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  1. Yeah don't even know what I was saying.
  2. I just don't want something permanent, I need the flexibility to move it out of the way when I'm not using them.
  3. Also if you're not planning on having a dedicated sim rig and are going to be using the computer for other things, make sure you have a desk that can support the desk clamp. I currently am using the keyboard tray on my desk and it's not great. Another thing to consider is the brake pedal that comes with the fanatec csl package requires a lot of force so I'm going to have to fab something to mount it so it won't slide around. This wouldn't be an issue if I had a sim rig because I could just mount it to that, but because I'm just using my desk it's now an issue.
  4. Yeah, the wheel I have is supposed to be a good entry level wheel but I can't get it to calibrate so its basically unusable.
  5. Jesus, yeah don’t blame you for doing that. But even with my basic set up like yours I’m still having software issues that’s not letting me set up the wheel properly.
  6. What wheel do you use? I just got a fanatec setup a couple months ago and still don't have it working right.
  7. It will be aluminum. I never even considered steel. lol
  8. What you say makes since but the head tech at this place has 18 years of experience and they use a Coetz SE2000 balancer so they look pretty trust worthy.
  9. Wow, so I just contacted a local shop and they said they could make one for about half the price. Definitely think I'm going to go that route.
  10. MPT isn't too far from me. I wouldn't mind giving mine up for research
  11. I didn't know ITB's even existed until you just mentioned them and now I don't know how I've lived so long not knowing...
  12. AM should definitely start looking into providing a black hole driveshaft. lol
  13. But he had to make it longer. Ligistx could you write my papers? Lol
  14. Lmao good. Teaching the haters that it's not "just a six banger"
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