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  1. Project Banananana

    Usually in spring, I think around March, Koni has their annual sale.
  2. Got a 2018 Mustang GT

    Glad to see you back. Very nice upgrade. I finally stopped at my dealer yesterday and looked at a 2018 Kona Blue GT. I shouldn't have done that the force is getting very strong now.
  3. Here are two more videos. I did not watch them in their entirety. One thing I did before removing the lower intake was to remove one of the hoses to the water pump so that the coolant in the tube going through the lower intake was pretty much drained. That will prevent coolant spilling out of the lower intake when you remove it.
  4. 2020 MACH 1

    I think Ford will get too much backlash using Mach1 on an SUV instead of a Mustang. I just can't see them doing that but we will have to wait and see.
  5. Bullitt hype is hilarious

    This is really worth reading about the entire story of the original hero car. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2018/01/14/mustang-bullitt-found-real-mcqueen
  6. I am now a judge!

    Very cool Jim!
  7. The Blue Beast

    The fact that they don't make white caliper paint probably tells you what you need to know.
  8. FFM 3.7L V6 Mile Drag times & Dyno #'s

    Just came across this video. So Nick Miller did this a year ago.
  9. Custom Aluminum Intake By Unclenard

    The image didn't come through. The intake as designed won't help make power, it loses power. The runners were too short due to limited space. The F150 would probably have plenty of room to make one with longer runners and a bigger plenum.
  10. 2011 Mustang V6 Specs

  11. *** SITE UPGRADE ***

    I'm fighting back the urge to get a 2018 now that Kona Blue is back.
  12. *** SITE UPGRADE ***

    FYI - I have authorized the hosting company to upgrade the forum to the latest release. The release it is running on right now is no longer supported and they had moved it to some crappy hosting servers that have been causing issues lately. Nice way to force an upgrade I guess. Hopefully they don't screw it up and break all kinds of things. I had asked them to test the migration on a test server so I could review it first. That is how I do any kind of a migration in IT. However they are unwilling to do so. They also can't give me an exact date/time that it will happen. So if at some point the site looks completely different you know why. I will do my best to fix any issues that arise from the migration as soon as I can. Thanks, Unclenard (Mark) Site Owner
  13. Ouch, tell her that isn't how you put racing stripes on a car!
  14. Tap-a-Talk

    Is it working now?
  15. Tap-a-Talk

    I'll make sure it is updated tonight or tomorrow.