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  1. jlawrence613

    FFM 3.7L V6 Mile Drag times & Dyno #'s

    All, As some of you may be aware, the Cyclone group has a large Facebook presence. While we will continue to patronize FFM, we have begun to keep track of the 1/4 mile list on our website. This will help to facilitate record keeping more up to date and in real time. It is somewhat time consuming to manually enter the times and this new procedure should serve to streamline it. Please view the link here, as well as in the main post. I encourage anyone who has not done so to join us on Facebook. Simply search cyclone mustangs and request access. Thanks http://cyclonemustangs.com/14-mile-time-tracker/
  2. jlawrence613

    S550 Cyclone Tuning from MPT

    Car has an intake, TB spacer, shorty headers, and possibly a catback.
  3. jlawrence613

    S550 Cyclone Tuning from MPT

    Now available
  4. jlawrence613

    S550 Cyclone Tuning from MPT

    Now available
  5. jlawrence613

    FFM 3.7L V6 Mile Drag times & Dyno #'s

    He redlighted once and lost to Kyle by a hair. So KoC isnt indicative in this particular case. I think he averaged about a 13.4-ish all day at about 103. I think he knocked down a 13.2 at 103 once or twice. DA was up around 2k and there was a pretty decent head wind. I think he normally runs around 13.1 on an average day and has touched 13.0 on several occasions. This is before the dyno tune and latest mods. He's a member here, let me see if I can get him in here.
  6. jlawrence613

    FFM 3.7L V6 Mile Drag times & Dyno #'s

    And his is by far the highest I have seen.
  7. jlawrence613

    FFM 3.7L V6 Mile Drag times & Dyno #'s

    Car has shorty headers and and bbk offroad xpipe. GT OA pipes to GT500 mufflers. Manual trans. My auto put down 303hp and 292tq on the same dyno a couple days earlier.
  8. jlawrence613

    March 2015 Ride of the Month

    Let's congratulate Evan Brown on winning ride of the month for March 2015! Evan has started out with 2012 Base Model Automatic and has since added the following mods: Exterior: Street Scene Front Fascia w/ Lower grille kit Roush Upper grille OEM Hood Scoop Xenon Side Scoops MMD Quarter Window Louvers Roush Style side decals MMD Decklid Panel Saleen S281 Exhaust tips Modified OEM Rear valance 19” Performance Package wheels 255/40/R19 Bridgestone Potenza S0-4 Tires Lighting: Raxiom Projector Headlights w/ 6000k HID bulbs LED Side Markers LED Map Light LED Reverse Lights LED License Plate Lights LED Trunk Light Custom Painted OEM Tail lights Suspension: Whiteline Adjustable Panhard bar Whiteline LCA Relocation brackets Eibach Sportline Springs Eibach Sportline Struts/Shocks BBR Lower Control Arms Performance: Borla Long tube headers Borla Shorty X-Pipe Dynomax Intermediate Pipes Vibrant 18” Bottle-style resonators GT500 axleback AirAid Cold air intake PowerStop Drilled/Slotted Rotors Evan says this: "I bought my 2012 3.7L V6 Mustang on March 16, 2012. I chose the V6 model for a number of reasons. Like most, price was a concern. I was 19 when I got the car, and with the trade of my 2000 V6 Mustang, the payments were affordable for me. I also wanted a car that was new with a warranty that could provide me with the peace of mind I sought after. The third reason I chose the V6 was to build a unique car that I could be proud of. The 3.7L V6 platform is well known for having over 300 horsepower from the factory, making it the underdog of the Mustang community. My goal with this car is to out-perform older and new generation V8 Mustangs, Challengers and Camaros. I participate in drag racing, autocross and car show events regularly. At my most recent car show, I was awarded “Best in class” for new generation muscle cars. My best quarter mile time was a 13.6, which was achieved before installing any suspension components, headers and on factory tires. My best autocross placement was 2nd Place in class at a FAST autocross Classic event at the Brooksville airport in January 2015." Congrats again Evan!
  9. jlawrence613

    FL Cyclone Mustang Track Rental

    Not too late for entry if you want to come up. Whats your name superblur? I'll make sure to approve your request if it hasnt been already
  10. jlawrence613

