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  1. They install a heat shield in revision d to reflect engine heat away from the lower control arm.
  2. I was driving my mustang at the mall a week ago and over the speed bumps I thought my car was going to fall apart. I took it into Rod Baker Ford in Plainfield, IL and they told me that the TSB 13-7-8 needed to be performed. My boyfriend talked to the tech and he told them it was all new parts including a new heat shield. No more squeaking. So if you have this problem take it in. Car is quiet now.
  3. They can find some nuts and tubing to make up for it though.
  4. I like the exotic cars but they are not practical. In my GHIG mustang I get way to many looks especially when I have the top down.
  5. Just picked up "Angel with a lead foot" it is silver white. I would get race red but because some men think women with red nails symbolize the women being easy.
  6. Date is planned unless something comes up. Chicagoland Speedway test and tune friday august 22.
  7. I think mine sounds nice. I have nothing done to it but it does rumble a little bit.
  8. I do not like BMW's. I just so happened to look up what womens top 10 most bought cars are. They are mostly SUV's. The most wanted is a Volvo S40. So gross.
  9. I wanted a new mustang that was yellow but they did not make it for my car. So I got green. I would not have bought my mustang if it was a normal color.
  10. Thank you Too40gawlf and Mia. We are going to look at the calendar for the race track this weekend and see what day we can make it. It would be at the joliet speedway. Sorry that happened to your wife z28. I hope she gets better.
  11. I have been informed by Nyke that the white smoke was from the seafoam stuff. I have no idea about car stuff. Rita runs great though!
  12. Hello Mia! I bought my mustang last year and nyke wants us to race at the drag strip but I have never raced on a drag strip before. It makes me nervous and I do not know if I should do it. Any tips for my first time if I decide to go? Also nyke is jealous of your color. It is what he wanted but they did not have it available.
  13. Hey! That's my car! I have no idea what he was doing. All I know is white smoke came out of my car when he drove away and I felt like a hillbilly. I will leave the car stuff to Nyke. Except cleaning the car. I love cleaning my car.
  14. Hello, My name is Stephanie, I am a bilingual Spanish teacher with a Masters degree in Reading Education and I have been dating Nyke for over a year. We both drive mustangs and he always talks about this forum and he is always... always... on it. Anyways he has wanted me to make an account for a long time because this is where he says he gets a lot of idea's from. I drive a GHIG (he told me to use the abbreviation) 2013 v6 convertible. He has taught me how to properly clean and wax my vehicle and has buffed out some scratches with his big buffer thing. (He says its a Porter Cable 7424XP!?) I have always wanted a convertible mustang since its been my dream car. And just so you know.... I beat him in 3 races, he has never won. No matter what he tells you, its lies. My car is faster. This is the first forum I ever signed up for. I am more of a FB person. So I am new to this. He is going to build up a picture garage for me.
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