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  1. So the 3.73 gears are ordered. Lmr has everything 10% off for fourth of July. Now I just need to schedule the install.
  2. Yeah no it's not catastrophic failure but just another thing that'll need to be fixed.
  3. He was saying rust on the inside was making it bulge. He didn't think it looked very sturdy and recommended I look for a stronger aftermarket one. This is the quick picture I took while it was up on the lift. It's just cracking around the bolts with a very slight bulge.
  4. So the guy finished the new driveshaft and it was barely too long. Luckily he was able to go back and cut it down to size so it's in the car now and I definitely can feel a difference with the new ds. It's a lot easier to rev up now. The bad news though is that the mechanic noticed that the transmission crossmember is cracked and will need to be replaced in the near future. Gotta love rust.
  5. So I removed the driveshaft today and while it was up on the lift we found the rear right brake caliper was leaking brake fluid. So it's getting a new brake caliper tomorrow while it's not driving. That makes two calipers replaced in just under a year.
  6. Yeah I wanted to do it myself but my dad's worried about stripping a bolt because it's so rusty so we're taking it to a mechanic Wednesday to take it out and hopefully it will be done in time for them to put it back in Thursday.
  7. Yep I see it, ok this will be interesting. So I'm going to drop the ds Wednesday night, drop it off Thursday morning and then have the new one by Thursday afternoon to reinstall. If everything goes to plan my car will only be down for a day.
  8. So I was just measuring my ds for the guy and I realized that the exhaust is blocking it in. Am I supposed to just slide it around or do I need to drop the exhaust? I am running a custom exhaust but it shouldn't be much different than stock.
  9. Well I've also heard not great things about my local dealer so I'm not too heartbroken.
  10. I'll talk to him about it today. And I remember you saying that it needs to be clocked when you install the ds? What exactly do you mean by that?
  11. So I found another shop with a better labor rate but I need to get my own parts, no problem. I talked to the guy at drivetrain center and he quoted me 380-400 for a driveshaft and if the one he makes isn't good or breaks then he'll make another one for free. He also said he has to use the stock flanges, should that be something to be concerned about? Also stopped by the local ford dealer and after having to wait around I get told they don't do any performance upgrades even if it's ford performance parts. He couldn't tell me any dealers that didn't have this policy and he said to "just google it", thanks for wasting my time.
  12. Yeah at this point I think I'm going to check out the Ford dealer and see what they quote me. Also I think Grimace said the ds has to be clocked to make sure there's no vibration? My dad told me a story awhile back about buying his first car from a dealer. Back then floor mats were a $50 option so my dad chose not to get them and save some money, we they still charged him $20 bucks so they retained their profit. This was back in the late 1970s as well so it's nothing new.
  13. They also have a higher labor rate if you supply parts, don't know if that's common or not.
  14. Theoretically it should. And he wasn't so pleased about me proposing I get my own parts. He started saying well lets slow down here and think about it first.
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