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  1. valorian

    GT500 Talk

    My suspicion is Ford is working on a new engine to replace the Coyote. When will it get replaced? Who knows. But that is my guess as to what this car is.
  2. Yeah, these pictures really don't due her justice. She does the pinup girl look very well. Checkout the website I posted and you can see other pictures. She's a very sweet girl. Bryn in the 2016 Calendar. I've gotten a ride a couple times in the TBM she's in front of in this picture.
  3. My wife was taking the pictures. The girl in the pictures is Brianna (She goes by Bryn). She is with a group called Warbird Pinup Girls. They go around and take pictures with Warbird aircraft and make a calendar each year. Bryn and my wife are friends and this was their idea. Who was I to argue. http://warbirdpinups.com/ This is Bryn in next year's calendar.
  4. ok, now quit your drooling and get back to work.
  5. I have some closer pictures. I'll post later tonight.
  6. I thought that would be a good way to start a Monday morning. It was a fun afternoon yesterday.
  7. Another Boss 302 or Mach 1? I'm not convinced yet it's a GT500. It's definitely not the twin turbo V8 people are hoping for.
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