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  1. So after all these years, how are the ported intakes? Which parts do we really need for higher RPM power? I read that just the ported lower is needed. I have a 2018 Explorer XLT with the N/A 3.5 which shares the manifolds with the 3.7 at least the 3.7s used on the Lincoln's and Police Interceptors. I read that a few people have used ported intakes on these newer Ford's. Because we are all speed density, there's no longer a need to "dynotune" to correct the fuel trims unless we drastically change the VE model. Think EcoBoost without the turbos. Because I am running AWD traction is not a problem (My SHO and Fusion Sport put down 1.8 60' all day long on worn out street tires). I wonder how much of a gain we'd see with the ported intake? One vendor said the upper intake from Ford was good enough and the bulk of the gains was from the lower manifold. I've never been sold on bigger TBs, but wanted to hear from the V6 Mustang crowd. Are the autos really shifting at 7100 RPM? That's about a few hundred more than what Ford set my Explorer at WOT.
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