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  1. Buying a manual help

    Yeah I came across some pretty hardcore bashing from a POS to a Chinese POS. About to head to the dealer and see if they can get here soon. If not I got a 3hr drive to check it out.
  2. Buying a manual help

    Glad yall chimed in. I had already crossed it off sadly but if there is fix I can live with that. Anyway to tell if the trans is too far gone for the above mods the save it? The car only has 28k miles but no way of knowing how the previous owner drove it.
  3. Buying a manual help

    Hello folks. I got rid of my 2011 Auto awhile back but loved the car. Now I'm looking to get another one. Well I really just found the car I would have gotten the first time. This one is a 2012 premium manual with 28k miles. I've been seeing a lot stuff on here about the design of the mt82 and the problems it's having. Would anyone say walk away from the manual and look elsewhere? Or do I pull the trigger?
  4. My issue?

    As everyone suggested new battery
  5. My issue?

    i will tomorrow just hoping thats all. Dont have time for trouble shooting, barely got time to wash her sadly
  6. My issue?

    Only thing extra is the single din kenwood that came in it. Everything else is factory. U read some post about pre 2010 having battery issuse do to the shaker system or other odd things
  7. My issue?

    So my 2011 3.7 auto battery died on me last week. Slowly but surely throughout the week it finally gave. I replace it temporarily last Friday with a junkyard battery. Worked fine, started up strong until this morning headed to class it was dead. This time now warning signs like slow starting. So it tells me the battery might not be the problem. Any ideas? Gonna pick up a brand new tomorrow but i would hate for it to die again by next week
  8. Wtf just happened?

    Replied thanks
  9. Wtf just happened?

    Hey been debating making that switch. Just simply heard better things about the afe however small the difference may be
  10. Wtf just happened?

    Thanks for all the input and advice. Guess I'll get the tire situation since I really feel the different height tires might have adverse effects. And put those gears on next along with some LCAs and UCAs. I mean it might be back and fourth on 60 foots with no dedicated drags but yall make them sound too fun. As far as DA goes, no control over that. I will get some data logging done for mpt in the mean time.
  11. Wtf just happened?

    I guess it's gear time since now I see it's not that fast year round
  12. Wtf just happened?

    well i was hoping if there was a leak it would at least throw a code of some sort. i had a 1980 280z that was crap until i swapped 02 sensors. since then i have a more respect that sensor
  13. Wtf just happened?

    heres another past run and attached are two runs from last night Performance Mods: stock except k&n drop in plus airraid intake tube Tires: stock Car color: race red Transmission: auto Race weight: what ever stock weight is Dyno: R/T.............. .2805 60'............... 2.3125 330'............. 6.4159 660'............. 9.7576 660’ mph.... 74.50 1000'........... 1320'........... 1320’ mph.. Name of the track: big country race way Date of pass: 10/17/14 Density Altitude: 3111 feet Relative Density: 91.21 %
  14. Wtf just happened?

    that exhaust leak is just speculation not sure what signs to look for though.
  15. Wtf just happened?

    ok so DA was 4007 vs a DA of 1718 for my top time. man what a difference!