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  1. On a different front...my equal length longtubes are nearing completion: Just a little bit of work left on these, finishing up the collectors, and some cosmetic work...I was quite happy I managed to get all the primaries withing 1 inch of each other....35" primaries is what I ended up with
  2. Also did some work on the bell crank setup...it will be actuated by throttle cable that lays in the channel and lay horizontally centered in the valley when it is finished...it would be pretty easy to adapt to the stock TB stepper motor simply by installing the throttle plate gear onto the bellcrank somehow.
  3. Well, it looks confirmed....The Duratec30 fuel rail using injector spacers(I just bought a set of LS injector spacers) does indeed provide a bolt-up fuel rail solution for a returnless fuel system(or a return-style fuel system for that matter if you remove the Schrader valve from the other end and attach a braided stainless line to the threads(or a hose barb), There is one thing to remember though...the Duratec30 has a port spacing of 102mm vs the 106mm for the Duratec37...so injectors for cylinders 1,3,4,&6 will be angled going into the ports on the ITBs slightly. This will not really affect the function of the injector(except maybe making it spray a touch off-center...but you would never notice that anyway) but it might well affect the useful life of the injector o-rings...you might have to change o-rings every 50k miles or something. The only rail modification you would need to do to get this to fit is to modify the brackets. There are 4 brackets on the fuel rail...and out of the set of 8 throttle bodies...4 of them have bracket mounting bosses...so you would need to make sure to keep throttle bodies 1,3,5, and 8 if you feel the need for all 4 brackets to attach. TBs #1 and 8 each have a throttle position sensor boss(and sensor) that sticks out from the side of the TB by 2 1/4"...so if space is a constraint, its something to keep in mind. The advantage of having 2 throttle position sensors on the ITBs is that supposedly they could effectively replace the TPS sensors in the stock 3.7L throttle body and the 3.7L throttle pedal(this doesn't matter to me, but it gives the potential for people using the stock ECU to ditch the drive-by-wire setup with a small amount of electronic trickery and move to a cable throttle system for those who dislike the inherent lag in drive-by-wire systems...I know it has caused me to stall my Mazda 6 before where a cable throttle(analog system) would never stall
  4. Always did like the Roadrunners(not a fan of the Superbird version though...just looks too ridiculous)...nice car!
  5. Well, after much measuring, remeasuring and a few small adjustments, I finally submitted the order for the adapter plates. They are 3/4" thick giving a total height of 4 3/4" from the head surface to the top of each TB...I decided not to o-ring either side because I have seen the the lip of the port break away on pieces like this when people use the wrong sized o-ring so I decided I will just cut some paper gaskets to seal everything up(wont be the first time for that...and it works just fine). These aren't 100% finished plates and will require a little work on my end such as the hand-porting, and the ITBs have dowels that will need to be countersunk into the threaded holes that hold them to the plates, but the work will be minimal. Now just to way for 3 weeks till they come in...I guess its back to work on the headers in the meantime. If anyone wants any info on measurements, or the file to make your own set let me know, I am happy to share all the relevant info. I do suggest waiting until I bolt them up with some pictures though to see how they fit.
  6. I am working with the same E-Machine shop software UncleNard did for his manifold...it has certain limitations....one of which being that you can't transition from one shape to another(understandable because most machine shops would have no way of doing so over the wide range of shapes and material thicknesses needed). The porting doesn't worry me though, its literally about 5 minutes per port with my porting bit for that small amount of material, then a few more minutes with some sandpaper. I did actually consider 3D printing the entire thing...there are a number of plastics with the heat tolerance needed(namely Nylon or ABS) but in the end decided aluminum would be the better choice. Not so worried about the measurements being off...that is all on me to double and triple check...tedious but not too difficult.
  7. Thanks...I also just remembered I have an Ecoboost 3.5L manifold sitting on my shelf I can get the bolt pattern off of(yes...it bolts up to the 3.7L block, but has no injector bung provision..theoretically you could use just a spacer plate with a built in injector bung and run it on a 3.7L...but the injector angle would be less than ideal..which would be ok if you were running a boosted 3.7L...but no room to run an injector inside like the ITBs...all that room is taken up by the water pipe and the runners arent tall enough anyway). As for the water pipe itself...I was thinking of just using a benchtop bandsaw(or even an angle grinder) and cutting the whole thing directly off of the stock lower manifold assembly to get one that bolts up directly...it would also give me an excuse to cut the lower manifold off directly above the injector bungs and play with making what they call a "ghetto blaster" like we used to do on Neons back in the day: Ghetto Blaster manifolds simply use PVC pipe and epoxy to attach PVC plenums and the like to composite intake manifold runners. This type of manifold was very cheap to make and very effective. The above picture was a simple one, but you can actually make PVC runners as well out of PVC and use heat to re-shape them to a degree. This would be ideal for the Cyclone engine because you could use heat to reshape the end of the pipe to match the port, then run the runners in a crossover fashion(because the middle would still be round and hopefully still be able to pass through) and have 2 separate plenums, one over each bank...and 2 separate TBs too. Once they are all sanded down and painted they don't look too bad either. Neon guys routinely picked up 10-15HP with them just from the increased plenum volume alone.
  8. I was hoping you could give me a better Idea of this measurement Unclenard...I have it as 7.5mm but that is just a somewhat close guess. This should really be the last thing I need before getting the adapter plates made...oh and the actual diameter of the hole itself...is it a m8 bolt? Or m6?