    February 2015 Ride of the Month

    Congrats to our February 2015 Ride of the Month winner Robert Bustard! The car is a 2012 Manual with the premium package. Upgrades: Procharger supercharger pushing 8psi, 60lb injectors, JMS fuel pump booster Intake/Exhaust: BBK 73mm TB BBK long tube headers BBK high flow X pipe Flowmaster Force 2 mufflers Suspension: Eibach pro suspension Moroso sub frame connectors RPM 6-point bolt-in cage Drivetrain: BMR driveshaft loop Aluminum 1- piece driveshaft Aluminum flywheel Spec stage 2 Kevlar clutch Ford racing Trac-lock differential Short throw shifter 3.73 gears Moser axles Hurst line lock system. Cosmetic: Foose Outcast with Nitto Invos. Cervini Stalker hood, front bumper, and side louvers. Vent pod gauges on both sides with a MSD shift light in the center power port. An excerpt from Robert: “I bought the car used with 9,000 miles in 2013. I missed having one. This is my 4th Mustang, after an ‘04 GT, ‘90 notch back, and a ‘67 convertible. I bought this one to just be a weekend car. About 6 months after buying the car my father passed away from cancer. I needed an outlet and this car was it! I dedicated everything I did to the car in his honor. The rear "gas cap" sports a custom billet badge with his lucky number "33". I am still in the need for a big brake upgrade in the front for sure, and looking to maybe up the boost a bit with meth injection down the road. Or keep an eye out for maybe a twin turbo set up in the future!? Thanks again. Rob”
  11. jlawrence613

    FFM 3.7L V6 Mile Drag times & Dyno #'s

    Well that's not necessary I think. No need to put an asterisk next to these records. They ran them fair and square I suppose. I'm just tying to find out how I and others stack up with all things being equal. Even corrected a 112mph trap boggles my mind with a non full bolt on car. But it is what it is.
  12. jlawrence613

    FFM 3.7L V6 Mile Drag times & Dyno #'s

    Is it possible to put the times ran in negative DA back into the dragtimes calc and see what they correct up to just for shits and giggles? I cant wrap my mind around -1000 DA and what it would equate to at sea level.
  13. jlawrence613

    word on the street is there's a new turbo build in the works

    Had a conversation with Mike at MPT when I was at the shop the other day. Was tuning a SC 3.7 on the dyno when we started talking about possibly doing a turbo build. It's out there what LPF is doing, so just stating facts is not bashing them. I personally wouldnt run their system as it doesnt seem safe nor reliable in its current form. There is a club member who is having a super hard time with his setup. Hellion at least had the decency to pull the plug on a kit that wasnt up to par. Another kit that is being tuned by a tuner who knows the 3.7 inside and out is more than welcome.
  14. jlawrence613

    October 2014 Ride of the Month

    Congratulations to our October Ride of the Month Winner Christopher Van Hoose (Sterling Grey)! Chris has done things a little differently and mocked up his mod list on a couple of awesome backgrounds. Check out the images for his complete mod list, and read an excerpt from him as well. Congrats Chris! From Sterling Grey: "My passion for Mustangs grew with the help and introduction from my father. As a kid, I saw many generations of Mustangs in our garage. My father is a very technical individual and I have received his genes. I was fortunate to see him modd his mustangs with very unique features, which still continues today. My 2013 SGM was found on a lot and purchased, it was exactly what I was looking for. I had the opportunity to purchase a 5.0L or a 3.7L. There are several new 5.0L Mustangs in my family and I decided to option for the 3.7L. No RAGRETS! The project has gone further than initially expected. I caught the modding bug. I almost have my platform complete(suspension/traction), and will be moving to the main components in the drivetrain(engine/trans). I have plans to order another 3.7L engine and have MPR build it. My end goal has changed from a 430hp DD to an all around comfortable beast pushing 550hp+ Wish me luck!"
  15. jlawrence613

    Longtubes and the Cyclone Engine

    Kind of just the nature of the beast with the BBK. Problem is, sensors are an expensive fix.... $110 per sensor each time. Sucks

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