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    Marvel is slayin the game!

    Saw deadpool last night. Very good, but not as good as all the records it seems to be breaking would suggest. Definitely awesome, but not like numbero uno of all time status.

    Did I just win the game?

    Whelp, this thread is old! Lets see, car is still going strong, STILL have some BMR rear end parts to put on that my dad has been super lazy about getting installed. I don't even remember what part or what model number, but they are in the garage somewhere. I will be doing that soon as the car is going under the knife again to turn it into a bit of a track beast. It will never be a great track car, but we will settle for "really good, just not on a tight course". I have had it at two track days and while it is fun, its a fucking handful and a half. Its heavy, has WAY to much power, needs aero badly, needs better tires, and NEEDS COOLING badly. So, our solutions are as follows: Mishimoto radiator, they claim 77% over the PP (gt350) radiator we have. https://www.americanmuscle.com/mishimoto-perf-aluminum-radiator-1517gt.html Mishimoto oil cooler since it gets HOT AF out on track. https://www.americanmuscle.com/mishimoto-oil-cooler-silver-1517gt.html I have no idea if these will all fit as currently installed, Not sure how much room we have with the whipple fans and heat exchanger on there. Or how much thicker the mishimoto is and if the heat exchanger will still fit as installed. FR3Z-10849-E to monitor oil temps instead of our current gauge which is so useful in showing vacuum..... on our boosted car. Yea, thats helpful lol. It NEEDS downforce, and there is nothing like throwing an aero package at a car to get ya there. So, the number 1 downforce generator is via working with the large volume of air going under the car. I definitely didn't have a 1.5 hour discussion with a buddy at work about how aerodynamics work in cars, and what we should do to try and solve our problems, cuz, you know, that would mean american tax payers somehow or someway payed for me to learn about car aero, which is why I definitely didn't do that at work.... I will be using this (I think) to try and make the bottom of the car flat as possible. Not totally sure how it will work out as of yet, but this is early stage planning. https://www.mcmaster.com/#aluminum-honeycomb-panels/=1csfzpw Then you obviously need a splitter, so APR will take care of that. https://www.steeda.com/apr-performance-mustang-w-performance-pack-front-wind-splitter-2015-apr-cw-201510.html And we need a diffuser, but I can't seem to find ANYONE who actually makes one that isn't just "o dayum bro that looks coo, dats all carbon fibres and stuffs", so if anyone has a lead on a diffuser that is actually designed to work that would be great, if not I guess the stock diffuser will do... 😕 Next is wing, we will go with the steeda race wing I believe. We don't need a crazy GT2/3/4 setup, so nothing TO CRAZY. https://www.steeda.com/steeda-s550-functional-race-wing-2015-all-476-steeda-wing-15 The last part is a functional hood, so tiger racing is the obvious pick here. This should give us better cooling as well as reduce front end lift and help with airstream management. https://www.chicane23.com/shop/body/tiger-racing-hood-mustang-2015/ So that should sum up the aero package, but that is only part of the story. With some aero, we will possibly need more spring in the car. I am not sure if the KW V3's will suffice, but I really hope they do as I don't want to get to over the top down the rabbit hole here. If they are not enough, hopefully we can just replace the springs and the dampers will still suffice. This will also necessitate an alignment adjustment, right now IIRC it has -1.5 up front and -1.2 out back, but I don't remember. It was corner balanced and set up at west end, they are pretty good, but that was when it was a DD. So, as its not a DD any longer, I will figure out what setup would be most applicable for us. This then leads to tires, MPSS aint going to cut it. I am leaning towards RE-71R's as its still going to be street driven, and we won't be at the track enough to really make a second set of wheels and tires make a lot of sense. If that ends up being the case and we are out there often enough, sure we will cross that bridge when we get there. But for now I think 71R's in 305 out back and 275/285 up front should be fine. Now that we have good rubber and aero, brakes are going to disintegrate. So, definetly need cooling ducts, but I am still unsure what pad setup to go with. It is a PP car so it has the huge 6 pot fronts, so hardware wise we should be more than fine. Just need a pad that will deal with the incredible mph this car can get up to. I was at autoclub and had to get out of the throttle at 140 since it felt like it was turning into a rocket ship headed to the moon. If it had downforce, I think 180 mph into the roval would be entirely within its limits, that is totally driver balls dependent though. Ok, that wall of text out of the way, not sure what else would be required. With the flat bottom floor we will likely see some trans cooling issues, so a trans oil pump and radiator may be required, but I have no idea how that would work since the grille area of this car already will have SO many radiators. Not sure how we would get that sorted out. Definitely plan to put a naca duct or two in the bottom, but that wont be enough to cool the trans... Now, how long will all this take, who knows. Will it ever be finished? Also.... who knows. Good news is our alfa romeo project is close-ish to being done. Motor and trans are built, just have to be put in the car, tuned, some electrical worked out, and then we should be ready to go. So that would be a great infield car, and this would be a great high speed track car such as big willow, autoclub roval, laguna seca ect. It would be amazing if all this come together, but as many projects do they never quite get finished as planned........ Front blowfish towhook was installed when the car was in for full clear bra and ceramic coating, but turns out the 2015 must be designed slightly diff than the 2016 I think blowfish used to make their hook. It interferes with the lower bumper. They told me to give em a few days as they figure it out. NBD, happy with their support thus far on the issue. Anyways, thats the update. Hopefully it all works out as this would be ONE HELL of a good time lol.

