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  1. Finally got Flex fuel Numbers

    You can run e85 on the performance and Race tune, you just cannot run 93 on the race tune. I had a tank of pump E85 in so it was run on dyno with e85 on the performance tune. Honestly that would not matter though if I had 93 or E85 on that pull because max ignition timing is set to pump gas. Whenever you have 93 in the tank and you wanna put the race tune on you have to run it down to almost empty. I usually run it down to 10 miles to E when swapping to e85 then fill up tank with e85. Then I'll swap tunes and drive the car for about 10 min cruising at 2-3k rpm so the computer can learn the new fuel trims. That part is required so you don't fuk anything up
  2. Finally got around to getting to the dyno and testing out the Flex Fuel tune i got from AED, car was on pump E85 in the Dyno runs. One tune is the Race tune and intended for pump E85 use only and the performance tune has ignition timing curve for pump 93 so you can run pump gas if you need to. results posted below in SAE and STD. My car made 622 whp and 545 tq on his 93 specific tune previously. SAE: STD: Previous Dyno Sheet on 93 gas tune:
  3. Got an S550

    This car is so damn fine I swear I feel like an 18 Yr old gawking over this thing. Then I drive mine with 750hp and have the best of both worlds. I'm a lucky man I love my rides
  4. Got an S550

    Yessssss I love it
  5. Got an S550

    In track mode it's fuking awesome
  6. Got an S550

    FO Sho
  7. Got an S550

    Not a whole bunch, but I bought it used it had 8k miles on it and got it for 33,800 ????
  8. Got an S550

    Clay barred and waxed today
  9. Got an S550

  10. Got an S550

    One th ngk
  11. Got an S550

    Thanks !!!!! i almost wanna sell mine and pay my truck off so i can boost this thing, honestly i'm waiting on shaun at AED to offer tuning for them soon as he does i may think seriously about selling mine and boosting this one. My 12 is in beast mode right now his flex fuel tune is amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I694dAXgvY4
  12. 20160310 181654

    From the album My Stang

  13. 20160310 150640

    From the album My Stang

  14. 20160310 150629

    From the album My Stang