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  1. Cleared out everything inside the cabin, just need to finish up removing the wiring and steering column. Found they did the pans from firewall to the transition pan but stopped at the transition pan. Either this was the point in the work that the guy passed away or they just did not get to that section. Its not in bad shape I hit it with my body hammer, found one spot that will need patching. Here is the thing. I need to replace the rear deck panel (where the gas cap is) and the transition panel is $199, but the entire trunk that includes the transition panel is just $100 more. So I am leaning towards purchasing the entire trunk because I can..... Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. Finished my goal this week, finished removing front bumper, separated the headlight buckets from stone deflector and cover, removed vacuum canister from passenger side of car, vacuum block, firewall braces and body harness and engine harness. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  3. They cut the cowl and attempted to mate a section from another car instead of replacing the cowl as a unit and the lower portion. Afterward the plastered bondo over it (painted black). So it rotted at the seam as seen in the pic above, unlike the passenger side which is mint for its age. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  4. After removing the front clip its very apparent why there is so much body work on the drivers door.... Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  5. Yeah pretty much all the builders use the 2.0L block, or swap the 2.0L heads for the manifold after modifying things a little.
  6. Shit your right for some reason I keep seeing them with those inserts (like the Mountune blocks), I know they are a different design I keep forgetting its where the water jackets run in them. For some reason I keep finding them with those block off plates. Yes the 2.0 are nearly solid decks just larger amount of surface area around the cylinders, appears to be the go to for the 2.3L replacement block for re builders.
  7. So a week ago Thursday before I was starting to do the mechanical tear down of gramps we had a storm that took out my canopy car port thingy... So I spend the entire day Saturday at home depot buying supplies to re-inforce and rebuild my cover for the pony.... Like clockwork the 30" tie downs I ordered from Home Depot previously that were supposed to be in the 22nd, 23rd, the day before the storm did not come in and they told me it would on the 29th? Had I had them on time things would have turned out fine. Lo and behold, after looking at the tracking from FedX they were sitting there the whole time, they had given them to another customer...... So anyway 140 self tapping screws later, an entire roll of gorilla duct tape, 15' of 1" electrical conduit pipe, 6 u clamps, 6 1.5" PVC pipe and Tees, and 6 couplers, 30' of electrical square mounting rails I have rebuilt her, made her stronger, faster.... she is the $85 dollar, million canopy lol.... It is not coming down unless I get some 100mph winds. I also probably should have installed the front and rear panels but I had no clue we had a storm coming so..... lol So weather permitting this Saturday I can start on my list..
  8. The funny thing is that nearly all built motors for the 2.3 in the mustang platform are based on the 2.0 closed deck block design of the RS motor. I think it comes down to is that Ford realized the existing 2.3 Mustang platform could not sustain higher reasonable tolerances with the current block. As far as fanboy critics who play purists for a car that is so new to the market (2015) who cares what they like or not lol..... Where do they think the 2.3L was developed from. Not the focus 😃 What do they think of the M3Speed?
  9. lol for a second I was hoping this topic was like a new cobra coming out lol... then I saw the real topic and *sad face*
  10. Moved my party canopy over gramps so I have a dryer work space and storage. Also finally organized my tools since I have no garage and need them mobile, got a 5 drawer cart... (there is a 5th its under not opened, I swearz..)
  11. I know its more than the previous suspension etc. blah blah. just making a general statement. 😃
  12. They already have a PP ecoboost model, this one is just an upgraded version. Looks like its just more tuning, etc.
  13. I am pretty sure self tapping screws into the floor will work.... lol
  14. Hopefully we start getting some normal weather soon I have to start stripping the rest of the car down before I send it off to be blasted. On a good note, its in better shape than I originally thought, my body guy is going to take care of getting the whole car in epoxy primary as soon as its done being blasted so we can see what needs what. Even though I am in no way trying to do some sort of concourse resto here, I want the base of the vehicle to be solid regardless so this is one of those expenditures that needs to be done to ensure no surprises down the road. The previous owner did not do anyone any favors with not sealing this after they removed much of the paint so it adds some time to it.
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