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  1. Every single one of us has contributed so much that is virtually impossible to let go…. a bunch of really good souls here for new members to learn from and further contribute!
  2. ...nope... sorry, we cannot accept that! It has been a privilege to have your energy with us and truly wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors!
  3. Hey guys! thanks!!! just getting out of the VA, my father is getting prepped for another cancer surgery...
  4. yes, YES!, YYEEESSS!!! ... oops, sorry, got a bit excited... hahaha! awesome choice of color, congrats!
  5. ...ohh shit, just when I thought I was comfortably "retired"...
  6. SOURCE: FORD TO DISCONTINUE V8 MOTORS IN MUSTANG, F-150 AFTER 2017, WILL RUN 4-CYLINDER AND V6 ECOBOOST EXCLUSIVELY.... "Can you imagine a Mustang GT with no V8? Can you imagine Ford announcing a 2018 Mustang GT, ‘powered by Ecoboost V6?’ We can’t either, and frankly, it makes us sick to even think about. That is why the following information is disturbing on so many levels. We spent the better part of the day on the ground floor at the COBO Center attending the NAIAS. We are back here at the MGM Grand in Detroit, and what we took away from today was all the buzz surrounding the freshly-debuted Ford GT and 2017 F-150 Raptor. Unsurprisingly, much of that buzz is in regards to the lack of a V8 in these two high profile Ford vehicles." ...more to read: http://horsepowerkings.com/sources-ford-to-discontinue-v8-motors-in-mustang-f150-after-2017/
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