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  1. Nice to see an orca breaching like that.
  2. Way to go. Now you have another pit crew member.
  3. Best of luck and I feel your pain as I sell metalworking equipment and deal with smart guys all day.
  4. Sometimes the wrenching just isn't f anymore. That could be more time enjoying rather than chasing down gremlins or part. I feel your pain.
  5. It was a god fight and it shows how we are all human. Ronda wasn't on her game and didn't fight her fight. Super aggressive and chased her around, super dumb and got knocked the F out
  6. Live and learn but a good experience if anything. R&D is never easy nor is it cheap. Good luck broski
  7. He is always laughing as if he really enjoys making these videos.
  8. smurf stang

    OBX Headers

    Guess we need more sensors to plug up the bungs.
  9. At least you came back to the thread to update
  10. smurf stang

    Decked Heads

    It is harder than you think and get it correct. The difference was back in the days it was somewhat easier as there was only one cam and a lot less chains in the motor. Plus the bump in compression was also minimal. Now with variable this and that as well as everyone has decent compression ratio it is not needed as it is not cost efficient. Plus when you start messing with the geometry of the heads and stuff you mess up the geometry of everything else happening inside of there. You might end up with too much slack in the chains, might have to mill the intake manifold as it is not fitting correctly, maybe the timing cover will need adjustment, you will also retard the camshaft a bit by decreasing the clearance.
  11. Actually many of the OEM stuff are aluminum and aluminum alloy.
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