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  1. Project Banananana

    Yeah it was super annoying, I actually misquoted the original damage cost, the bill for the repairs and parts were $5200, and... $3400 for the Rims and tires. It adds up quick. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. Project Banananana

    Ok so update on the Banana, we found that the driveline vibration was caused by the drivers rear hub and bearing. My original thoughts were that she drove strait into the curb with the front wheels, but while rounding the turn the rear wheel hit at a diagonal angle hit the edge of the rim, but more flush causing the IRS setup to shift to the left, the drivers rear tire was resisting the push which I believe caused the axles and pinion to tweak the diff, pinion flange, passenger axle, and now drivers hub and bearing. After running a dial gauge on the hub, and running the car in the air it was clearly the hub/bearing. We also kept the original passenger side bearing after it was replaced and determined it was in good shape so we used it. Wallah! it is smooth as butter. Good thing we kept it. Only had 1380 miles on it. So I may be keeping her. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  3. Eclypse3demon's Ride

    2011 Mustang 3.7L V6 Convertible. Custom two tone paint House of Kolor Kandy base coat Tangerine over Jet Black
  4. Project Banananana

    Ok so the Banana is scheduled to go in the shop the week of Dec 16th. (On the 11th) to hopefully find the drive line vibration I have been having since Nov 2016. (On or around the great wife curbing event). That was a $5000 event... =( If my guy can find and fix the problem then I will start ordering some spring mods (I have a list.) #1 on my list is a set of 5000lb quick jacks (I have always wanted those) #2 VVT twinscroll turbo upgrade, and MAP downpipe. #3 Built long block from Tune+ (this one will most likely be in the summer not Spring as its a $8000 item but its doable). If we cannot find the culprit to the vibration the car is leaving in the spring. I will either order what I want from a 2018 GT, or get something else I have not decided. I will not keep the Banana with this one issue however. It is a vibration that comes on at aroun 45-50MPH and goes till about 72MPH ish... Its not violent like a really bad wheel balance but its noticeable. I have had a sneaking suspicion that its cause was from the curbing incident from the drivers left rear possibly since the rear end was shifted enough to bend the pinion flange but we never did anything with the drivers rear drive line only the passenger side, differential and Pinion flange and new DS. We never touched the drivers rear shaft, hub or bearings. So we will see what we find in Dec. I have been shopping for a second car (cheap like 5-6K) and may be getting a low mile 350Z vert as a backup car going forward.
  5. JoeyMustangs build, 2011 Mustang GT

    I keep seeing old pics of my vert I actually miss that car.... I owned that one for 4 years which is the longest I have owned a car I think of the 43+ I have had.
  6. Project Banananana

    So while I am not doing anything right now I had a new decklid emblem 3D Printed and I have ordered a second decklid panel with no emblem and my vehicles color specific spray paint (H3 triple yellow) (touch up but its good for small objects) to match my paint for the emblem. I may also just gloss black the emblem as well, have not made up my mind but I am bored so.
  7. Project Banananana

    nope I put in a new driveshaft. (Driveshaft shop 1pc Alum) items we replaced Both front and rear hub/bearings Driveshaft Pinion flange passenger side Axle, and bearings rebuilt the diff items we did not touch was the drivers side. I suppose I could just for shits and giggles I could replace both those hubs and do the axle and bearings on the drivers side too and have it all done.
  8. Project Banananana

    Ok so since I am perpetually on the fence with everything, I decided to stick with the Banana for a couple of reasons. First as far as the creature comforts go I like this spec of options. Second I kind of want to put a fully built motor in it. The cost is in my wheelhouse so there is no problem dropping 10-15K into it, and I like the idea of doing the assembly. It is just a matter of figuring out what I want to do, and how much do I want to do. I have however one nagging issue that I have not been able to resolve since the little woman's curbing incident back 2 weeks after I got the car. That is this weird rolling vibration I have between 45MPH and 72MPH. It never increases, but its very annoying to have to drive outside of that range to get a smooth driving experience. So far no one has been able to tell my what it is, and I have had it at the dealer and a really reputable shop. I suspect its possibly the drivers side rear Hub, or axle or axle bearings as the diff took the brunt of the force enough so as to bend the pinion flange which if you look at that piece its a very stout piece of metal. So I suspect that even though we replaced the right side axle, bearings and rebuilt the diff, that we never touched the drivers side, and considering the rear had to have been shifted left I suspect this to be the case. This one issue has been the driving force behind me wanted to get out of this car. It was two weeks old and the wife pretty much ruined this car for me. Even after the performance upgrades, big turbo kit, etc and when it was running crazy strong, this one issue has been there the entire time. This makes me still lean on getting rid of the car as I do not want to take a portion of the budget for a built motor and use that to debug this issue further, so that is the one nagging rub in the back of my mind. IF I go with a new twinscroll head unit and a built block, with improved fueling, even if I get 500-600 to the weeks which is very doable. The ride quality is still an issue. So its easy for me to consider going to another model. (I have even considered the new ecoboost refresh). So this spring will be very interesting in seeing where I go with this. FYI I have also considered picking up a 3rd vehicle like a 1993 Mercedes E500 and I am looking at the V8 vantages right now too which I am a big Austin Martin fan so. =) eh who knows, wondertwins power activate, form of ADHD!!!!! lol
  9. Bullitt hype is hilarious

