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  1. 2019 Shelby Super Snake F 150?
  2. Brother, you gotta teach her to parallel park or have the state take her licence. Or, just don't let her drive that pony. Maybe "Public Transportation"??
  3. Retired on the bay here on the Texas coastal bend in 2 years, wow, it's so close I can taste it! Coyote Red has all new shoes now & lost 28 lbs + weight I lost previously w/ X-pipe ect. Going fishing is very rewarding this time of year.
  4. Wheels are MRR M600 style but carry the SVE brand caps. A $286.00 wheel on sale @LMR as SVE GT7's. They clear Brembo's is what sold me on these. Jacking rails from Steeda went on as well & a Fumoto oil drain plug. Now it's starting to look like a Custom Car.
  5. Yep, no, that"s my Aussie mix Charlie a service dog I trained.
  6. My 14 Cyclone wore 275's sq. on American Racing wheels at $150 a tire Firehawks. May I ask, how much weight savings over the PP wheels the SVE got you? I recently bought SVE's and am lightening 7 lbs. a wheel over my base wheels. I notice the difference too. I need to start a "Go fund me" page to buy the other two tires at $200.00 a pop for 285/35/19's.
  7. Welcome Samuel, I use a 4-way tire tool I store in my pony for punctures. When I bought new wheels I had to buy a "socket adapter" to fit the Special Vehicle Equipment rims that comes with the "package". Just get a 4-way tire tool & keep it under the seat.
  8. Good to see you are staying with it. I am hard to offend, so no worries there. I always did 4 sets of 8 reps per exercise. If this routine you are doing is keeping you healthy I can understand and support your routine. Changing particular exercises to "trick" the muscles into growing was one of my strong suits. I was at 405 squat in my 20's, 255 bench & 495 deadlift for 1 rep. I have started a dumbell routine in my home to initiate my muscles to the stress a full workout will eventually produce. It's all about dedication to the routine or work.
  9. You can't do deadlifts but every 8 days or longer. You will injure yourself. Back&biceps, chest&triceps third day Legs. Arnold & Franco Columbu were using Roids which gave them extraordinary "Stamina", their workouts were very intensive. You can't do their workouts.
  10. When I got a DSS shaft my mechanic installed it in 15 mins easy. But, that was my 14 Cyclone mustang.
  11. I give you, weighing in at 25 lbs. The SVE GT7 19x10 w/ 285/35/19 Firehawk Indy 500 mounted yesterday before the actual race.Charlie approved too!
  12. Late April IRS return led to a very different purchase. I was trying to buy a 1 piece driveshaft from Shaftmasters, and my credit card was denied. I took this as a sign to reevaluate the course of action in my build. A Dr's appointment & $160.00 labs crushed my hopes of a 1 piece along with two $100.00 Wally World trips. But, I did make changing my own oil a reality with a Fumoto valve, low profile jack, & two jack stands also 6 qts. Castrol 5w30w w/ Lucas oil stabilizer. May brought SVE GT7 wheels on sale at LMR which I jumped on.
  13. So the wheel tech isn't sorted out yet enough to keep up with the software side of these units?I'm going to build a gaming PC just for this usage. I guess more time is needed to allow software and steering wheel to more bond for performance. I've watched some 3D on youtube and am very interested to have a go at this for off track training.
  14. I'm ready to "Pull the trigger" going from DSS 3.5" last pony to the Shaftmaster's 3.5" for the 16 GT.
  15. CJ Pony Parts salesman has a 3.5" Shaftmasters 1 piece I am looking at. 14 hp 18 ft/lbs torque gain over oem 2 piece.
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