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  1. That is a bummer. Maybe they are hinting that you need some NO2 on that thing.
  2. I bit on the expensive side but might be an option. I used their oval ones. http://www.rossmachineracing.com/200vstack.html
  3. Seeing that water pipe exposed explains why I couldn't just force it out after cutting the plastic back some. It is pinched which causes the plastic to grip it better. I never finished cutting mine out since I went with the other parts instead.
  4. Very cool. Can't wait to see it running.
  5. Don't forget by replacing the lower intake you will need some parts for the cooling tube to be replaced that is built into the stock lower intake. These prices are what I paid at Tasca at the time. The mounting holes for the coolant flange didn't line up right and I had to improvise with some brackets off of the intake flanges. The stock lower is on the left, the coolant flange is on the right that I used. You can see the back mounting holes line up perfect but the other one is off and the other one doesn't even exist in the factory lower intake. F150 water hose (tube) – BL3Z8A505A – $16.68 Engine Coolant Outlet Flange – BL3Z8C368B – $56.41 Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing Bolt – W503279S437 – $0.55/each – qty 4 – total $2.20
  6. Here is a picture from my lower intake I used. The ports aren't perfect ovals so it is hard to say exactly. But using a couple of straight edges it appears to be about 13.5mm from the middle of the port to the middle of the mounting hole. I can't recall what the factory bolt size is but the mounting holes in this lower intake are 5/8" or about 8mm. I can't find my mm ruler right now for these measurements.
  7. I actually like the vehicle they made. I would have been alright with them calling it the Mach-E. If I was to get one I would want to take off the Mustang badges though. I read another rumor that they will probably produce a Shelby version too. I guess they are going all in on it. People are talking about how Chevrolet should make the Corvette a sub-brand now too. I even saw a rendering of what a Corvette crossover could look like. I wonder if there is any possibility of "tuning" the computer via the OBD port or not. One video I watch a Ford employee was talking about the possibility of trying out new features for free with the over the air capabilities and then being able to buy them.
  8. So Ford has announced their electric Mustang inspired SUV. But I think they went a step too far in using the Mustang name for it. I understand what I think is the reasoning for it. Using a name that people are familiar with and associate with an "affordable", sporty car. Anyways, I wanted to post videos and information and see what others think of it. Let the fun begin....
  9. I'll see tonight what I can find....
  10. Well there wasn't any calipers or micrometers involved in that flange design. At the time I wasn't concerned with it being that precise as what I was doing was more of a loose experiment (albeit an expensive one). I used an extra lower intake to take measurements not the actual head. The intake ports in the flange are not the correct size, there was work done to route them out to match the runners after the fact. I am trying to find pictures to help explain how it was done. The injectors holes will drilled out larger and bungs welded in a worked as well. I'll either find more pictures or take some to better explain it.
  11. This topic is way better than a PM! You need to keep updating it as you go, very cool. I still have the files, I will dig them out and send them to you as soon as I get a few minutes. I'll rename this topic too.
  12. Welcome to the site. I guess reflecting back now I am not sure what to think of the ported heads actually. Honestly I did them way too soon. I did not have other things done first to get good data. I had long tube headers, x-pipe, catback, CAI, throttle body, a not so great tune, 3.73 gears, driveshaft, LCAs and shocks/struts; but only had one day at the track with 4 runs on the car at that point. So I had the intake and exhaust mods for the heads but didn't have a good tune worked out, was having O2 sensor issues with the long tubes and traction issues. I should have had all that worked before doing the heads. They definitely flow more air, there is no question about that. I still wonder if cams would have unlocked the heads potential more. I can't recall what MPT set my shift points at any more. But I have a Circle D torque converter too. I would guess that a ported lower will give more gains than the upper because of the injector bumps in the lower.
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