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  1. that's what I also learned in school.you make everything match and be more efficient and it will produce more power.
  2. the best way to get the most out of these heads is not only porting but cc'ing the combustion chambers which includes relieving the valve pockets and at least a 4 angle valve job. relieving also known as un shrouding the valves relieves the restrictions around the valves to allow better air flow and to allow the exhaust to fully scavenge. this lets an almost perfectly un contaminated fuel air charge and makes a lot more power.
  3. actually the curved runners like the old TPI manifold of the LT1 vets of the 80's and early 90's would be a good set up with it bolting to the plenum.
  4. the red line is the final tune on 93 and the blue line is the final tune on the E85.this is done with all stock exhaust with Mac shorties and thrush over the axle mufflers.Ported intakes, JLT CAI ,BBK 73mm throttle body, custom cams,on 3.73 gears.
  5. regardless of technology. just because it's solenoid shifted doesn't negate the fact that the engine is still turning metal and fiber components in a fluid. it's typical hydraulic principles. any part that's either actuated by or relies on a fluid for a clamping force is going to experience high amounts of drag.say your ABS system doesn't show an inherent problem and everytime you need brakes at a certain mileage where the same car and the same style driver their brakes last a lot longer. yes the ABS actuator system is electronic but, it's still uses hydraulics to make it work.
  6. well once I get the baseline sheets from PBTH then you'll have nothing to worry about.as far as the dyno manifold sheets Greg did those so if you have something to say talk to Greg.for one my car wasn't completely stock and why I only got 240 I don't know why. it was a stock tune and not compensated for any other parts.you want better results then get a set of cams ground from the part number I provided.I did the best I could with the people I had to work with.
  7. well you may want to check out an article in hotrod magazine.typical power loss through an automatic transmission is between 33-40 % if you google powertrain loss you may find the real answer.
  8. mine is an automatic so what ever the manuals are putting out i'll have a lot more drivetrain loss.usually a manual is a 15-18% loss. mine is 30% because of the transmission.
  9. 100% stock would have netted a 228 Rw/Hp pull. so if you take away 12 Rw/hp then it would give you a 100% stock engine.
  10. we had put my car back to a bone stock tune only compensating for the gearing so we could see right off the bat on a bone stock car the gains from the cams. we picked up 10 Rw/Hp right away.as it was my car was super lean on the drive home and the first tune revision he ended up adding 20% more fuel just to get it close.the numbers on the charts you see now are from the first revision just so I could drive it safely.
  11. those charts are from the first tune revision after the cam install. I am in contact with PBTH about getting my baseline dyno's. the cam specs are intake duration 228 degrees at .050 and the exhaust is 220 degrees at .050. lift on the intake is .392 and exhaust lift is .373. lobe separation on this design is 110 degrees. the grind part number is F12523. advertised duration intake is 284 degrees and exhaust duration is 274 degrees. what was spent out of my pocket on this project was for the install at PDTH $ 2610.95 4 dyno revisions by MPT dyno tuning $1200.00 al not including traveling expenses. once I get the baseline dyno's and my final dyno sheets I will post them. my baseline RW/hp was 240 and that's with the ported intakes and shorty headers.
  12. guys I am sorry for not being able to post. I am still in the process of getting dyno sheets an I know it has been a long road.all I can say is I am not giving up and I hope you don't either.
  13. they don't offer it Mark.it's designed tor N/A applications or a whipple supercharger.
  14. hardly anything.we were thinking of using a V-6 fan because it's a lot thinner.not much room to play with. with the stock radiator and fan he has about 2/8th of an inch clearance.
  15. Guys my buddy has a 2013 Boss 302 with a Paxton supercharger.He has the ford racing aluminum radiator and the stock fan is too wide. the radiator is 3/4 of an inch thicker and we need to find a fan that will work with this set up.Any ides of what will work with this?
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