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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, we're packing so we need to double check to see if anyone needs the following (because they don't qualify for 'carry on') VMP GEN II TVS supercharger. $2660 on site, cash with no shipping. GEN II installed by VMP techs. $3499.00 GEN II tune updates for current VMP Tunes. N/C. VMP 07-12 Power Packs (2.5/90mm/JLT123/X4 w tunes) $1300 installed. Stage 4 Power Pack for 13-14 GT500 $1850 installed (incl re-gapping your stock plugs) Kit makes 90+ rwhp and includes JLT127 C/F, VMP 67mm TB, 2.40, 90mm idler, X4 with VMP Custom tuning. FULL VMP TVS GEN II KITS FOR 11+ GT/BOSS. 5% off for cash and we'll bring it TO you for free, but you're not fitting this in your trunk!! VMP Custom Tuning for NA 11+ GT/Boss with new X4. $425 cash and no shipping! NA tunes start as low as $99 on site. We look forward to seeing you there. Call us by Tues morning if we're bringing something "large" for you! Need something else? Call us asap at (321) 206-9369 so we can help you!
  2. Coyote 302

    Air Fuel Ratio

    ...from VMP's March newsletter: "Air/Fuel. If you read Internet forums you'll get dozens of different opinions on what it optimal, dangerous or will wash down your cylinder walls. For simplicity's sake, let's look at one car and the real story. 2011 and new Mustangs feature a PCM that uses two wideband O2 sensors to accurately measure and correct Lambda under all operating conditions. Enthusiasts know this value as "Air to fuel ratio". During "dynoing" sessions a second O2 sensor may be placed in the tailpipe to measure A/F. WITHOUT PROPER CALIBRATION THIS SENSOR WILL NOT READ ACCURATELY NOR THE SAME AS THE WIDEBAND 02s BUILT IN TO THE CAR. This discrepancy will make the tune appear to be "lean" when it's not actually so. Around 2010 Ford began calibrating the factory systems for E10 (10% ethanol) fuel. The Stoichiometric value for E10 is lower than that of ethanol -free gasoline. E10's value is 14.08 whereas pure premium grade gasoline is 14.64. So, the factory computer systems use 14.08 as their target and any wideband measurements reflect this. If you measure A/F with an aftermarket wideband and do not calibrate it for E10 the values will be skewed to look leaner than actual. So, your new 2013 GT500 shows you at 11.3:1 or so on it's fancy dashboard apps. Why? Let's say the factory calibration commands .80 Lambda (the Stoich factor of 14.08 for E10). 14.08 x 80%= 11.264:1 But you're running pure premium gas which we know has a value of 14.64. If everything was calibrated correctly, that same .80 target would result in an A/F of 11.71:1! (80% of 14.64) So, what's the optimal A/F ratio for a supercharged GT500? On pump gas, you'll get your best...SAFE power anywhere from 11.5 to 11.8:1. Over 12:1 for a sustained period of time and you can experience detonation so more octane is needed (like 100+ octane race gas). You won't be "washing down" cylinder walls with unburned gas until well below 10.5:1, and in some cases these richer A/Fs are needed to protect the catalytic converters. Oh...and for those with their own widebands in their cars....IDLE should average somewhere in that 14.3-14.6 range. Same goes for stead-state cruising. But, it fluctuates and jumps all over as the short term fuel trims do their job, making adjustments in A/F in milliseconds as they try to average 14.3-14.6 for you. Ford "bakes in" the fact that you're running E10. The vast majority of the country does, so it's far better to assume that you do than not." for more info: www.vmptuning.com ..
  3. Coyote 302


    We are proud to announce that our staff has been working hard in our most exciting and ambitious event... of any Mustang Forum on the internet to date.... ... and want to express our most sincere gratitude for supporting and believing in us, thanks to our sponsors!!! Stay tuned, soon to be announced!!!
  4. Rebecca Starkey's VMP powered 5.0L rips off a blistering 9.645@139.14 to kick off her day at NMRA Bradenton.
  5. Coyote 302

    VMP-TVS Porting job...

    ...just found these... ...high flow elbow... ..and this pic is my actual elbow installed, almost perfectly seamless...
  6. "It often goes that once you get a taste for horsepower you’re never satisfied with any amount as just “enough”. This holds true for the guys at VMP Tuning, and especially for their resident mad scientist Justin Starkey. Not long ago Starkey bolted a VMP TVS supercharger to his personal BOSS 302. He added to that a VMP eight-rib conversion for the supercharger, which allows it to make 17 psi of boost. Another key to the BOSS’s big power gains was VMP’s high flow inlet elbow, and JLT intake which allows the big TVS to draw in even more air. That combination of parts, combined with Starkey’s masterful tuning yielded a healthy 793 hp to the rear tires. While Starkey was probably happy with it for a few weeks, like all of us, he was looking for more, especially with the 800 hp number dangling out there as a carrot." more to read: http://www.stangtv.com/news/vmp-adds-44-rwhp-with-throttle-body-upgrade-on-supercharged-boss-302/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=vmp-adds-44-rwhp-with-throttle-body-upgrade-on-supercharged-boss-302

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