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  1. I have a 73mm BBK throttle body for sale 2011 and up 3.7 $320 shipped A brand new roush CAI 2015-2017 3.7 $320 shipped Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  2. Update: Unfortunately, I do not have the 2012 anymore. But I did pick up an shadow black 2016 3.7 named Kylo Ren Got him two months ago This is where I will post about my new build. What's going on all? I been on here since December but never had a chance to show off my baby. I was wondering what you all think of her. So she is a 2012 3.7 pony package and premium package. This pass May made it an year since.i have owned her. So far I have done BBK 73mm throttle body Airraid CAI BBK long tube BBK shorty X - pipe w/ high flow masters cats welded in. Black pypes bombs I have a GT front bumper GT grille Smoked Raxiom halo fogs Raxiom halo smoked headlights Custom harness to power my grille fogs California special Lower valence have my fogs in them. 302 boss front splitter 2014 Gt rims GT500 rear valence GT500 spoiler Tint on my tails 2014 decklid panel MMD Eleanor Style Scoops Raxiom hid license plate lights Stubb antenna Raxiom hid reverse lights My future mods Black roof gloss decal Gotta add my black mmd side scoops behind the door. MMD rear window louver Not sure turbo or pro charger Suspension The hood on the AM project v6 The black gloss boss 302 c stripe. Thanks for looking. K 2012 3.7
  3. Dude you should of just got a lawyer from the start then let them dick you around! 2012 3.7
  4. That's only for base models the mustang lettering. 2012 3.7
  5. Be nice if Ford could own up to there paint defect in the hoods of 2005 to 2012 stangs. I have tried to get my issue resolved! Anyway you could look more into this?
  6. RIStang


    I posted an add before. And no error. Just doesn't give me the option to post a new topic.
  7. RIStang


    I have posted before.
  8. RIStang


    Reason why I can't post in classifieds.
  9. Well let me know when you are ready. Thank you
  10. Thank you ! You are the best!
  11. Yea there not easy to find. And I would never pay what there asking new.
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