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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Rqla2AR3YM
  2. Drag wheels and Mickey T's...
  3. Just cruising it for now. The tires are not up to the task of providing needed traction, but I'm about to order a set of drag radials.
  4. It all depends on the weather, and if SWMBO assigns me honey-do's. Yeah - over 3200 shares as well - freaking amazing.
  5. On Friday night (the night those pics were taken), the car tried to die every time I came to a stop. I tore the carbs down on Saturday to establish what I had in the carb (jets, air bleeds, and power valve), and ended up bumping up the jets two sizes, and 1 full turn from zero on the mixture screws. It now runs like a top, and starts relatively easily. I went to a meet Saturday night, and Austin Cars & Coffee yesterday. Here are some pics and memes that resulted
  6. I am, once again, a danger to myself and others. Work starts on the hood tomorrow.
  7. No longer a tribute car. The blower demanded that I remove "SHELBY" from the hood and deck lid. I'll eventually remove the stripes too.
  8. On Wednesday evening, I took it to the shop that's gonna install the blower. As of yesterday, we have the blower installed, the cooling system reconnected, the fuel system reconfigured and connected, the new electric fans mounted, and the linkage setup started. Still need to connect the fans, clean up the electrical (because of changes in sensor placement and removal of A/C), and mount/connect the breather tank to the valve covers. We hope to fire it up sometime today, and if that happens, there will be videos. (It's gonna whine like an ex-wife looking for more alimony.) Here are last night's progress pics:
  9. Ya know that lip at the top o f the firewall? Well, there was some question about whether or not I'd have to trim it back to fit the blower on the car. I decided to try it out. I think we're good to go.
  10. Well, I have a stock hood, and I have a guy that wants to swap me a Cervini two-inch cowl hood for my Cervini Type IV. I'm waiting on pics of the cowl hood, and I'd rather cut up a glass hood than a stock aluminum hood because there's no frame under a cowl hood (I don't think). I am NOT going to cut my Type IV.
  11. Got the blower on Thursday, so I installed the balancer and crank pulleys, and did a little mockup while inspecting the rest of the parts for shipping damage.
  12. Dyer's mocked up my blower before packing it for shipping - I should be getting tracking numbers later today. I should get the stuff by this Friday/Monday.
  13. Well, the entire suspension is aftermarket, so I'm thinkin I'm good.
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