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  1. Grimace427

    Computer Hardware Thread

    Feel free to send me your old ones kthnxbye.
  2. Grimace427

    Potential 2019/20 GT500 photo leaks

  3. Grimace427

    Anybody Here Dabble In Photography?

    My boy having fun on my photoshoots.
  4. Grimace427

    Putting my '67 up for sale

  5. Grimace427

    Anybody Here Dabble In Photography?

    Playing with some string lights.
  6. Grimace427

    Bird is the Word Thanksgiving

    My neighbor brought me over a plate from her thanksgiving meal which was very nice of her.
  7. Grimace427

    Datalogging is impossible

    Hell of a first post! Welcome and sorry to hear about your troubles. To be honest it has been a few years since I've used LiveLink so I wonder if I too will have these issues. Come to think of it, LL is still on my old computer and I haven't even attempted to load it onto my current computer.
  8. Grimace427

    Putting my '67 up for sale

    I rather dislike that phrase. The value of the car would be put to better use than being parked behind my shop.
  9. Grimace427

    RIP Stan Lee

    You will be missed. December 28, 1922, Manhattan, New York City, NY Died: November 12, 2018
  10. Grimace427

    Putting my '67 up for sale

    Here is what I have written in the classified. $25,000 Gainesville, VirginiaI am putting up for sale my 1967 mustang fastback project car as it is clear I won't be able to finish the work any time soon. Originally a 289 3-barrel with 3-speed manual, now has a 1968 302 4-barrel with basic upgrades. 8" rear axle. Original power steering. Manual brakes with Grenada disc brakes up front, drums rear.I purchased the car in 2004 and the restoration took place between 2007-08. The work was a rotisserie restoration with complete elimination of all rust and body damage/prior repair. It is all steel with the exception to the trunk lid which is fiberglass with the Shelby duckbill spoiler shape. Besides the body and paint, all rubber seals/gaskets/exterior trim have been replaced as well as all exterior hardware including door locks/latches/handles. Glass is all original and has some discoloration but IMO it's only enough to remind you it's an old car and does not affect visibility. The interior is currently original. A complete Painless wiring harness is installed as well as all new exterior lights. Marty report included.Not installed parts included in the sale is as follows: Richmond Super T-10 4-speed manual transmission with Hurst Comp shifter Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Interior components including carpets, headliner, and new sport bucket front seats with hardware. Extra bellhousing for a T-5 trans swap What the car needs to be road-worthy Transmission installed with new clutch linkage(either cable or hydraulic as the original z-bar will not work with the installed Lakewood bellhousing Parking brake assembly (recommended) upgrade the steering and brakes as they are original
  11. Grimace427

    Putting my '67 up for sale

  12. Grimace427

    Putting my '67 up for sale

    Much to my surprise I'm having a very difficult time finding all my photos of the car. Had no problem finding the photoshoot I did with my model friend Lucy however!
  13. Grimace427

    Putting my '67 up for sale

    Going to be selling my '67. It's fairly clear to me that I won't be able to afford its completion any time soon. Its sale could mean pulling myself out of dept and being able to pursue some other dreams I've had that are more attainable. I'll put more details here once the classified is completed. Thinking about posting to M6G, Facebook, and maybe Craigslist if it doesn't get enough attention.
  14. Grimace427


    /\ It's the only way to be sure.

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