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  1. For haft the price will it be a steel or aluminum driveshaft?
  2. Probably due to packaging and also read they are returning the power band to be wider(more useable) for this package.
  3. I had the 3-1/2" DSS shaft and I believe it was rated at 900 hp so no worries there. You get a little more clearance from the exhaust system running a 3-1/2" shaft.
  4. It actually works really good, you tighten is tight as you want for the track and then slide the device off for daily driving with your factory belt.
  5. For sale Aeroforce ford CN series 2011+ ford vehicles AF-CN201-2011 with a fluid temperature kit, a pressure sensor kit with two 5 volt regulators for the sensors and a roush vent pod for gauge. Works great only a year old (selling car) got $400+ invested asking $250 will ship to lower 48 I accept pay pal.
  6. For sale 2 year old 05-14 mustang 14" rear brake rotor adapter brackets work great. Just bolt right in using your existing calipers you don't have to remove the axles can use the 14 GT500 13.8" rotors. Paid $129 for $75 sipped to lower 48 I accept pay pal.
  7. Only used this past summer, attaches to your existing seat belt and holds your hips into the seat. Great option if your not using a harness and only the seat belt. Will shipped to lower 48 I accept pay pal $30.
  8. For sale complete Airaid cold air intake with instructions. About 4-1/2 years old in excellent condition $165. Will shipped to lower 48 and accept pay pal.
  9. For sale is my 2011-2014 v6 driveshaft shop aluminum driveshaft that's under 2 yrs old with under 6000 miles, only dive my car in the summer mostly weekends. Putting my car back to stock for possible sale. Driveshaft fits auto and manual. You won't find a better used driveshaft $500 and buyer pays for shipping, I accept pay pal thanks.
  10. I have a like new under 2 yrs old aluminum The Driveshaft shop driveshaft that I will be posting for sell here on FFM next week for a great price
  11. Some of it will naturally drain even with the hoses at a higher incline because of the weight/capacity of the oil cooler oil draining (pushing) through the hoses.
  12. Nice job, what brand sandwich plate did you go with?
  13. Don't forget too most of those guys cars are full track set up and higher HP and pushing them 10/10 on the track creating more heat.
  14. I'm happy with the set up I have and almost wen't with a Setrab cooler but happy with the Mishimoto cooler and the 20 +/- degree temp drop. I can do better if I open up the restricted lower factory grill, when I'm on the track I usually run mostly 3rd and 4th gear with some second gear pulls all in the 5-7 thousand rpm range. I would like to be in the 240-250 range when at the track and oil temp needs to be at 212 degrees to burn off any moisture in the oil. Check out TrackMustangOnline great information on this subject.
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