    I am looking forward to the Bronco only if its the 5.0 Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  10. Bullitt hype is hilarious

    Yup until Ford clarifies what the PP2 option is they will be spinning this speculation to no end... Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  11. Best paint touch up?

    the motocraft stuff is very good actually, I had it for my magnetic gray, and my triple yellow mustang, color is spot on, and the pen is larger than the ones you get at auto zone. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  12. Project Banananana

    I have 3.55s in my last 15 GT and I have them in the banana
  13. Project Banananana

    I have placed a place holder order for a 2018 Ford Mustang GT and deposit for the spring of 2018. After talking with my sales guy and determining what I wanted to do, I decided to go ahead and order the new pony car. The order will be submitted in Jan the reason they are going to hold it is there are no incentive programs out yet for the 18 model year, they will have incentives the beginning of the year so we will hold it till then, see what they offer in addtion to my X-plan pricing and then if I want I will add a 10 speed auto in place of the updated MT82-D4. I ordered an Orange fury 301A package. Other options below. 3.55 gears (No longer offer 3.31s) MT82-D4 Manual Transmission includes Dual Mass Flywheel, Twin Disc Clutch, and new Gearing Unique High Gloss Black Painted Front Grille Reverse Sensing System 9 Speaker Stereo System with Single-CD Player Ambient Lighting with MyColor® and 4.2" Cluster Dual-Zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (DEATC) Selectable Drive Modes with Toggle Switches SiriusXM® Radio SYNC®3 – Enhanced Voice Recognition Communications and Entertainment System 8" LCD Capacitive Touchscreen in Center Stack AppLink® 911 Assist® Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ Smart-Charging USB ports – two (2) Active exhaust system Black accent package (Includes 19" black rims) The reason I chose the 301A base package and options is that I do not mind either leather or cloth seats I also have the option of adding recaros later and not having to deal with the heated and cooled stuff under the seats, you do not get soft touch door sills unless you take the 401A options but that is at a premium. I have nearly every option in the 301A package as I do my EBM premium with the exception of the leather seats and heated and cooled seats, which I do not use, but I get backup sensors with the new car base package, that was an option for my 16 EBM. Items I could care less about, lighted door sills, soft touch door panels (Dont have them now either and I have a premium package), puddle lamps. I care more or less about the base options with the larger screen and sync 3. I am opting not to go with the Magnaride setup because its nearly a 5K option ($3800 PP + mag ride $1650) I also do not want the complexity. I am fine with the suspension as is. In Jan depending on the incentives, if its enough to get the 10speed AT then I will change that option at that time. But as of now this is a $37,500 car with the above options. This thread will then change into project Orange Creamsicle =) Some items to note, there are some parts that should carry over to the new car from the banana. Swaybars, toe links, Jacking rails, Strut tower brace and K brace should all still be compatible with the 18s. As well the vent pod which I will need as I will most likely get tuned at some point. (Lund nGauge)
  14. Project Banananana

    Putting this sale on hold, I have canceled it for now, I decided I want to get a few more payments on my current loan in to get the balance down. I also want to wait for the 18s to go into production, to push the prices down on the 16s/17s. I want to keep the same options I have with this model on the next one, and the 17 Grabber Blue GT was just a base model, and I decided there was no benefit to trade in the banana just to get the same payment for a lesser speccd car, even if it has a 5.0, I think a Performance Pack equipped base model is probably the lowest build I would buy, but I really would rather keep the premium options. So I am putting it on hold till the spring, I will de-mod the Banana now and sell off the parts, pay down my balance a little more, just like 5 or 6 payments, and if I get it banged out before spring so be it, but for now will drive it a few miles more. Another 5K on the odometer will not affect my trade in value that much and the balance being dropped will off set any loss from those miles anyway. =) My dealer has suggested I put in my order in January when there are more incentives. I will discuss options with him tomorrow.
  15. sale