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  1. Thanks for the welcome, and the SP has been a fun car...when I got to drive it. I had a massive brain fart in August of 2017 and broke it...sent #5 piston/rod into the oil pan. Note to self...don't tinker on the car when you've been up for 20+ hours & it's hot as hell in the garage. Bad combo, makes you forget where you left things that engines don't react to very well. Took a while to get the $$ together to fix it, then I decided wth it's being built right the first time. Full forged bottom end, ARP bolts/main studs, nice cam setup, etc. Lots of waiting on parts, machine shop back ups, and generally a royal PITA. Got it running again in April of this year. Did the oil changes, started logging/tuning, then went to the track for some gentle shakedown runs in mid May. 1st pass...spun, tagged the limiter for 1-1.2 secs by data log...short shifted it on down the track...heard a rattle. SO, car is back at the engine builder's shop, waiting for him to pull it out/investigate/repair. I've put 1400 miles on the car in 2+ years....while still making payments. At this point, ready to have a stock engine dropped back in so I can unload the orange nightmare. No Mo Mopar for me, unless it's a used Hellcat.
  2. Thanks much bud, and it's good to be back in a Cyclone. I'm probably re-inventing the wheel, but data logging the car via HPT and building a channel layout for the platform is definitely fun/interesting. I see you are still in the Tampa/St Pete area....I'm still up in Jax. I haven't been to OSW in a few years now though, not since I started putting my 392 back together. You can bet I will be rolling back down there soon to test the upgrades on the ol rattletrap Cyc. Panhard bar and sway bar end links are squeaking/rattling and driving me effing nuts..lol.
  3. I remember when that data was posted, and how many people were skeptical. But, given the imperfect molding process of making these intakes, it was no surprise to see what happened when it's cleaned up/airflow path straightened out. I was reminded of this when I was looking down the runners...lol. They are great for a normal daily driven commuter type use, but performance can definitely be improved upon when pushing the engine harder. I went through the similar disbelief stuff back when I did the direct before/after comparison of the BBK shortie headers. People couldn't believe the car picked up 8-10 hp/tq peak, but 15-20 in areas below the curve. Initial logs on HPT are showing these little engines move a lot of air in stock form. What will be interesting is once I start improving the airflow, and comparing the data points before/after.
  4. Hmmm, should I be a putz and re-intro myself...🤣 Yeah, yeah, one of the OG member has returned to the fold. I made the cardinal sin of going to Mopar, and ohhh boy do I and my bank account regret that decision. Picked up the '13 V6 a few weeks ago, and hoping my Scat Pack goes bye-bye after it's back on the road..again. Let's just say it has been a never ending nightmare with that damn thing. Fun has already begun with the Cyc....working on data logging/tuning via HP Tuners + have shorties and upgraded driveshaft waiting to go on soon.
  5. Ouch...damn. That sucks, but transferring flammable liquids in an enclosed space, with a close ignition source...yeah, not smart. I couldn't be that lucky to have this annoying PITA Challenger to go up in smoke..lol.
  6. I'll be figuring this out before long as well. I recently picked up another Cyclone, and plans are for FBO over the next few months. From what I can recall, the ported intake set will usually pick up 12-15 rwhp/torque. I was looking down the ports of my lower during a plug change, and I could see lots of room for improvement, especially on the lower to cyl head transition + knocking the injector bungs down a bit.
  7. It was probably stock, especially if it was a Scat Pack or SRT392. The active exhaust is one of the best sounding stock exhaust notes out there. That was one of the things that swayed me to the SP....no real need to mess with the exhaust, but I did anyway..lol. Don't drive one, or you will be done.....that will be the last straw.
  8. You can actually find new ones for 35-40 without looking too hard. The incentives to move the '16's are pretty good right now. Friend in Texas picked up a '16 SP Challenger with leather group, tech package, WRT wheels, A8 trans...36K. The low mile used ones are holding decent value...still around 30-35, maybe a touch more if it's optioned well.
  9. After wringing out all I could from the OEM 245 rears, it was time for a bigger pair of sneakers for the ol land yacht. 275/40's on the rear now, and it was time for a little track testing. Rolled down to Orlando on Wednesday for T&T, and came away impressed, for the most part. Only had one pass in the 11's, despite some killer 60ft times. Turns out the car was spinning a bit on the 1-2, 2-3 shift. But, for a cheap ($113 ea) tire, these Atturo AZ850's did very well. I had a best 60ft of 1.758, but most were in the high1.7X-low 1.8X range. Trap speeds were steady too.....116+ mph on every pass but one. I also gave the SRT Track Mode a whirl....and it slowed me down due to hitting hard enough to spin the tires on shifts, as in I could actually tell the car spun...lol. I'll stay away from that mode until I get some wheels for the M&H drag radials in the garage.
  10. I'll just be glad when Dodge releases the info. Right now, discussion says possibly 815 hp on black key and right at 1K on the red key. Even if it's 815 hp on the red key, that's going to be insane. Of course Dodge/SRT didn't forget about the family hauler....2018 SRT Durango will be AWD, ZF 8 spd auto, and 475 hp 6.4. 0-60 in 4.4 and mid-high 12 sec 1/4. That's one helluva 3 row family hauler. On another note, said goodbye to the 245's out back and went to a 275/40 for a little more traction...I hope..lol. Hoping to make it back to the track in a few weeks....car is going in tomorrow for a TSB on the drive shaft and a leaking steering rack...noticed some seepage when doing the oil change last week. I also have some custom Scat Pack graphics to put on, plus swap out the paddles for the larger SRT units. Not sure what will happen after this....tune maybe, or a set of 20x9.5" Hyperblack Hellcat style wheels.
  11. Last power number I heard being tossed around for the Demon was 757 on the black key, and 1152 on the red key. Don't see how in the hell that's possible, but if even remotely true, Dodge will be doing a mic drop on everyone. Red key would be go kill/scare the balls off of hypercars like the Veyron, and leave super cars in the dust. 9 sec factory car without trying hard....just effing stupid..lol.
  12. TY, and I knew that was a good one as soon as I hit the gas. Tires only chirped a few times, then she was gone. When I saw the 1.77 on the board for the 60ft, knew it was going to be another 11 pass. Scary thing is, with a slightly shorter tire, lighter drag wheel setup, I think she could dip into the 11.60's, maybe 11.50's in the right conditions. I'm leaving about 600 rpm on the table at the trap, plus if I could shave the 60's to 1.6x range, lots of ET left for the taking. Damn amazing for a factory stock car to run like it does.
  13. Just thought I would update this a bit.....new best on the stock tires. I went to a Midnight Madness T&T at Orlando, and the DA fell right at the end of the night before the rain moved in ahead of a strong cold front. Tires are about at their limit....chattered pretty hard on that pass, but hung in there.
  14. Yeah.....just a tiny little bit louder...LOL. I'm sure, at some point, my neighbors are going to be like "damn that car is loud, sounds like you are starting it up in my kitchen"...lol. That's the sound I was hoping for. The 392 sounds awesome through the stock exhaust, but it finally dawned on me that it needed a bit more edge to the tone, it was too smooth sounding. Those mini bullets were the perfect mid ground between stock and muffler delete.
  15. It's actually fairly mellow when driving around, which will be the next video I do. But, as that short clip going up the ramp shows, it absolutely screams at WOT. The upshift/downshift crackles are a good bit sharper sounding as well....perfect.
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