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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone, Many of you probably already know me but I want to share my build on this forum also. There's a long story behind my build and it's evolved into something I never imagined it would but I couldn't be more excited about it. The goal for the build is to break every record to have ever exsisted when it comes to v6 mustangs with a power goal of 16-1800whp. All of the work has been/ is being done by me! To begin, I'll start with the current and soon to be mod list: Engine: Custom sleeved 3.7 block via LA Sleeves Manley 9:1 Pistons Manley Custom Billet Aluminum Rods Manley Forged Crank ARP 1/2" Head Studs ARP Main Studs Custom Ported and Polished Cylinder Heads Custom Cams and Valvetrain courtesy of Super Six Motorsports Cometic Head Gaskets JMP Aluminum Intake Manifold using a BBK 90mm Throttle Body Transmission: Coan Stage 6 Maxx Power Powerglide Transmission JMP Adapter/Mid Plate ProTorque Custom Torque Converter Custom 1-Piece Driveshaft Turbo System: JMP 321 Stainless Tubular Turbo Manifolds Twin Precision Billet 6766 Turbos Tial MVR Wastegates 3" Downpipes to 3" Dual Exhaust JMP Water to Air Intercooler System EMS/Fuel System: Pro-EFI 128 Stand Alone Engine Management System courtesy of D3 Performance Engineering Motec Digital Dash Custom Engine Wiring Harness courtesy of Wild Wire Customs JMP Return Fuel System Aeromotive Belt Drive Fuel Pump and Regulator Tuning will be done by the great Chris Delgado of D3 Performance Engineering Fuel used will be E98 Chassis/Suspension: S&W Weld-In 10-point Roll Cage Ford Performance Struts/shocks UPR Pro Series Stage 3 Rear Suspension Package J&M Caster/Camber Plates Originally I built a twin turbo kit on the stock motor and tuning problems lead to the engine popping. Then I built the motor with rods and pistons and a single 76mm setup that I actually just took off to build this current setup. Here's some pics: The original Twin Turbo Setup The Single 76mm Setup The new setup in the works
  2. I'm starting this new thread to post information about the new turbo kit currently being developed by MPT and Bomber Performance for the 2011-2014 V6s. Here's the current situation of the kit: ETA to Market It is days away from being completed on the first car, and Bomber will be creating jigs based off this initial kit. My car is the second that will be used to test the accuracy of the jigs. I'm planning on dropping the car off on the 26th, and picking it up during the first week of January. Therefore, the kit should be ready come January. Kit Details (To my current knowledge, subject to change) Pricing: TBD - though I have heard many times it will be priced competitively with LPF's kit. Plumbing: It will retain both stock or shorty headers, and will replace the mid-pipe (I say both, because LPF's kit replaces one of the headers). Will not work with long-tubes. Wastegates will be recirculated back into the downpipe to minimize the excessive noise (the weedwhacker sound in LPF's kit) Turbo: TBD - I'm not sure what they will end up with for the mass production of the kit, but Bomber / MPT have worked with us closely according to our budget. I don't know what turbo the first car chose to go with, but I requested an oil-less turbo (same as LPF), and they sized the following model for me: CT4X-6765-3BB with a .82 AR stainless V-band housing -Billet Compressor Wheel -Oil-less & Ceramic Bearings -Rated to 930HP, which is good for when I decide to build the motor and up the boost. Tuning: MPT will offer an option for a canned tune. I will reconfirm this and see how it affects the pricing. As far as my mods go, I just went through a round (installed by Bomber) this last weekend to help accommodate the power increase and keep the rear end planted: Suspension: -Whiteline LCA, Relocation brackets, UCA and Watts-Link Drivetrain: -3.55 Gears with Trac-Lock Carbon Disc rebuild -DSS Aluminum Drive Shaft -MGW Shifter -Blowfish Bracket My car is not lowered and running on other-wise stock components. The baseline Dyno that I took right after I had the suspension and drivetrain installed read 288/276 HP/TQ, dyno'd at MPT with the following intake/exhaust mods: -Steeda CAI -BBK 73mm Throttle Body -BBK Shorty Headers (Ceramic) -MRT Catted H-Pipe -Magnaflow Competition Axlebacks I have chosen to have installed (in addition to the turbo): -80 lb injectors (Siemens Deka) -Ported Intake Manifolds (Upper and Lower) -GT Overaxle Pipes & Axleback (opens the V6's 2.25" to 2.5" diameter) I'll add pictures soon, and provide updates accordingly. Feel free to ask any questions and thanks for reading! Pics: Before / After Suspension Mods *Edit* 12/19/14 - Comp Turbo arrived at MPT earlier this week, and car will be dropped off with Bomber next week! I've decided to go with the Roush A/C Vent Gauge Pod along with Roush's Boost Gauge. I initially ordered a ProSport Halo gauge because I really liked how it looked, but kept reading its performance was unreliable... so I got the Roush Gauge to go in for now. I'll be finding ways to beef up the Halo gauge and will replace the Roush in the (distant) future. Also, I have GT500 style gauge faces from Black Cat Automotive going in... I really don't like the stock retro gauges. Turbo pic below, with the rest to follow when I get a chance. On a side note, I really like being able to edit the OP with information as time goes on. I think it makes it really easy to keep all the info in one place so people need not be bothered with searching. Sorry if this makes things too easy for you guys
  3. Hello everyone, I was recommended here by the lovely 2011FastFord. So, I drive an 2011 Automatic Base 3.7L Mustang. Nothing fancy. Moving forward I plan on saving until Spring of 2016, by then or sooner I should have enough funds, the goal is 600RWHP in a street-car. I plan on saving up to 15k before jumping on this project. Now the question I ask is for all the engine experts and previous V6 Turbo'd guys out there, what where your mistakes, what do you wish you could've done before the turbo safety and reliability wise. I want a car that is complete, that means visual, suspension and performance, please give all your recommendations. I have no experience with any built engines and that is what I would need the most education on, and probably transmission. Also any other input is always welcomed.
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