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  1. Looks like it was delivered today. Let me know if there are any issues.
  2. I sent you a message through the site.
  3. Here are pictures of them. Just a slight corner cut off of one of the mounting holes.
  4. I wish I could offer some advice but I have zero experience welding. I took my intake to a welder and paid a lot more than I would have liked but I had no option and he did a great job.
  5. I do and would. I'll get them out of the garage today and send you pics because I had to cut a little off of the crossover for it to fit the intake flange. The mounting holes are a bit different on the one side.
  6. He sells turbo kits. Don't think that old build is around any more.
  7. One thing I wasn't sure about too is if you start measuring the runner length from the valves actually instead of from the port on the head. I assumed it was from the valves and measured it to be somewhere around 5" from the valves to the head port.
  8. Some good information in this forum post too. I can't find it on the site currently so had to find it in the internet archive. https://web.archive.org/web/20180702234454/http://www.team-integra.net/forum/blogs/michaeldelaney/130-intake-manifold-tech-runner-size-calculations.html
  9. Here is a calculator for runners that I used: http://www.exx.se/techinfo/runners/runners.html Cylinder bore 95.5 Cylinder stroke 86.7 Duration intake valve (degrees) I had to guess as I couldn't find what value range that can be from the VCT and I can't find what number I used. The other numbers you should know based on what you are doing or wanting.
  10. I feel your pain on space limitations. That is why my runners ended up shorter than they should have been and the airbox was smaller than I would have liked it to have been.
  11. Can you just weld the washer to the throttle body and don't bother using the rubber couplers? Or do you not want to alter the throttle bodies that much?
  12. If the loss wasn't so much I probably would have taken the car back to MPT to dyno tune it again. But it just didn't seem worth it. I do I have the intake still. It is an art piece in the garage now. 😀 Mike at MPT actually wanted to buy it off me for a turbo project but I decided to keep it because of so much work I had put into it.
  13. No, I based that off the fact that I ran slower at the drag strip. I don't have the slips handy but I think it was around 1/2 second slower.
  14. Trust me, you don't want to shorten the runner length. That was one of major issues with my intake.
  15. That is a bummer. Maybe they are hinting that you need some NO2 on that thing.
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