  9. Strangely, the Duratec30 Fuel rail is VERY close to a bolt-on fuel rail solution...these pictures are with the Duratec30 injectors, but I suspect with a little bracket bending at least 2 brackets will bolt right up using the BMW injectors...though the wiring harness connectors would need to be turned to face inward. The nice thing about this particular fuel rail is that it can double as a base for whatever throttle linkage system I come up with...the real issue is that the linkages must pull outward and downward at a 45 degree angle from this orientation...that's a tough linkage to accomplish and will require 4 wheels to actuate with 1 throttle cable
  10. Almost there...short a few details(or rather a few details are wrong here, such as the head side bolt pattern offset)...this flange is built in such a way that one flange can be flipped to fit either side...this will be changed to be specific by the end of the process I am sure(it will need to be if I o-ring the head side of the flange. The BMW side uses o-rings as well, so some things are going to need to change, but this gives an idea...it also shows the slight difference in port shapes that will likely need to be hand-ported out.
  11. The M3 throttle bodies came in today...I guess its time to truly get started on this little project. Happily this set came with injectors and fuel rail as well...honestly I just wanted ITB-optimized injectors...going to hope that a Duratec30 fuel rail fits them...it would save me a lot of trouble...the BMW fuel rail wont because of different bore spacing...and the fact that I am moving the injectors inboard onto the throttle bodies for a better injector angle since I will no longer have the limitations of the stock Cyclone manifold as far as injector placement goes
  12. I have no problem with them calling in the Mach-E...or even a "Shelby" model(Shelby put his name on quite a few turbo-Dodges and even a Dodge pickup truck in the 80s)...but I agree, get rid of the Mustang name. I don't mind the vehicle itself...I wouldn't buy it, but then, I would never buy an SUV or crossover anyway, its not the EV factor that would prevent me...its the vehicle type, to me SUVs are worthless...they don't commute as good as a car, they dont haul people as well as a minivan, and they dont move things as well as a truck....I would rather own three vehicles that are good at what they do than one that isnt good at anything.
  13. I disagree. Everyone THINKS electric is the future...and maybe it is...but not yet and probably not for another 30 years at least. Look at the recent CA wildfires where PG&E cut off power to millions as a precautionary measure...what if all you owned was an EV and had an emergency you needed to get somewhere? Well, you are just SOL unless you happen to have a solar powered house(Not solar panels that are connected to the grid like a lot of people have, but a true solar self-sufficient system like I grew up with as a kid...I had no running water or grid electricity...only solar...solar is very limited in what it can run unless you have a $30,000+ system...and even with out solar system we always had a generator for an emercency backup). Again...the fact is only 2% of people actually bought EVs the past 5 years running....many people TALK about how they would like an EV, but they don't actually buy them. You know what other vehicles only sold 2% last year? Manual tranmissions....what are automakers doing there? They are moving AWAY from manual transmissions because of low demand...but they are moving TOWARD EVs despite low demand? No...its ridiculous, the laws of physics havent changed since 1910...gasoline still has more specific energy per gram than batteries do...and until that changes, I don't see much jump in demand for EVs. That being said, dont get me wrong...I like EVs and have been a fan of them for decades(a 2nd vehicle than is an EV would make a perfect commuter car)...but I can very well recognize a niche market when I see one...Tesla depends on the luxury segment and even then, the company STILL can't turn a profit. A couple of years ago, the CEO of Chrsyler-Fiat begged people not to buy the Fiat 500-E because the company lost money on each one they made...the big automakers are using EVs and hybrids to raise their average fleet MPG to meet stricter emissions standards...if they can sell them to people who think they are "green" more power to them, but its a niche market. You want to talk about clean fuels? How about Hydrogen combustion engines?(not fuel cell). Any internal combustion engine can burn hydrogen instead of gasoline with a different air-fuel ratio(naturally aspirated combustion engines at least...boosted ones require direct injection). The problem is hydrogen storage...conventional hydrogen tanks are essentially bombs...big and...explosive, but...there are metal-hydride tanks...hydrides absorb and release hydrogen gas quickly, making them ideal for fuel storage for hydrogen gas....they exist today, right now...as does the rest of hydrogen combustion technology...unfortunately due to a lack of development, metal hydride tanks remain expensive....but even as expensive as they are, they are no more expensive than a lithium ion battery pack. The only by-product of burning hydrogen is water...so tell me...why do people think EVs are a better option than hydrogen gas? Neither type of vehicle has infrastructure worth a damn...but at least hydrogen you can refuel just as fast or faster than gasoline....not to mention....with a metal hydride tank, some injectors, and a different ECU, you could retrofit ANY GASOLINE VEHICLE to run on Hydrogen(well, technically....not legally since the EPA does not allow you currently to retrofit other fuels like LPG or whatever for use in a gasoline engine....but there are no technical problems doing so). The other advantage to hydrogen is Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles....for those who want EV torque....one fuel could fuel 2 different types of vehicles...it is plainly a far superior choice to EVs....but there is no "Tesla" out there with a cult-of-personality leader pushing hydrogen combustion, and very little push for hydrogen fuel-cells.
  14. Mostly finished headers test-fit.(Still have to do the back-half and the collectors, but that portion I can actually finish out of the car on a cold day). I am pretty sure I will have to install the headers before the engine during vehicle re-assembly. I am finally able to move on to the rotisserie stage after I get some final angle measurements on these for the lower firewall area(Probably just 2 45-degree angles, but not 100% positive since the engine sits at 3-degrees
  15. seems a lot to pick up from porting plastic...wonder if its partially due to the porting making the surface rougher and creating some turbulence(I think years ago when extrude-hone was the big thing for cast aluminum manifolds they found out smoothing the walls too much reduced turbulence and ended up with a loss in power)
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