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  1. Unclenard

    Putting my '67 up for sale

    Man I really wish I could buy that, but just can't right now.
  2. Unclenard

    The Blue Beast

    The 14290 bolts are for the starter. http://iihs.net/fsm/?d=871&f=Starter Motor - 3.7L.pdf&p=2 Instructions for installing the transmission to the engine are in this section but it doesn't specify the bolt part numbers. http://iihs.net/fsm/?d=821&f=Engine - Manual Transmission.pdf
  3. Unclenard


  4. Unclenard

    Potential 2019/20 GT500 photo leaks

    Definitely need better pics before making a judgement. Not sure what to think about the fenders yet.
  5. Unclenard

    Gear swap to 3.73

    In order for the seller to use the tuner for another car he would need to return your car back to stock first. I believe SCT will let you switch vehicles 5 times and they charge $150 to unmarry a device.
  6. Unclenard

    Whining noise from rear axle?

    When my clutch pack went out I was doing a burnout at the strip. Sounded like marbles in my rearend. ?
  7. Unclenard

    Whining noise from rear axle?

    Mia!!! I thought you were long gone. Good to see you are still lurking around. ? If it has lived near the coast it is possible the rust is from the salt water.
  8. Unclenard

    Whining noise from rear axle?

    Grimace427 is our resident mechanic that can probably point you in the right direction. My initial though on whine would be the rear end gear. It is possible the previous owner swapped out the 2.73 gears and then put them back but I doubt it.
  9. Unclenard

    Member Introductions

    Welcome Steve! There is tons of information in the V6 section and if you have questions don't be afraid to ask.
  10. Unclenard

    Anybody Here Dabble In Photography?

    Where is the shot where she bent over the hood?
  11. Ford is providing a live stream of just the 4 Ford GTs in the race. You can actually pick from different views.
  12. Unclenard

    Back in a Mustang

    Let the fun begin (again)!
  13. Unclenard

    Tru trac

    Here you go Popeye http://www.fordmuscle.com/news/dylan-neuenschwander-ready-to-dive-into-nmca-kentucky-event/
  14. Unclenard

    2021 Mustang Hybrid

    So what kind of mods will the aftermarket have for these? Upgraded batteries, motors, programming?
  15. Unclenard

    2021 Mustang Hybrid


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