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  1. Project Banananana

    Glad you finally got that resolved.
  2. Would be nice to have a PD option for boost. I know this company has made blowers that have been going on wranglers for like 5 years.
  3. welcome to lonewolf performance

    Is he even porting anymore? As far as buying a set tasca is usually pretty reasonable in price.
  4. The Blue Beast

    Looks good, sounds like torque was run them down and give a few extra zips with the impact.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families, hope it's a good one!
  6. Marvel is slayin the game!

    Like the other DC movies, I'll catch this one out of theaters.
  7. Custom Aluminum Intake By Unclenard

    The 15+ 3.7 upper intake seems to show better gains across the whole power band out of the box when bolted to the 11-14 than even a ported 11-14 upper.
  8. Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve

    I went the other direction from 7mi to 37mi each way [emoji20] But the bigger lot, 3 car garage, close to my wife's family for help with our 6mo old daughter makes it worth it. Plus for now I get to telework 2 days a week.
  9. Spooky Halloween shots

    Works best it done from a bush or old white panel van.
  10. Wannagofast Ocala

    Sweet! Looks like a great time.
  11. Tap-a-Talk

    Good to go
  12. Tap-a-Talk

    I'd wager something needs to be updated on the forum. Tapatalk updated earlier this week or end of last and half the forums I subscribed to were gone but they are all back now but this one.
  13. The only thing the 350 has over the 18 is exclusivity. That being said you're talking more like low 40s for a pp with magnaride. Pushing 45 with the 10 speed. I'd probably go 10 spd, pp, 301a skip the magnaride and enjoy if I was buying
  14. Project Banananana

    If the pinion flange was bent, I'd be looking at the driveshaft. It might pass a visual inspection but that doesn't mean it's not damaged. Maybe take it to a driveshaft shop, if there's one by and have them spin it on their machine to check balance.
  15. The Blue Beast

    I've always had great experience with redline fluids in finicky transmissions, so I'll probably be giving their dctf a shot when I get motivated... Assuming I can keep my wife at bay on the sell the mustang bandwagon. Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk