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Found 3 results

  1. You know me, can't pass up a cheap deal. For about $80 delivered I got these Dynomax over-axle pipes and the installs on youtube looked so straight forward. Since I was going to have the car way up on jack stands to do my brake upgrade the stage was all set. Don't be a dufas like me and my husband! Lesson learned no matter how high on jack stands you get the car you can't maneuver the pipes over the axle (without cutting and welding). Now I'm going to get an appointment at the base auto hobby shop to put this thing up on a rack. I have 75K on this so I may do the auto tranny pan drop and do new ATF fluid while up there too. Any good advice from recent ATF swap experts is appreciated. You can see on this driver's side angle why the "cat back" is better than the axle back systems.
  2. Here are some pics of my resonator delete project:
  3. Guide to Exhaust - System Types - Axle back Position: These simple systems replace all hardware from the axles, back. This system almost always consists of mufflers unless you install a "muffler delete" kit. Power Gains: Virtually none. Popular Offerings Roush Axle back Volume: Super Aggressive Drone: None Sound Description: Loud, aggressive tone. Deep throaty sound in the low RPM range. Raspy and loud mid range and up. Materials: Polished 409 stainless steel open chamber mufflers. 409 stainless steel mandrel bent tubing. 4" T304 stainless steel tips. Borla Touring Volume: Mild Drone: None Sound Description: Tastefully mild, deep gurgly, very throaty sound throughout the entire RPM range. No rasp. Materials: T304 stainless steel chambered mufflers and mandrel bent 2.75" tubing. 4.5" T304 stainless steel tips. Borla S-Type (unofficially known as "Stingers") Volume: Moderate/Aggressive Drone: None Sound Description: Loud throaty rumble. Very deep tone throughout the entire RPM range. No rasp. Highly popular offering. Somewhat similar sound to a 3v 4.6L. Materials: T304 stainless steel chambered mufflers and mandrel bent 2.75" tubing. 4.5" T304 stainless steel tips.
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