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  1. You can't do deadlifts but every 8 days or longer. You will injure yourself. Back&biceps, chest&triceps third day Legs. Arnold & Franco Columbu were using Roids which gave them extraordinary "Stamina", their workouts were very intensive. You can't do their workouts.
  2. When I got a DSS shaft my mechanic installed it in 15 mins easy. But, that was my 14 Cyclone mustang.
  3. I give you, weighing in at 25 lbs. The SVE GT7 19x10 w/ 285/35/19 Firehawk Indy 500 mounted yesterday before the actual race.Charlie approved too!
  4. Late April IRS return led to a very different purchase. I was trying to buy a 1 piece driveshaft from Shaftmasters, and my credit card was denied. I took this as a sign to reevaluate the course of action in my build. A Dr's appointment & $160.00 labs crushed my hopes of a 1 piece along with two $100.00 Wally World trips. But, I did make changing my own oil a reality with a Fumoto valve, low profile jack, & two jack stands also 6 qts. Castrol 5w30w w/ Lucas oil stabilizer. May brought SVE GT7 wheels on sale at LMR which I jumped on.
  5. So the wheel tech isn't sorted out yet enough to keep up with the software side of these units?I'm going to build a gaming PC just for this usage. I guess more time is needed to allow software and steering wheel to more bond for performance. I've watched some 3D on youtube and am very interested to have a go at this for off track training.
  6. I'm ready to "Pull the trigger" going from DSS 3.5" last pony to the Shaftmaster's 3.5" for the 16 GT.
  7. CJ Pony Parts salesman has a 3.5" Shaftmasters 1 piece I am looking at. 14 hp 18 ft/lbs torque gain over oem 2 piece.
  8. No it's a Cyclone Mustang, raced in road circuit races by an Italian team who's name begins with a G if I recall.
  9. Lone Wolf stopped porting but I am sure someone still does it. The 3.7 has been discontinued and that hurt the platform. Check the forum 3.7 Cyclones.
  10. Yup, Honda for sure. I've used 8mm or 5/16" spacers on all four corners to help the looks of my 18x8" w/255's squared. I want to keep 18" wheels but finding the 10" wheels for my 16 GT ain't easy or cheap! Forgestar, forgeline, & Apex may be my only choice for 18x10" rim.
  11. Congrats on the promotion, keep it up. It's your pony, you build it. Sounds cool, just a little R&D.
  12. I just bought a Fumoto valve and 2 Ford Racing oil filters for my next two oil changes. I did the Merc Van myself last week, no valve needed for the Nissan 3.0 V6 motor.
  13. I got a 4th of July $500.00 set of Koni yelows for my Cyclone & three months later sold the pony, wish I'd had the money to keep it. I can attest to their being a great shock setup. Seat time in my GT has really brought me along in skill level in the twisty's, I don't autocross. Dropping the GT was what got my ability to the next level & I hope I can get Blistein's for Coyote Red soon. Enjoy the learning & hope it never stops!
  14. Wow! I just started changing my own oil and that "Home Shop" accident with the jack is the nightmare I dream of happening to me. Glad your ok & the pony survived as well. Caution!
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