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  1. Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve

    Many mechanics can't even fix cars from work!
  2. Royal purple max gear with friction modifier

    My mechanic used it when he installed my 3.73s. He also added Ford brand friction modifier. He only works on late model Mustangs, and is a retired Ford mechanic, for what it's worth. Can't say if it's good or bad, no complaints 30,000 miles later.
  3. Buying a manual help

    No real issues, hell don't cross it off the list! I'd only consider a manual in a sporty car. Mine was a little stiff at first but it's all stock with zero issues, like the vast majority of them. Some folks just like adding aftermarket parts, which is fine too if that's what you like.
  4. Overheating

    I wouldn't worry about it, as long as it seems fine and doesn't start using any fluids.
  5. Any new hardware recently?

    I SBR'd an AK pistol (pap 92) about three years ago, took a few months for the paperwork.
  6. Transmission swap

    While I can't imagine anybody wanting to give up their manual for an auto, I can sure appreciate the desire to go the opposite direction. We have a member who successfully did the install/swap you're considering, on a s550 (previous gen to yours). He explained all the issues encountered and their solutions.
  7. Happy Independence Day!

    Nice car! I'm hoping work doesn't call, going to cut the rusty shocks off my f150, then family coming over for a cook out. Happy 4th!
  8. Vegan pleather driver's seat tearing

    Sorry to hear it. Mine still look new, though it has been garaged most of the daytime for most of its life.
  9. Let's just hope the engineering and manufacturing WAS done better than the instructions!
  10. Haha!! At least you weren't kicked out like me. Congrats on your new DS, you'll be able to safely go really fast now. I'm sure my 3.73's (best mod ever) put it closer to the danger zone, but I rarely exceed 90mph, don't think I've ever had it over 100. A consequence of being old, probably.
  11. Brembo upgrade!

    Don't knock the Chinks, they built your tranny.
  12. Brembo upgrade!

    One sticker says made in USA. Another says made in China. Not that it matters at that price.
  13. Went to the range again

    Good job!
  14. Torsen..?

    Spooled 4.56 wow!!
  15. Torsen..?

    I spent a few evenings on it, borrowing measurement tools from work, and had a full shim kit. Had a rearend specialist "Southern Gear" install new bearings on the new carrier first, it requires a press. It was an inexpensive hobby car, I wouldn't have done it to a car with value. Plan B for you (in case things go wrong) would be finding a nearby shop known for their rearend work (I was covered here), or a brand new rearend/axle assembly in your preferred ratio (a pricy but viable option for my 70 Chevy)