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  1. Thanks lol, yeah my wife had an 15 A6 fully optioned was a pretty nice car all it had was a flex fuel tune and CAI. I was gonna keep it at first but decided to get the 18 after driving it and seeing how easy they are making big NA power with a few boltons. Thanks! Lol...Shaun probably will be offering it in a month or so for the 18s. He is in the middle of getting his data for the A10 right now but will be getting a manual for his shop car, which is good for me ?. He does good work with the GT350s too you should check him out, I really don't know much about lund other than what's on social media and he can be a PIA to get a hold of for an update sometimes.
  2. Been a while since i last posted and long story short, after i wrecked my 2012 GT I wound up getting a 2013 Boss. While I did like the boss and it was a beautiful car and pretty quick for the few mods I had on it, the faults of the S197 were still engraved in it's soul. Mainly the trans issues of lockout and shitty stock clutch and I really didn't feel like starting over there, chased all those demons on my 12 and wound up being all for nought. Honestly wtf was Ford thinking when they put that shitty setup in their dedicated track machine, and after many drugs i decided to get rid of it for a 2016 Tacoma. Fast forward to after drug rehab, I came to my senses and hated the daily commute in the truck, was just too damn slow for me and ate gas like a f250 so I figured might as well get another mustang and the 18 came out at the perfect time for me to unload the truck. Bought this a few weeks ago it's a Base model Performance Pack M6. The auto is great and test drove a few A10s and manuals and actually got a ecoturd A10 as a loaner for a couple days and all I could do is Yawwwwwwwwwn. The A10 is amazing but not much of a thrill to drive daily. Some people like it and I'm not one of them, I like rowing gears, much more satisfying and I'm not trying to be the fastest there will always be someone faster so I went for the manual. Also got rid of my A6 15 the wife was driving if I wanted a max optioned auto I would have kept hers. Any how here's the new one I have a BDX, JLT CAI and already installed the resonator delete just waiting on AED to offer flex fuel tuning for it, should happen in a month or two can't wait.
  3. You can run e85 on the performance and Race tune, you just cannot run 93 on the race tune. I had a tank of pump E85 in so it was run on dyno with e85 on the performance tune. Honestly that would not matter though if I had 93 or E85 on that pull because max ignition timing is set to pump gas. Whenever you have 93 in the tank and you wanna put the race tune on you have to run it down to almost empty. I usually run it down to 10 miles to E when swapping to e85 then fill up tank with e85. Then I'll swap tunes and drive the car for about 10 min cruising at 2-3k rpm so the computer can learn the new fuel trims. That part is required so you don't fuk anything up
  4. Finally got around to getting to the dyno and testing out the Flex Fuel tune i got from AED, car was on pump E85 in the Dyno runs. One tune is the Race tune and intended for pump E85 use only and the performance tune has ignition timing curve for pump 93 so you can run pump gas if you need to. results posted below in SAE and STD. My car made 622 whp and 545 tq on his 93 specific tune previously. SAE: STD: Previous Dyno Sheet on 93 gas tune:
  5. burke985

    Got an S550

    This car is so damn fine I swear I feel like an 18 Yr old gawking over this thing. Then I drive mine with 750hp and have the best of both worlds. I'm a lucky man I love my rides
  6. burke985

    Got an S550

    Yessssss I love it
  7. burke985

    Got an S550

    In track mode it's fuking awesome
  8. burke985

    Got an S550

    Not a whole bunch, but I bought it used it had 8k miles on it and got it for 33,800 ????
  9. burke985

    Got an S550

    Clay barred and waxed today
  10. burke985

    Got an S550

    Thanks !!!!! i almost wanna sell mine and pay my truck off so i can boost this thing, honestly i'm waiting on shaun at AED to offer tuning for them soon as he does i may think seriously about selling mine and boosting this one. My 12 is in beast mode right now his flex fuel tune is amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I694dAXgvY4
  11. burke985

    Got an S550

    These cars really grew on me to the point i was wanting to trade mine in on one. Well me and my wife did the next best thing and traded in her 2015 Camry instead and shes gonna drive the new stang in the stable. Its a 401a package 2015 Auto and i like it :Big Grin: ...my car is currently running stronger than ever on AED's flex fuel e85 tune. Heres a couple pics but so far im very impressed with the S550.
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