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  1. I blew mine out after about 70 passes at the strip. That is when I put the Eaton in. If you are moving to Orlando then LaMotta is the place to go. http://www.lamottaperformance.com/
  2. What I'm saying here is I have never seen a tiger with a cleft palate. And honestly never want to see one again. Thanks Popeye, I can't un-see that!
  3. It is a lot more than just tuning.
  4. I usually put dynamat under the carpet / interior pieces not under the car. Never seen it done that way.
  5. Holy dynamat Batman!!! Should have towed it with the 64 GMC instead of the newer truck. Would have looked awesome.
  6. Now I'm wondering if my drag radials will fit on my Ford Flex?
  7. That is quite a funnel there.
  8. I don't understand why you keep mentioning the timing cover. It looks like you are talking about the O-ring on the water pump. I don't see where the timing cover is involved in this.
  9. It is the dual tips that makes the adjustable exhaust possible.
  10. I think you are near Orlando? I had LaMotta Performance do my driveshaft and gear swap. He does lots of Mustang work. Or call MPT to see who they recommend in the area. I am in the Tampa area and had my diff replaced locally.
  11. If you haven't done the replacement line from the coolant tank to the pump with the newer design, then make sure you do that too. I believe the part number is ER3Z-8276-A.
  12. I haven't been on it in quite some time but there is a Facebook group that used to have 2-3 guys that were doing it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/CycloneMustangs/
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