 item.

Items to carry over:
I have the premium stereo in the new GT it comes with 9 speakers and amp but that is two pillar mounted tweeters, a full and mid range in the doors, and two in the rear deck, and one mounted in the dash for center channel and improved voice audio, but no Subs. I am going to move over my Rockford Fosgate Punch amp and JL audio sub box to the new car. No longer applies as I have picked up the 401A package with the shaker pro audio which has a sub.

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Hot damn. That sounds pretty epic! Can't wait to see how this thing turns out!



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Yeah those are very similar to the ones I am looking at..  I am not really a fan of that particular shade of grey/silver however its a little on the PT boat grey color for my taste, more silver or darker yes.  


I am talking to my paint guy and discussing painting a test panel magnetic and doing some stripes with my leftover Kandy Orange in gloss and satin or matte finish, or black super snake stripes with 1/4" orange accent stripes on each side of the two stripes, and then get of these Niche agiles and paint them with the kandy orange to match the accent stripes.




Also kind of digging these...



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I'm working on it hehe.  My vert wasn't all paint =)  My SW exhaust came in last week... 


I was told by ford that this week there is no scheduling going on with orders in "order processing" but I should get my VIN# next week and go into production.

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Yeah I am starting to get amped up.  I just dropped off the entire downpayment last week, I keep adding cash to it because I want as much payed up front so I can skip the gap insurance etc.


I would like to see more owners posting youtube walk around vids etc on their cars, I am amazed how few owner ones I have seen.


I am trying to find out if you can use clear bra vinyl in conjunction with actual stripes. 

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My over time isn't affording me a new GT, I need a new job! Happy for you man, and make it go fast!


Yeah I got lucky this year I am at over 500hrs OT so far since Oct. so I put down $15,000 deposit.  Its been a pain in the ass but once my car comes in it will be well worth it.  =)  .... and thank you I am happy for me too hehe. 

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ahaha people are bumping me come on give me some time to own it first hehe....


I decided I am not getting the Niche wheels, I love em but I am digging the 20s that came on mine.  I am getting better tires I am not liking these PZeros at all.  I know its cold out 10-30 degrees and the softer compound is not good in this climate but I am blowing traction through 3rd gear and not going over 4500rpms to boot.  


I will be doing my exhaust the week of Feb 14th, I am waiting for my OT shifts to end which is the 5th of Feb then the following week I should be back on my regular 3 day work week with actual time off.


I have my weathertech mats coming this week, and hope to have the windows tinted Tues or Wednesday this week.

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List of mod items purchased.


Continental DWS 265/35R20 these are to be my normal day to day daily treads ordered - sched delivery Mon 1.26.15

Stainless Works 3" Cat back system - on hand

Redline Tuning Elite Hood struts - ordered sched delivery Tuesday 1.26.15

JLT Cold Air Intake and Tuner - ordered no tracking yet estimated Wed delivery 1.27.15

Eibach Pro springs - ordered no tracking yet estimated Wed delivery 1.27.15

Window Tint - scheduled 1.31.15 going to go with 25% instead of 35% this time around.



Scheduled dyno time next week for baseline numbers.  =)  I had planned on long tubes but its a rather large portion of my budget and I have other items left on my list that can come first =)

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