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  1. So SRT's video is no longer up on Youtube. Is there another link for directions? My ported intakes are on the FedEx truck heading this way.
  2. welcome to lonewolf performance

    Are there any videos still around for how to install the manifolds? Seems like there were several manuals and videos before.
  3. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year Joe!
  4. I am now a judge!

    Nice Jim!
  5. welcome to lonewolf performance

    Ouch David Dunce! That hurt just a little, Haha! I've graduated from" that girl with the advanctrac thing going on", to "what's her face on FFM..." I just ordered them David thanks, used Facebook pay for $330. I'll let all you other nameless bums on here know how they turn out!!
  6. welcome to lonewolf performance

    It looks like no he doesn't. No response from him, so far. With the little bit of research I've done, there is Mir Performance in Toronto Canada which is very pricey. Also two different guys on Cyclone Mustang Tech (Facebook page). It seems the better of the 2 is "Anthony Porting Reyes". Cost is $330 total, he keeps several cores on the shelf so turn around is quick, the charge is an extra $140 if you want to keep your original manifold after swapping out the new one from him. I think that's the way I'm going, haven't found a better option yet.
  7. welcome to lonewolf performance

    OK guys, I am doing this now. I'll have a full length exhaust, and this will finish the intake side of the engine along with the JLT CAI, and 73mm throttle body. So, question. What vendor to buy the Ford Intake from and do I have it shipped directly to Lone Wolf? I emailed mxracer01941/buildingsleeper2 a couple of days ago. Hoping to hear from them tomorrow.
  8. Catted X-pipe install $*&%#@!

    So I bought an early Christmas present. Replacing the last pieces of stock exhaust on the little red pony. Install videos, and install instructions just brush over the fact "unplug the front and rear O2 sensors", then only 1 of the 4 sensors is within reach at all to unplug. Neither of our hands will fit in to reach the plugs at all. Looked for on-line videos and posts on here with no luck. Are we the only ones who can't get these stupid things unplugged? We are not novices at fixing things, even busted aircraft of all sorts in austere locations... Any advice out there in fastfordmuscle land? Thanks in advance!!
  9. Might be opening a pie shop next year!

    https://www.usnews.com/opinion/knowledge-bank/articles/2017-05-23/donald-trump-and-betsy-devos-budget-would-destroy-public-schools There's a gazillion hits when you google it. My pay estimation from our District Superintendent, eliminating my Tripay, and Masters Degree pay benefit, would cut my pay by almost $24,000. Making less than a custodian assistant with a High School diploma.
  10. Might be opening a pie shop next year!

    We just love kids. That's why we do it. Won't be able to afford doing it anymore, hence the pie shop, with gourmet French Press Coffee and Espresso. We will have mostly awful, totally unqualified teachers, working for about 20K a year. Who mostly won't give a shit because, well they're not getting paid enough to give a shit. No background in education, no Master's Degree in Ed. or Doctorate in Ed., probably no degree at all. Just a baby sitter that doesn't care about teaching. This will be great. Oh, but if you want whipped cream on your pie, it'll be labeled Whip It, by DEVO, even though it's really close to the spelling of DeVos...
  11. Might be opening a pie shop next year!

    Believe me I'm at least as pissed as you guys are. But, I need good pie ideas and names. My latest two thoughts: If we bake a cake it'll be called - The Stairway to Leaven Gluten free pie called - Off the Wheaten Path
  12. DeVos is looking at cutting my pay for my 60+ hour a week teaching job by more than $24,000 a year. Then letting anyone, ANYONE who can pass a background check be a teacher... So possible shop names for our Pie Shop possibly opening this Fall/Next school year: More Than A Filling I've Had the Pie of My Life Pies on the Menu: Pretty Fly for a White Pie - Coconut Cream Pie Caramba - Apple pie with crumb topping The Pie is the Limit - Lemon Meringue (with a really tall meringue) Pi R Squared - Some kind of pie made in a square pan... She's My Cherry Pie - A cherry pie with a famous '80s hair band title(thank you Warrant). Pie of the Tiger - Chocolate and Peanut Butter stripped pie She put key lime in dee coconut Midnight Train to Georgia - peach pie Reeling in the Pears - Pear pie Whoa, Black Berry Bam-ba-Lam Need more Ideas fellas!
  13. Vegan pleather driver's seat tearing

    I looked at Katzkin and it's a great product. Just it starts at $1,700 and goes up from there... I would replace my front seats totally if I was going to spend that kind of money.
  14. Vegan pleather driver's seat tearing

    Haha! I get it. But the Mustang was ordered with leather seats. They're mostly Vegan Pleather though... Thanks for your useful input Grimace!!
  15. Vegan pleather driver's seat tearing

    So I guess I need to get the razor blades out of my butt, or Ford needs better fake leather trim for their "leather seats". Six and a half years of hopping in and out of this car made some major tears in the pleather on the drivers seat. Yesterday I put a band aid on the seat, an 8" x 4" Mastaplasta repair patch, pretty good for a $17 cheap band aid on a curved seat bolster. But as I'm putting the patch on and pressing it in place I discovered more small tears in the bolster area around the patch. So I ordered some leatherette seat covers from Autoanything, 10% off made the Coverking front seat covers $233.99. I ordered them in red and black, the all black looks dull to me, especially without the white stitching. We'll see if that was a good choice in a couple of weeks when it gets here. I will update then. Example of what they look like for a different vehicle, obviously.