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  1. LMR dynoed their car. It put down 415 RWHP and 397 RWTQ. http://www.fordnxt.com/news/stock-2018-mustang-gt-puts-down-over-415-rwhp/
  2. z28th1s

    Wannagofast Ocala

    VERY cool!!
  3. I will be thrilled when the black wheel fad goes away! I guess I'm just getting old and don't get it, but when you see a car that has a solid black wheel on it from any type of distance you can't tell what kind of wheel it is because it just blends in with the fenderwell. It has no definition. Why spend 3 or 4 grand on a set of nice forged all black wheels when from 50 feet they look like a set of $500 wheels!
  4. Finally a wheel that isn't black!!
  5. z28th1s

    New whip

    Nice ride!!
  6. z28th1s


    Nice car!
  7. z28th1s

    LA Speed Check

    That was pretty cool!
  8. z28th1s

    BAD news for Nick...

    Sorry to hear! Get well soon!
  9. z28th1s

    House hunting - Winston-Salem, NC

    The last thing I want when I retire is a 'big' city! I want to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax!
  10. z28th1s

    House hunting - Winston-Salem, NC

    My sister lived in Salisbury for several years. She really liked that area. She is in Bentonville, Arkansas now. She hopes to move back to NC in the future. Good luck with your search!
  11. z28th1s

    Might be opening a pie shop next year!

    Sorry to hear about the teaching job! Good luck with your new venture. I agree with Jim and like the first name.
  12. z28th1s

    New Halo Mustang

  13. z28th1s

    Meniere's Disease

    She has been having a pretty tough time with it the past few weeks. Spring allergy season always seems to trigger more problems with her Meneire's. In addition to that we had 4 solid days or rain between Friday and yesterday. Low pressure systems also seem to give here troubles. She has taken water pills in the past. Didn't really seem to help her.
  14. z28th1s

    Thinking of a new drag wheel setup

    Nice looking setup!
  15. z28th1s

    Meniere's Disease

    Always nice when places take the time to really explain stuff. It is rare nowadays is the hustle, bustle world we live in.

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