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  1. Finally got the 302's wheels

    19X9 all around with Continental 275/40 19 DW's Now I might look at going down an inch or so, but I will say the Contis did awesome in the rain as well as the dry. but not a drag tire for sure.
  2. Daily driving tire decision

    DW, even brand new did better than the stock P-Zeros after they lost their release agent and they do take dry cold better than the Pirellis also.
  3. Here you go Jasin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkVBz8kfsBU
  4. Failing U-joint or transmission issue?

    Mine clunks going from forward to reverse and VS. If you have a bad U-joint as said above you will have slop in the joint itself, and non should be present if the U-joint is good.
  5. Happy birthday Mia

    Happy Birthday Mia.
  6. The official gas prices thread

    Last weekend smurf, like I said, I used my Pilot card and did get a dollar off.
  7. The official gas prices thread

    This is what I paid for Regular last weekend with my Pilot Card
  8. Need more Low End Torque

    I have not changed gears but I already had the 3.31 from the factory, but the Shorty headers were the biggest low end bump on mine. I also did the FRPP Cut and clamp and got a few more pounds but it was more to smooth out the exhaust. Ford can change your tune to 3.31, but I have a friend running 3.55 that changed his tune with just an SCT tuner, and it was gears only and he takes it into Ford with the tune on it and the tuner in the trunk if they need to change anything or plug it in.
  9. DEA and Police SEIZING Car Collection Worth Millions

    What no warranty on the Tubbed RS, I don't want it if it is free them
  10. DEA and Police SEIZING Car Collection Worth Millions

    Wonder when the auction is? But then again around here they use the Seized cars for Dare cars.
  11. Just tossing this out there for anyone local in new england

    To bad your not closer to me, I still have the Bumper of my 2010, and it is Grabber Blue
  12. SIRI is a bitch!

    This is the reason I have a Samsung
  13. A young enthusiast needs a smile

    She is actually local to me, I work in Maryville.
  14. I Now Have a 13 Second 4WD Ram!

    Ram is running good Greg and great times Millz
  15. traded the procharged 3.7 for a camaro ss

    I thought I was going to have to drive to New Mexico