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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone, Many of you probably already know me but I want to share my build on this forum also. There's a long story behind my build and it's evolved into something I never imagined it would but I couldn't be more excited about it. The goal for the build is to break every record to have ever exsisted when it comes to v6 mustangs with a power goal of 16-1800whp. All of the work has been/ is being done by me! To begin, I'll start with the current and soon to be mod list: Engine: Custom sleeved 3.7 block via LA Sleeves Manley 9:1 Pistons Manley Custom Billet Aluminum Rods Manley Forged Crank ARP 1/2" Head Studs ARP Main Studs Custom Ported and Polished Cylinder Heads Custom Cams and Valvetrain courtesy of Super Six Motorsports Cometic Head Gaskets JMP Aluminum Intake Manifold using a BBK 90mm Throttle Body Transmission: Coan Stage 6 Maxx Power Powerglide Transmission JMP Adapter/Mid Plate ProTorque Custom Torque Converter Custom 1-Piece Driveshaft Turbo System: JMP 321 Stainless Tubular Turbo Manifolds Twin Precision Billet 6766 Turbos Tial MVR Wastegates 3" Downpipes to 3" Dual Exhaust JMP Water to Air Intercooler System EMS/Fuel System: Pro-EFI 128 Stand Alone Engine Management System courtesy of D3 Performance Engineering Motec Digital Dash Custom Engine Wiring Harness courtesy of Wild Wire Customs JMP Return Fuel System Aeromotive Belt Drive Fuel Pump and Regulator Tuning will be done by the great Chris Delgado of D3 Performance Engineering Fuel used will be E98 Chassis/Suspension: S&W Weld-In 10-point Roll Cage Ford Performance Struts/shocks UPR Pro Series Stage 3 Rear Suspension Package J&M Caster/Camber Plates Originally I built a twin turbo kit on the stock motor and tuning problems lead to the engine popping. Then I built the motor with rods and pistons and a single 76mm setup that I actually just took off to build this current setup. Here's some pics: The original Twin Turbo Setup The Single 76mm Setup The new setup in the works
  2. There's a person on another forum making Cyclone Badges in the style of the G350, I'll post the information below: Colors: As in the previous group buy, it will be offered in TWO finishes: Antique Silver (a darkened silver) and Black Nickel (not quite total black) Each will be offered in 4 enamel fill colors: Red Black Blue White Pricing: 20-50 orders - $40 each 51-80 orders - $30 each 81+ orders - $25 each ETA: These are made to order. As such, expect 6 weeks from group buy close to my doorstep, at which point I will mail all individual orders with tracking to their owners. Shipping is included, as always, within the US - USPS package with tracking. International shipping is not a problem, but I'll have to add a $6 shipping fee (because that's what USPS charges). Q&A: Where to mount? These badges are designed to mimic the dimensions and style of the Ford GT350 badges. Factory locations are the rear decklid in place of the tribar pony, and attached to the front grille. These would also look quite attractive on the fenders, or under the hood next to the Cyclone engine itself. How to mount? All badges will come preinstalled with high strength 3M double sided adhesive tape on the backside. Grille mount kits are also available for all group buy participants for the low low price of $2! (because that's what the materials cost). Dimensions? Each badge is 3" tall by 1.75" wide by 1/8" thick How does this group buy work / when and where do I pay? This thread is your one stop shop for all information on the group buy: 1. Your name will be added to the official 1st page list with desired configuration. 2. I will update as we hit each price break! Woo! 3. Once the group buy closes, I will submit the order, all at once, to my vendor. 4. You may then submit payment via the SpaceCitySpy webstore: spacecityspy.tictail.com 5. We wait impatiently for badass Cyclone badges to be made. 6. I will update with pics once the badges arrive at my doorstep. 7. You will receive tracking on your package as they are mailed out. 8. Package/xmas arrives and you install your sweet new badge! If you're interested, send me a message and I can direct you to the forum. I don't think I'm allowed to post it here (Someone correct me if I'm wrong)
  3. Welcome Cyclones. The staff at FastFordMuscle.com have partnered with us to have our very own section on their forum. For those unfamiliar or not on Facebook, Cyclone Mustangs club is dedicated to Ford 3.7L V6 Mustang engine codenamed "Cyclone". We are a group of owners and enthusiasts who meet regularly and enjoy our vehicles. We do meets. cruises, private track rentals, shows, and a host of other events. This is a place where owners have a chance to express ideas and ask questions about their car. Answers and opinions will come from knowledgeable and respectable members who own the same car you do! We ask that you keep be respectable to one another and abide by the FFM.com rules. Stop By our website at www.cyclonemustangs.com and fill out a member profile, then we encourage you to check us out on our Facebook pages for more information: https://www.facebook.../3.7LFLChapter/ - Florida https://www.facebook...oneMustangs.AL/ - Alabama https://www.facebook...oneMustangs.Ca/ - California https://www.facebook...oneMustangs.NJ/ - New Jersey/Pennsylvania https://www.facebook...oneMustangs.TX/ - Texas If there is not a chapter near you, stop by the Florida chapter once you fill out the membership form. Once again, thank you to the staff of FastFordMuscle.com and welcome Cyclones Mustang members!
