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  1. With much respect I don't let people tell me I can't do something especially when it is between me and the goals I've made for myself. I might not be able to lift what Arnold was doing back in his prime, yet, but I will continue to work hard and improve as the journey is the most important part. The best part of Arnold's Blueprint is how it pairs muscle groups so that the primary movers are always as fresh as possible to perform the lift while the secondaries and the stabilizers have the opportunity to rest between sets and supersets. Before when I was doing push/pull workouts I was finding that my arms were totally burned out before I ever even got to them in the circuit whereas now they feel strong going into each set. My shoulders too have not been giving me any issues like they've done in the past. Right now the biggest issue I'm dealing with is that I'm outgrowing the free apartment gym already and will likely have to sign up to a real gym soon which I'm not happy about both for financial reasons plus my enjoyment of smaller crowds over larger crowds. There is a Globo-Gym wannabe right down the street that is comically huge just like in Dodgeball lol, but turns out I have one neighbor who's a member and another neighbor who actually works there as their chiropractor and he's already done some work on my back so if I can get a decent membership deal I may make that plunge.
  2. Bench and overhead press are weak AF but I got my squat up to 275lbs for a single then did 225x5. Not easy to do deadlift in my tiny apartment gym but I gave it a go and did 225lbs but I seriously need a coach to correct my form so I'll save that for later.
  3. The fact that the driveshaft is just one part of the driveline and that the axle(and engine/trans) can move around when the vehicle is being driven is why clocking the driveshaft is a thing. Another very important thing for a smooth driveline is pinion angle and this is adjusted with either adjustable upper control arm(preferable) or adjustable lowers.
  4. Getting back into the swing of things, actually using a Terminator-inspired photoshoot as my motivation. I somehow retained some mass and definition from my previous years of lifting but I am only a few weeks into the end of a two year hiatus. I have some very fit model friends who have jumped at the idea of helping me on this shoot journey so that is helping me stay excited too. Using the OG blueprint method from the man himself, AHnold. Day 1: Chest, Back, Abs Barbell bench press (with stripping method) barbell incline bench press dumbbell fly dumbbell pull-over pull-up (wide-grip) bent over barbell row bent over two-dumbbell row hanging leg raise Day 2: Arms and Shoulders: Clean and press standing dumbbell press front dumbbell raise side lateral raise upright barbell row barbell curl (1-10 method) incline dumbbell curl concentration curl close-grip barbell bench press lying triceps press dumbbell one-arm triceps extension palms-up and palms-down barbell wrist curl over a bench decline crunch Day 3: Legs Barbell squat stiff-legged barbell deadlift good morning barbell lunge leg extension seated leg curl standing calf raise seated calf raise cable crunch
  5. For a GT reusing the stock-style flanges probably isn't a big deal, not sure about the V6. If I had to pick I'd rather have at least new ones if still stock but look closely at the top brands of aftermarket shafts to see what they use. IIRC they have a u-joint on one end and a CV on the other. Reusing a high-mileage CV joint is never a good idea.
  6. A little test shoot with a local cosplay model, Liz. Was going for a fugitive theme from this shoot.
  7. Yes from what I've heard(not much) the 2.0 is the best Ecoboost to build for power, plus the non-integrated exhaust manifold(unlike on the newer 2.3 and RS) make both easier turbo swaps plus sound better.
  8. Are you trying to say here the 2.3 RS engine is closed deck like the 2.0 ST engine? Because the 2.3 RS is an open deck block. Unless I am misunderstanding what you are saying here.
  9. Package costs $4,995 http://fordauthority.com/2019/05/2020-mustang-2-3l-high-performance-package-costs-4995/
  10. If I were given a crack at writing(re-writing lol) the next installment of the Terminator franchise, step #1 would be to stop introducing pointlessly advanced new models. It seems like they think the future is advancing linearly with the present which is the most stupid thing I've ever heard in a time-travel story. They need to go back to the T-800 vs human bedrock and bring with it some realistic feelings of fear and dread. Stop making the antagonistic robot seem 'evil' with menacing glares and psychopathic tendencies.
  11. New trailer dropped today. Really hoping this one doesn't bomb like Genesys(sic).
  12. Back in my drumming days the bass liked to run away during hard rock/metal songs. We would use bricks, cinderblocks, younger siblings, or guitar amps to keep them in place.
  13. Was going for a Lilith cosplay from Borderlands. Can't post the rest of this series publicly hahahaha!
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