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Some tasty whiskeys tonight

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We have a whiskey tasting group and get together once a month to sample 5 whiskeys.


Speyside was the theme for tonight. Very tasty, the first 4 had just a little smoke on the nose but not on the tongue; the last one had more smoke on the tongue but still not so overwhelming that it was a liquid cigar. Next month we will try those - the leader selected some heavy peated drams for next month.







And the host member tonight is also a sommelier so he had this sign up:

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Scotch club meeting this week. Had some tasty drams once again, this month was "peat smoke" month. Four of the samples were 40-50 ppm smoke and the club bottle was supposed to be the smokiest every at 250 ppm. I must be getting used to the scotch peat smoke taste and smell because the first 4 didn't seem very smoky and the second and third bottles didn't seem to have any smoke on the nose or tongue and I thought were the best of the night. The last one didn't seem as smokey to me as others we have had so palate must have changed. We also had 2 of our club bottles that were on hand for sampling; the Japanese whiskey, Yamazaki, is pretty good.
















January we are buying another expensive bottle for the club. Our funds have built up quite a bit so it is going to be a couple hundred dollar bottle again; one of the members is making a trip to pick it up because it isn't available here in Michigan.

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It's the second Monday of the month (1/12/2015) - time for some tasty whiskey again.





This was only $48 and was one of the best of the night.
In fact for the price it was better than our club kitty malt of the evening, which was very good:

We paid about $330 for this bottle, and it was very good - but the 12 year old Auchentoshan was just as good.

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Like clockwork. It's friday night! We're goin black! Even watching some MTV jams. Lol. I might be a 52 year old but I'm pretty damn dope. Haha.


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