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  1. The Blue Beast

    OMGZ dude you are so boned! You car will now explode in a firey wreck on the freeway even when just sitting in your driveway. Just reading this made all the customer cars in front of my shop explode. Rotors shipped with a bare metal surface will have an oil coating to prevent rust while sitting on a shelf. It is a good idea to clean them to prevent noise when first installing them but after just a few stops they will be fine. Rotors can also have a sort of painted surface(like Benz does) or even a nickel plated surface to prevent corrosion while sitting on a shelf. These do not need to be cleaned prior to install as the normal friction of the brake pads will remove the coating pretty much instantly.
  2. The Blue Beast

    Nothing else to change.
  3. Edit: 11.31 @ 124mph.
  4. Lund just ran 11.33 @ 123mph with an E85 tune and a drag tire setup. 12.00 @ 118mph bone stock. http://www.mustang6g.com/forums/showthread.php?t=94663
  5. Marvel is slayin the game!

    People were saying they don't even need a trailer, the hype is real and lately Marvel hasn't disappointed in the slightest. The question now are how much of this story will be saved for the PT2 of Infinity War.
  6. This looks like a complaint to me, and an erroneous one at that. I see no evidence Ford is trying to control mods.
  7. Marvel is slayin the game!

    Infinity War Trailer!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Mustang Roundup

    It looks like he has 4 already.
  9. I think you are complaining about nothing. Changing most engine components requires a tune, don't see what Ford is doing wrong here.
  10. Anybody Here Dabble In Photography?

    Just met with the client, the wedding with be indoors with a crazy x-mas lighting setup. Looking like this will be quite the challenge. Going over their house tomorrow to check things out in person.
  11. The Blue Beast

    That's where the turkey goes.
  12. I'm not a fan of increasing driveshaft RPM.
  13. I miss the f-body.gears calculator, super simple and you could do all gears at the same time. I see the 4:09 rear gears becoming very popular.