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  1. Looks like you're making good progress so far. Glad to see you bringing this one back to life
  2. You'll like the change they give, just going to assume you are already tuned so you can just use the sct to reprogram for the new ratio. Really wakes the car up.
  3. Honestly they really need to stop making new movies in this franchise.
  4. The softer spring will help with power transfer. I'd probably also look into a coilover option as well. And congrats on the new job!
  5. Makes the stock one look like a toy.
  6. mariusvt


    After mine took out the pinion seal, I gutted the rubber flange in the axle vent and relocated it to the top of my finned diff cover to protect it. Solved my issue with leaking out the vent now that it's always venting instead of when sufficient pressure is there.
  7. German automakers are a special kind of asshole
  8. I'd be surprised if they put a seal meant to be changed with the pump behind the cover. But then again there was the asshole out there that decided that the oil filter location on the 1.6 Ecoboost escape was a good idea. If I ever meet said person, they are getting a swift kick in the ass.
  9. If it's just something that slides on, age and heat cycling may have just made it one with the motor.
  10. Looks like good progress. Certainly have been on a roller coaster with this one in terms of keeping vs moving on.
  11. After adm, it will probably be an 85-100k mustang... Pass. I'll reserve judgement on looks until there are better images but I'm not feeling the vent section of the hood.
  12. Man, you have shit luck with this car. It's not your daily I'd call up this guy and see what your options are. Maybe he does a core exchange so you don't have to worry about sending him yours, waiting for the rebuild, then reinstall. https://www.facebook.com/Getragmt82/
  13. I think that's pretty normal, I won't swear to it but I don't think it was cleared from the factory. It's a pretty common trend in OEM's to not clear engine bays/underside of hoods.
  14. If you're going through the effort, I'd go to 18's since they should be lighter.
  15. Very nice, feel good being back in a mustang?
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