  4. Hey everyone. Thought I would start my own thread so I could converse with some of you guys outside of the intro thread! I'm pretty new to the Ford scene but have been into cars since the mid ninetys and have had a couple of quick Hondas, a camaro, a trans am, and a old lifted 4runner. So my current car, and one that I will have for the foreseeable future is a 2014 Gotta Have It Green, V6 Mustang base model, with an MT-82 6 speed. I liked all the electronic features on the premiums, but I already knew that the 3.31s wouldn't be enough for me, and that the wheels would be changed as well, so I elected to save some money and get the base model and then put on it the stuff I actually want. OH, if you don't have a premium and thus the track apps, I highly recommend Dash Commander. It's a cool little app on your phone or ipad that hooks up to your cars OBD2 system. So far I have done 3 mods essentially. I bought a JLT CAI from Lethal, then a month or so later got a Lethal O/R X pipe, and a tuner with tunes for life from Steeda. I gotta be honest, the initial tune I had from Steeda I didn't notice much if anything. I brought the car to a local dyno day(mustang dyno), and only put down 225 HP and 215 TQ... A stock evo put down 250 AWHP, so I thought I would be higher than him... So I got a hold of Gus at Steeda and did some datalogging. HOLY CRAP what a difference. I unfortunately have not been back to a dyno, but the difference in tunes is night and day. Car pulls MUCH harder now especially up top. I've been fooling around with e85 as well. MPT had a recent dyno tune of a auto car and made like 8whp by running e85 (50/50 mix e85 and 93). They didn't seem to think 8whp is significant, but I do. I mean, if all you have to do is use different gas who wouldn't take 8 HP? So I've run a couple of tanks through the car now with varying mixes, 20/30/50% e85 without a tune. I'll tell you what, my butt dyno is telling me their is a difference. Obviously a dyno tune or even a canned tune would be the way to go, but our PCMs will add ignition timing until knock is detected. So I think the PCM is compensating enough to make a difference, that and the colder temps from running alcohol. I tried to note a difference in HP/TQ using dash commander(just as a rough estimate), but it freaked out with the e85 combo. I went from 290hp/280tq to 330/300, and we know that's not correct so... I may just go ahead and do some datalogging though and see how much the fuel trim gets adjusted and how much timing there is vs running 93. I'll probably bite the bullet and order the tune from MPT as well... My buddy got a tune from them on his F250 and is very happy with it. Future plans: Bigger wheels/tires and gears are first on the list. I'm considering running a staggered setup similar to the GT500 simply cause I think it would look cool. Instead of 19 up front and 20's in the rear though I think I would go with 18's in the front and 19's in the back. Considering the Forgestar F14's right now. I'd like to run a 275 maybe 285 rear tire. Gears, 3.73 or 4.10's. I'm leaning toward the 4.10's. I know they are the least "practical", but there is no denying they are going to be faster. I do however like the idea of running the 3.73, with a 26" tire at the track. That makes a lot of sense to me. After that, I'm looking at a plate nitrous kit from Nitrous Outlet. It's pretty pricey, but is a sweet kit and the only plate kit I've seen for the cyclone engine.
  5. http://www.mustang6g.com/forums/showthread.php/roush-v6-exhaust-4539.html
  6. Joe Augeri's baby: 2013 v6 premium with pony pack Tuned by Jon Lund at Lund Racing Ford Racing 4.10 gears JLT CAI Steeda proaction stocks and struts SR Performance 1.5" lowering springs SMR strut tower brace Steeda heavy duty strut mounts J&M steel adjustable panhard bar Grey Mustang Registry #00323 Roush axle back exhaust
  7. I designed these shirts for our Florida 3.7L V6 Mustang Club shown below. How many of you would be interested in buying one in your car color? The cost would be $30 per (>XXL is additional $2) double sided print shirt shipped to your door. I am taking poll for interest and if we get 25 shirts or more requested I will open orders. The design would be edited to a generic Cyclone Mustang logo as shown at the bottom of the page. BACK of shirt full width The front would have a pocket logo with something like this. I am open to suggestions for the text. All shirts will have to be the same and the print will be black and white color inks as this is the best way for a single color combo to show up on all colors of shirts. There is a little profit that would be made on the shirt sales which will go towards our FL club's incorporation and insurance fund so that we can start organizing track day events for our members.
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