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  1. I heard conflicting stories on this both good and bad. What is your take on it? Can it cause the clutch pedal to sag or any damage?
  2. I will give that a try. Also it feels as if there's some slack the first inch or so of pedal travel? Would brake fluid also affect that?
  3. So brake fluid alone can change the feel of the clutch?
  4. Yes everything is stock - Do you think it is a matter of fluid going bad? Car has 34k miles on stock fluid.
  5. As the title says, the clutch pedal travel feels shorter than usual. After beating on the car for a bit, doing 1-2 gear pulls, i feel like the clutch feels a bit different. Is there anything that I could have done to make the clutch travel feel shorter? Or could it simply be placebo?
  6. Thanks! Car still feels fine to drive - I suppose there is still a part of me that is wondering "what if something got messed up" But I tend to overthink these things.
  7. So I had the Blackstone analysis done - from what I can see, the motor looks good. Thanks for the input guys! Is there anything else I can check to confirm the motors health and possible damage due to overheating?
  8. Thank you for those suggestions. Well I don't have a check engine light nor does it smoke from the exhaust pipes. The dealership changed the water pump, checked the hoses, and pressure tested the system. Seems to be all right. I am going to do an oil analysis(can you detect an issue via overheating with such a test?) So far it doesn't seem to be losing any fluids. BTW - when the car overheated there was no steam or anything after opening the hood. I assume this means that it didn't get TOO hot? In addition the temperature light on the dash was simply blinking (does it stay on if its REALLY overcooked?)
  9. It was the water pump. Good guess. How can you diagnose if there was any damage to the engine upon overheating. I understand our cars have fail safe cooling which should prevent that in the first place. The car feels fine....I think. I might be imagining it down on power.
  10. 14 Mustang v6 manual 32k miles Driving home from work today I noticed the car was overheating - the temperature gauge leaned into the red and the light came on. Ac was off and the temperature was only 70F, driving easily. I noticed the car was leaking some coolant when I pulled over. I intend to bring it into ford asap. What are the possible issues that would lead to this? I also think the fan might not be turning on. Thank you.
  11. I tried the soapy water again, but for sure that does not work. Gets too hot too quickly. I don't have a tune, and I wonder if they could detect it via datalogs. How would an exhaust shop check for exhaust leaks?
  12. Thats pretty much how mine sounds as well. Its really annoying IMO. I wonder if I should bring it to an exhaust shop for them to test it....
  13. How are you testing for the exhaust leak on the header? Mine has had the ticking sound since i put them on(bbk shorty), torqued and retorqued, using brand new oem gaskets. I tried using the soapy water method but the manifold gets too hot so it just evaporates.
  14. This is where i got mine. http://www.opmustang.com/store/p4/BG_Products_Syncro_Shift_II_Synthetic_Gear_Oil_-_MT82_Kit_.html Takes 2.7 quarts if I remember correctly.
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