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  1. tjys


    2011 GT500 Convertible. Has the SVT and Electronics packages.
  2. Well crap ... I just ordered one. I'll be interested to see what the suggestion is to fix this. I've used MGW on everything with zero problems. That sound would drive me insane!!
  3. Thanks for posting the link mariusvt. I about crapped when I saw what had to be done. I've ordered the shifter but it appears It will be a little while before I put it in or give it to my son to put in.
  4. One last question ... Ligistx, how hard was it to replace the shifter? I've replaced fox and new edge but not the S195 or 7.
  5. I'll probably invest in the MGW. It's not like I take these cars to the track like I used to but I'm with popeye and all that we have laid out good money for a top of the line car and there are issues. Granted, taking a fraction of a second longer to shift from 1 to 2 is not a show stopper, there are fixes, but I'll be shelling out the money. I certainly understand most 500 owners just park their rides in the garage and only bring them out on the weekend but still it should work correctly. As few times as I get into it ... I agree with Ligistx, I hate looking like a "tard" when the damn thing grinds in. BTW, I had the tranny mechanic with me on the test drive and seemed like a really good guy. He also owns a Shelby and recommended carbon synchro's a la Grimace!! Looks like my son may be getting this car a few years early and I'll be looking at something with an automatic.
  6. I took the car to the Ford dealer yesterday. Their diagnosis ... I don't know how to drive a 6 speed. Recommendation ... move my seat closer to the clutch. Oh, I forgot, put synthetic transmission fluid in it and change the shifter to a MGW. Really? I told them to put synthetic in it since it's there but it cost ~$250. I pick up the car today. Nothing like paying over $50K for a car I don't know how to drive with a cheap shifter. Forums are complaining about the 1 to 2 shift. Only TSB came out for the MT82. People are spending their own money to make up for Ford mistakes. Makes me want to run out and buy another top of the line Mustang.
  7. I just took my 2011 GT500 into the local Ford dealership to have the transmission fixed. I have a hell of a time getting from 1st to 2d under WOT without grinding. No other gear experiences this issue. If I drive the car "normally" I have no issue getting into 2d though it is "notchy" if that's a word. I had the car for 3 years in Hawaii with the same issue but I didn't trust any dealership out there to fix anything. I had read that there was a TSB out on the issue but the local dealership says none exists. I'm now looking for the TSB and all I find is TSB 11-11-1 for the MT82 but nothing on the Tremec 6060. Is anyone aware of anything else?? Any hints, clues, or actually finding the TSB would be greatly appreciated!
  8. We buy cars to drive them too. If I'm paying a boatload of money for a car I want people to see me driving the damn thing!
  9. I either missed, or didn't see, the price. Was there one?
  10. Both my Shelby's came with the F1 Supercars. Terrible, terrible tires ... and I was living in Hawaii!! No grip and in the rain they were slippery. I bought the AS3s for my 500 which turned out to be great tires ... but I was moving to Iowa and needed the all weather tires. I bought Direzza 102s for my wife's GTS and they have been fantastic tires @ $134 each. They gripped in all weather and I used in Iowa all the way down in the 30s temperature wise with zero issues. I swapped them out with the AS3s for driving in the snow when I stored the 500.
  11. tjys

    GTS Interior 2

    For anyone that has seen my thread in the Shelby secion, "Don't buy a Shelby from SAI", you can see the block GTS on the interior. This is not what they sold me. It should match the logo in the rear view of this GTS on the faux gas cap. That is what SAI said it would be, made me pay in advance for, and then switched the logo at the builders shop. The contract interior builder did a fantastic job with the interior as you can see. He only did what SAI told him to do but it isn't what SAI sold to me.
  12. I'm not sure what they are thinking at SAI. There are a lot of "hardcore" Shelby enthusiasts, which I was. I love both of my cars but I cannot understand what is going on with SAI. While it would probably be in my interest to make sure they remain successful to keep the brand values high for resale of my cars I'm at the point in which it isn't worth my time when SAI insists on hitting ice bergs. The new "427" limited edition program appears to me to be a rearranging of the deck chairs on this Titanic.
  13. tjys


    2011 Shelby GTS Convertible. AT, 3.73s, aluminum DS, Bama tune, CAI.
  14. Did you see the "new" limited edition production 427? It will only cost you $120K - $180 WITHOUT the 427! Actually, without any drivetrain at all. Now that's a selling point. Why would you call it a 427?
  15. Just an update. I tried to get SAI to live up to what they sold me again. Their response was exactly the same, we will pay to send you what we sold but you have to pay to have it installed. However, and I like this, they want to remain friends with me. ??? Wow, it cost me thousands of dollars to get friends!! I wonder what it would cost to be "BFFs"??
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