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  1. I am not going to lie....I am kinda excited by this.
  2. I agree. Go with swapping out the drive shaft and upgrading the gears. You'll have peace of mind knowing you wont have a shaft that will blow up and the gears will be able to fully use any power you have on hand already.
  3. I'll do some research. There was a guy on Youtube that one of his friends or himself (i cant remember) ran auto trans and they seemed to hold up well. 3SevenStangVids is his name . Li
  4. Got the mufflers installed today! Flowmaster FlowFX's. Reused all pipes and tips to make things easier. It sounds great! Not too loud but not silent, once you lay into it it really makes it presence known. I would totally recommend these mufflers for street use. I'll see about getting a video put up
  5. Thats good to know. The transmission will be worked on soon hopefully, I have a shop in mind. I'll dig in some more of the transmission forums to see if there i can do something about it being a slushbox
  6. RIP your wallet lol. For me i am not too worried about getting more power from my engine the name of the game is getting that power delivered to the wheels. I am still doing stuff like CAI, tune and what not. Only thing is that it is an auto which could be not as fun on track but there are some local shops here that maybe able to help me with that
  7. Thats truth right there lol! Heck I'm having some help me with building my garage haha.
  8. So I forgot to mention just what exactly I want to do with this Mustang. Instead of blindly installing parts just to install parts, I want an overall theme here. I am setting it up for road course racing. I am about 2 hours from Laguna Seca, about 1.5 hours from Buttonwillow and 3 from Sonoma. Drag stripes are kinda far and few in between for me.
  9. Typically I would myself, but currently i am gutting my garage and just dont have the space to do it. I will do the X-Pipe and other stuff, but there are some things that are just outside my wheelhouse.
  10. and it is not that expensive i think. about $300-450 depending on what you want. Something i will be looking at for sure.
  11. So it looks like Super Six Motorsports can do the manifolds.
  12. So more legit news, I am getting the mufflers installed Saturday morning. Just said screw it and decided to go with it. I decided to go with Flowmaster FlowFX's instead of the 40 Series. Excited to see how they turn out. Will post pics when they get on
  13. So the biggest issue here for ported heads on my end is that I am in California and that getting it smogged will be a heck of a time, but i am willing to run that risk lol Where do yall get your ported heads at?
  14. Lol i just caught that! Im going to my corner now....
  15. Hi everyone, I thought I would start a build thread. It maybe a slower thread but hey I've wanted to do one of these. This is my 2013 Mustang 3.7 as of right now it is 100% stock. I have had it about 3 month now and loving every bit of it. Planned Goals Exhaust : 1. Flowmaster 40 Series Mufflers 2.50 inch 2. BBK 1-5/8 in. Ceramic Tuned Length Shorty Headers 3. Ford Performance Cut and Clamp X-Pipe Engine : 1. Airaid MXP Series Cold Air Intake w/ SynthaMax Dry Filter (I like these due to them being CARB legal and they look pretty stock) 2. BBK 73mm Throttle Body 3. Full Coolant overhall at some time Wheels: 1. TBA There are some other things I want to do further down the line such as tuning and gearing etc. Trying to put down 350-375 to the crank eventually which will require more and more. I am open to any suggestions or advice.
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