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  1. I put a stock on my AK pistol, after I got the required tax stamp to make an SBR.
  2. Mine has stock 18s I’d stick with your stock 17s. Some aftermarket wheels will cause headaches, you just need new tires, not a hassle. Tire prices vary wildly depending on wheel size, factor that in too if considering a change.
  3. Over the years I’ve been disappointed by any tire that is not a Michelin, so that’s what I buy for cars, trucks, and motorcycles.. I put a set of pilot sport as3(? about two years ago and I’m pleased. The factory pirellis got real loud very quickly (two sets of those) but the Michelin’s are still quiet as new.
  4. Congratulations, I hope you are happy with the deal. It’s a beautiful car and I’m sure you hated to see it go. I sold my hot rod (70 Monte Carlo) in 2006 and still sometimes dream I still have it, only to be disappointed upon waking.
  5. Good grief. Sorry it is causing you such a hassle Peter I do know some states (don't know about Va) won't allow a vehicle to be titled to a new owner, if the current owner doesn't have it titled in the state where he lives, also with a current registration. I also know some states could care less. It might be worth it for you to get it titled to you and registered in Va. A buyer might not know about this potential hassle and be surprised at the dmv, to find he has just bought a car he cannot drive or sell. Then he's mad at you....
  6. My advice would be to stop worrying so much (easy to say!). Get the cable fixed and move on. Ive had mine for nearly seven years, just turned 52000mi, and it has been 100% trouble-free. Its garaged at night and I don't abuse it, but it's my DD and I don't baby it; the tach turned red on me last week quite by surprise 😎
  7. Sounds like a nice upgrade!
  8. Work just done, and a sudden new noise? I doubt the trans wore out while sitting on their lift. What is a trans main shaft?
  9. What didn't you like about the SHO? Just curious, there's probably an awd sedan in my future at some point.
  10. That Porsche........Mmmmmm good!
  11. Many mechanics can't even fix cars from work!
  12. My mechanic used it when he installed my 3.73s. He also added Ford brand friction modifier. He only works on late model Mustangs, and is a retired Ford mechanic, for what it's worth. Can't say if it's good or bad, no complaints 30,000 miles later.
  13. No real issues, hell don't cross it off the list! I'd only consider a manual in a sporty car. Mine was a little stiff at first but it's all stock with zero issues, like the vast majority of them. Some folks just like adding aftermarket parts, which is fine too if that's what you like.
  14. I wouldn't worry about it, as long as it seems fine and doesn't start using any fluids.
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