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  1. Mustang Roundup

    Snow on Friday?What a month! Hope you all get a nice vacation for Christmas.
  2. Mustang Roundup

    Taillight Tuesday anyone?
  3. I am hearing a lot of "leaked" news as to the GT 500 and a Bullitt mustang on G6 forum, and them Chevy "fanboy's" are livid! Lol. May the ponies run wild over the herds !
  4. welcome to lonewolf performance

    Peterson seems reliable as I read his post when I had a Cyclone.
  5. Mustang Roundup

    Pelican Thursday. Pony up!
  6. The Blue Beast

    Bake on! I'm Smokin!
  7. Lund is really gotten my attention with the Ngauge tuner and their dedication to the consumer. I'll buy their tune and experience. What a time for Hot Rods! Huh???
  8. Net Neutrality

    I get your point. And agree. And yes, if you use Linux, they will warrant your castle. ISP's have held off the govt. as long as they could. Money changes everything as Cindy Lauper sang. We are responsible for the future of our creations, guarding them and development. America has been a great experience, sad it's about gone. I'm enjoying as much of it as I can while it's still available. Hot rods & learning about as much as I can utilize in my own life and time. I salute you and our fellow Americans as we push forward. May we have all we deserve and give even more.
  9. Beginning with the S550 platform, when you change rear gear you must not only use a "tuner" for ecu but another tuner for the ecu to recognize the change or the car will have problems, throw codes. This extra tuner was not needed before S550 platform. Ok Grim, correct me if I am wrong. This is why I got the 3.55:1 in my base GT, so I wouldn't have to change gears.
  10. Net Neutrality

    Linux systems, Red Hat, Black Hat, net neutrality. 2nd World? We are becoming a 3rd world country. When you run or use Google, Edge, or other web browsers, throw "privacy" out the window. Our FCC, govt. "Big Brother" is watching you by "Hacks", Govt. hacks. Welcome, to the: New World Order! Linux is an "open" community for Net Neutrality as they write the code that all Linux programs use. This keeps Big Brother "Out of your MF business"! Yes, America must "Awaken", or we will be slaves to the System: New World Order. Why are the wealthy moving to Dubai, UAE, European countries, you must ask this question to get "The Big Picture". Look at the World in relative terms as to the "future". I will pass away in 10 years or so & don't have an urgent need to correct this Freedom grab, but you may if you live long enough. I have an IQ over 120 and get The Big Picture, Ex-Marine, Ex several things. Rant over!
  11. I'm not complaining, just commenting on the changes we must "Learn" to do mods, you are a tech and it's your business to know the changes. I enjoy the research though so it's all good.
  12. Mustang Roundup

    You guys kill me, I want 18x10" to fit 285's squared. I just bought 255/45/18 Bridgestone pole position's and they have lateral grip but not acceleration grip to suit me so I ordered 2 Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 to see if they will grip any better on the rear. Income tax money may go to building my garage, not wheels or coilovers I want. FEMA gave only $435.00 covering a blownup water heater but not my carport roof?The ruby red looks great after claying and Cal/Tex paint sealer & "Wet Cherry" wax from American Detail supplier, Victoria,Tx.
  13. Changing gears after S-197 platform requires a special tuner tool, that I am not a fan of. Ford continues to try and control mods. Mods are what makes a mustang great.
  14. The Blue Beast

    Attention to detail takes perseverance. Nice job.
  15. Happy Thanksgiving

    I baked a ham, the relaxing made the day, and a drive. The glaze I made myself with brown sugar base, honey, & cinnamon.