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  1. Sad to hear. At least it sounds like you got your money's worth out of it. Thank you, Popeye!
  2. I'm still enjoying Pony. Haven't had any money to throw at her in a really long time. I don't wring her out quite like I used to. More interested in keeping her on the road than anything else since my play-toy money is dried up. When the opportunity arises I'm sure I'll keep plugging away. I have no plans of getting rid of it.
  3. Still in the poor house. Still dreaming. Enjoying reading the posts, though.
  4. I only blackened mine. Kept it on. But then the panel I installed around it makes it look less intrusive.
  5. Somehow mine has managed to weather 7 years in the Arizona desert (knock on wood). Its sole blemish, sadly, is a self-induced, though accidental, gouge in the front passenger's seat.
  6. Neither of us were able to make heads or tails of which Ecoboost option he has (Ford offers two options), though it is a 3.5L not the smaller 2.7L V6. Curb weight is around 4,700 lbs.
  7. Nice build. Just sad that these 3.7's and 3.5's are a little too eager to let go, even a few that aren't under boost. I hope they can zip it up nice and solid this time around.
  8. On Friday I ran Pony against a friend's brand new 2016 Ford F-150 Ecoboost from a side-by-side 30 roll up to 100 MPH (pre-planned run). I put about 3 car lengths on him before we ran out of reasonably safe space. We were ultimately headed in different directions, so we only got one shot at it before splitting up. He was shocked at Pony's energy. Told me as much via text message after he got home. The weight savings over the F-150 makes quite a difference. I'll have to find out exactly which Ecoboost he's running, as I understand there are a few options. Considering the truck's weight, it is definitely no slouch. I know I've said it before, but his thing runs a much better than it used to. A transmission that doesn't fight back makes a world of difference! I'm dreaming of the day when I can put headers, an aftermarket driveshaft, and a single mass flywheel on it. Hopefully this painful debt won't last too many more years.
  9. The Ginetta Six-TB intake is still a part of my dream, not necessarily for any power gain, but just for sheer delight when I open the hood! Tuning nightmare or not, it would be awesome! That, and the stroker kit, complete with cams, heads, and forged spinning goodies would be as sweet as homemade pie. Drop the vehicle weight another 200 lbs. and beef up the suspension and rolling stock, and it would be golden! I'll keep that dream alive for as long as I own this car. Hopefully, I'll get to post the beginning of that dream's fulfillment in the coming years.
  10. I still dream of a stout 400 HP V6 capable of handling 10K RPM's. It doesn't have to be the quickest, just able to breathe the longest. After all, some of the roads in Mexico are mighty long, straight, flat, and empty, with easily 10 miles of visibility on any day.
  11. I sometimes have people walk up (usually older folk) and ask me about my car, then they immediately start trashing it for being a six-cylinder. I don't try to impress them, especially when it's obvious they have no intention of being impressed. I know that Kate can whack a good number of the "hater's" cars. That's good enough for me. No sense even getting upset over the mouth-pieces. I did have a guy in a former Crown Vic police interceptor challenge me a few months ago. Wore him out. When he caught up to me at a signal, he asked whether my Pony was a 5.0. I told him it was a naturally aspirated V6 and his jaw dropped. He said, "Man, you walked me like I was sitting still!" I told him about the ported intakes and the rear gear change, and I old him Pony has a few other little surprises, with a cat that ate the canary grin. He grinned and began nodding his head. He gave me the thumbs-up and said, "Have a good one, brother!" It's fun to keep 'em guessing! Even more fun to watch them squirm the few times you get to show them what's under the hood, after you've roasted them. But then, I reckon I'm not sounding very humble right now? :p
  12. Now, don't get me wrong: I'm not delusional, thinking Kate is king of the street. It just surprises me how well she stands her ground. She's tougher than even I giver her credit for. But then in the V6 world, you're always better off being humble, especially since it takes very little for a self-respecting V8 to wipe the floor with you.
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