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  1. Grimace427

    Gear swap to 3.73

    I'm sure SCT will be able to help as their support is pretty good when you can actually get a hold of them. I had an issue the morning of a track rental and when I called they worked their system to force a firmware update to my device and fixed everything.
  2. Grimace427

    Gear swap to 3.73

    You shouldn't have disconnected the battery in the first place. Are you not familiar with using a charger?
  3. Grimace427

    Gear swap to 3.73

    IIRC the tuner should be able to read fault codes. Noises should be unrelated.
  4. Grimace427

    Gear swap to 3.73

    That would be a good idea but save the tune files from the device to your computer. There should be videos on youtube showing how to do this.
  5. https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/leaked-pics-from-dealer-meeting-today.111539/#post-2372070
  6. Grimace427

    Gear swap to 3.73

    Whatever you do make sure you have a battery charger on while flashing tunes especially if you are doing any problem solving. The best way to corrupt your PCM is to attempt to flash it with insufficient voltage.
  7. Grimace427

    The Blue Beast

    Dealers here in northern Virginia are pretty awesome. I got a new trans despite having a bunch of bolt-ons and even residual rubber from a day at the dragstrip. Service adviser mentioned I should probably clean off the rubber from the wheelwells before bringing it by again.
  8. Grimace427

    Anybody Here Dabble In Photography?

    Something special about black and white portraits. Feels like a magic sauce
  9. Grimace427

    Computer Hardware Thread

    Can it run Crysis?
  10. Grimace427

    Anybody Here Dabble In Photography?

    Random Ferrari 458 Speciale in the shop getting it's wheels painted gold.
  11. Grimace427

    Anybody Here Dabble In Photography?

    Recently started working with a guy who owns a classic car dealership and he's been bringing his cars to us to work on and I also worked a photography deal with him for advertising. Might even try to sell images direct to the new buyers. The red '86 Porsche Turbo was one of his as well.
  12. Grimace427

    Post your workouts!

    Yeah last page we were posting his videos.
  13. Grimace427

    Post your workouts!

    Thinking about getting back into the gym. It's been about two years since I've put a serious effort in and I severely lack the motivation I once had. My apartment has a small gym with basic free weights, one squat rack, a cable machine, and cardio stuff. I know things get easier once I start but I need a push. A few things I'm thankful for is I haven't lost much mass(still about 180lbs @6ft) and since I'm a mechanic my muscles gets used on a daily basis. Still need to be super careful about my joints(shoulders and knees especially) so as to avoid injury. Last week I bought a Captains of Crush #1 gripper(140lbs) just for fun and surprise surprise I can close it fairly easily. My bodybuilder boss couldn't even manage to close it!! And before you say I should workout with my boss you should know he drives an hour away just to workout at a specific gym and he will stay there until like 10pm. F*** that haha!
  14. Grimace427

    Gear swap to 3.73

    At that point I'd say the guy should return the stock tune to the car then he can do whatever he wants with the tuner device.

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