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  1. Here's a pretty good video showing the efficiencies of each type of car. It's based on a 10 page research paper but the video is easier to consume. According to the video electric still releases less emissions than hydrogen fuel cell cars. Also another problem with hydrogen is the type used is not very common so you'd need to use energy to make that compound which is retroactive.
  2. I agree. I don't think it's a bad move for Ford to make an electric crossover, but to use the mustang name? That's where I get lost.
  3. That's pretty cool. They're extremely knowledgeable on everything computers, really helped me out when I built mine.
  4. Sounds like this is the only logical next step for you.
  5. Stops you from going to full lock but it still reduces your turning radius? Gotta love marketing. I'll probably do that over christmas. I don't have any tools... or a garage, to do it right now. It's not a big problem, I just don't turn the wheel all the way.
  6. Jesus I don't think you gotta worry about your computer overheating but yeah must be real quiet.
  7. Btw I've noticed since I've had the new wheels that if I go full lock I can hear the tires rubbing. Do you hear that on your car as well or did I get a bad install or something?
  8. I'll be going there in the near future to install my gears. Thanks for the recommendation, I've just been so busy I haven't had time to even think about my car for awhile.
  9. My set up is pretty modest but switching from the cheapest fans I could find at the time to all noctuas made such a world of difference. Definitely not inaudible but it's easily drowned out by even the a/c.
  10. Yeah it's 19x9.5. It's not a big deal because all I do is drive it on the road it's not like I need the grip. Next time I'm going to bump up the tire size.
  11. Took forever but the 19 inch SVE wheels are finally on my car. Completely changed the look of the car and I have gotten a lot of compliments on them already. The mechanic I went to recommend 255/40/19 so that's what we went with because my dad payed for the tires so I didn't have much say in it. I think it was too small though, there definitely is a little lip between the wheel rim and tire.
  12. It's just a shame there's not much else you can do to these engines. It's a solid platform that never saw it's full potential.
  13. Wonder if supersixmotorsports still does the 4.0 stroker kit. Maybe if I'm going to have to replace the engine then why not do something to it first?
  14. I just checked and I couldn't see any bubbles although I could only get soapy water on the top of the headers not the bottom. Plus I only audibly hear the knocking after a little bit of stress, not at start up so that makes me think it's not an exhaust leak. I believe the spark plugs are still original so I probably should get them replaced since I'm at 107k miles now.
  15. That's actually pretty good. Don't Coyotes go for like 5k?
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