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  1. It's a treat to watch this come together, thank's for the views and the R&D.
  2. Projects blend together as the garage & patio are designed, also I have a new "Old People's Bath" remodel I had done by two guy in three days! I am working so much to pay bills I have zero time for events or any other fun activities.
  3. Thank's for the heads up on OPMUSTANGS.com as to the trans fluid, I am flushing & replacing filter this year. I already did the BG fluid change 75w140w for my rear diff. Happy New Year!
  4. Thanks for update, I know the feeling of the ass end going and power sliding thru turns as I too enjoy it. Just not an accident from oversteering the pony. I am still building my Coyote Gen 2 for track duty at 67,500 miles. Motul brake fluid may be just fine. I now wish i had gotten 11" rims as I want to run 305's and am scared to put them on a 10" wheel. Enjoy the New Year!
  5. I've begun again! 3 holes dug 2 3/4 ft deep for 4x4 post cemented into the ground, concrete and post bought and placed in holes and cemented into ground. I did the transport in a 98 Mercury Villager.Lol. I have an early Christmas present for my Custom Car Concepts business. It's a 2013 F-150 ecoboost 3.5 L pickup with 3.31:1 gear. Yes I will build it up some, it came with a "Roll & Lock" bed cover in great condition at 86,500 miles. Now I can finish my new Garage/ carport/back porch remodel this coming Spring! Hauling ass & materials! Yes this is taking me a long time but is Free! I was a remodeling contractor in the early 80's.
  6. Well, "Wine" will allow for use of windows games on Linux, but performance is a crap shoot so.
  7. I had a 67 Camaro and "rode" in a 69 road runner in Arkansas's Ozark's at a college orgy, another story, anyway, I used B&M tranny fluid in two of my old vehicles, a 73 Grand Prix & I forget the other ride I used B&M. Your bringing back memories for my "Old arse", Lol. Thank's Ligistix!
  8. I have a 64 bit Umbuntu disk from 2013 or so I may investigate as to use in a box I will build. Thoughts on simulated racing use?
  9. My neighbor had a 2016 black Scat Pack car, and he's sold his? He rarely drove it, and one time made it "Jump" from lane to lane with a blip of the throttle, scared him I'm sure,lol. Welcome back, what was wrong with the Dodge.
  10. Well, I went to the dealership for a Full electrical notice and a new battery. $200 later, $50.00 battery install by the way, frick, I came home with a 2013 F-150 ecoboost 3.5 L Texas edition XLT Shop truck. Traded the 98 Merc Villager. No details, got in hot water here over details. Now I can pick up & haul materials to re-build Garage!
  11. 2019 Shelby Super Snake F 150?
  12. Brother, you gotta teach her to parallel park or have the state take her licence. Or, just don't let her drive that pony. Maybe "Public Transportation"??
  13. Retired on the bay here on the Texas coastal bend in 2 years, wow, it's so close I can taste it! Coyote Red has all new shoes now & lost 28 lbs + weight I lost previously w/ X-pipe ect. Going fishing is very rewarding this time of year.
  14. Wheels are MRR M600 style but carry the SVE brand caps. A $286.00 wheel on sale @LMR as SVE GT7's. They clear Brembo's is what sold me on these. Jacking rails from Steeda went on as well & a Fumoto oil drain plug. Now it's starting to look like a Custom Car.
  15. Yep, no, that"s my Aussie mix Charlie a service dog I trained.
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