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  1. K so. Trust me on this one, the V6 as an engine configuration is not killed off. Not speculating, it's fact.
  2. Those motors are beasts, good choice!
  3. Make sure to take it out and get the oil/diff/trans up to operating temp, and make sure you don't damage the tires, AT LEAST once a month this winter. Idling it in your driveway is not good enough!
  4. Buddy of mine blew up a month old M4 last week when the meth pump failed simultaneously as the warning system... Meth = scary lol
  5. "Change of pants in isle 7 please, that's a change of pants to isle 7" I don't even have a Mustang and I want one just to stare at it LOL
  6. I don't think these things have an OBD2 port haha
  7. Yeah I know lol. The problem with a lift is I would have to get a mediocre aftermarket damper. Stockers are fully adjustable Sachs units! Thanks! Well... I can jump the thing 6 or 7 feet into the air.
  8. Hiya guys! Thought i'd post another build thread, yet again for a non Mustang. Picked up this beast the other day; it's a 2016 Polaris Ranger 570 EPS.
  9. Dude do not bring it to hillbank. As you said, if they want to see it, they can go to whipple.
  10. That CAR is a work of art.*
  11. Holy shit I want to 3d print lego.
  12. McCarthy

    Spark plugs

    Here comes dobbs with the personal attacks again. Why am I not surprised. I think the thing here is that David's car appears to be fucked, and a very reputable tuning company says the problem could be caused by variable X Grimace, also a very reputable source, says no, in fact it's caused by Variable Z, and variable X can't cause this. Leaving LIGISTX to go, K. The fuck is going on with my car. "I understand what you're saying grimace, but what do you think of this" A couple more times than was necessary? Yeah, perhaps that's accurate. I'd be exploring all avenues multiple times if I was in his situation. Couple that with maybe not the strongest understanding of the subject, I can easily see where David is coming from. Lay off guys.
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