    Anybody Here Dabble In Photography?

    We are pretty garbage, but we are really only there for the fun of it, and do drink beer. lol. A bunch of the chicks have never played baseball before, and all things said they are actually doing pretty damn well. Super fun! Didn't think the pix would turn out so well with so little light. I guess F2.8 and ~2000 ISO goes a long way. FX1_3024 by David, on Flickr FX1_3046 by David, on Flickr FX1_3082 by David, on Flickr FX1_3065 by David, on Flickr FX1_3067 by David, on Flickr FX1_3005 by David, on Flickr FX1_3047 by David, on Flickr FX1_3033 by David, on Flickr FX1_3125 by David, on Flickr

    Anybody Here Dabble In Photography?

    FX2_2985-HDR by David, on Flickr FX2_2960-HDR by David, on Flickr FX2_3004 by David, on Flickr FX1_2300 by David, on Flickr FX1_2324 by David, on Flickr FX1_2547 by David, on Flickr FX1_2553 by David, on Flickr FX1_2841 by David, on Flickr FX2_3090-HDR by David, on Flickr FX2_3018-HDR by David, on Flickr FX2_3069-HDR by David, on Flickr FX1_2955 by David, on Flickr finally a good pic of me.... My dad got a sick shot of me entering the Roval FX1_2661 by David, on Flickr

    The Blue Beast

    You just apparently have shitty dealers. I've had no issues with where I bought mine. The few things it went in for were all covered no hassle, including replacing my hood after repairing hood corrosion once. I don't disagree with you, I guess welcome to LA? I really don't know.... No idea what I should do, every dealer I have been to with it has been a cluster and a half. Even Galpin, the all holy ford dealer was the largest cluster of them all. Well, no, maybe the stud issue was a bigger one simply because they had no idea wtf the difference between a stud and a lug was. That was just infuriating. Whatever, they said when they did it there is a lifetime paint warranty, we will see how well that goes lol. I would like to demand a new hood, but I bet they will just laugh at me. One of these days Ford cooperate is going to get an amazing letter (that no one will read im sure) about the stellar customer service experiences I have had, and I will no longer be buying a Ford, and will highly recommend to everyone I know against it. Almost to that point. Mechanically, the car has been solid except for the failed trans that no lie I know I helped kill, but it would have happened anyways so at least it happened under warranty. Service tho, holy shit. #neveragain Funny enough my mom already told my dad he can't buy a ford anymore, cuz they dicked his 5.0 up as well last time it was in. Took the harmonic balancer off and couldn't get it back on. Had to tow the car OUT OF THE DEALER FFS. lol. Brought it back home and had someone from whipple come down and do it since Ford couldn't. Fun stuff, always a new experience when we go to a dealer.

    The Blue Beast

    Yea I really don’t know what to do. I have to get it smoged, then I’ll worry about the paint. I guess I’ll just go to the dealer that did the work, they will talk to their paint shop who actually did the work, and I’m sure it will be super fun. Maybe better to just buy a damn CF hood and have it painted. It’s starting to get really hard to ever want to buy a ford again :/. Way to many issues when having to deal with stupid issues from ford themselves, and then obviously all of the wonderful dealer interactions I have had. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    The Blue Beast

    O boy. My best friend is back. Good ol galvanic corrosion. #thanksford Car is getting clear brahed soon (bday present ish) which is amazing, but clearly need to get this fixed first. They said lifetime pint warranty when the dealer split the cost the first time with me, went to be this won’t be covered? Just a few of the many places. Mostly under the hood at least. Looks less stupid that way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    The Blue Beast

    Anyone have good advice on a front tow hook? I really need to get one...... Removable is definitely best, or I guess "semi removable". Don't want a silly fender bender turning into a bent frame or messed up crush bar. The blowfish unit looks promising.

    Marvel is slayin the game!

    lol, while i think hulk is pretty damn strong.... even hulk at his angriest wouldn't hold up well against a infinity gauntlet thanos lol. But.... clearly somehow they win. Cuz what kinda super hero movie has the villain winning? #spoiler? ahahah

    Anybody Here Dabble In Photography?

    I took way to many pix, and many turned out sick. The Flickr album is just the amount I edited before I got tired.... lol Also, seeing 4 Raptors in one place out in the wild is basically damn near impossible. We got SUPER lucky. One of the pilots was flying his last flight ever, so they basically gave him a sendoff and thankfully let someone who my buddy knows know about it, so we got some insider info they would be here for this. Super dope. And we had an f-35 basically sit on our fucking face. Dude saw where we where taking pix from and on his last pass he came back through the canyon and just throttled up and came right over us, totally insane. I will try and get a vid, my buddy was taking iphone videos as I let my D850 eat up cards. https://flickr.com/photos/152434057@N06/sets/72157694638067714 https://flic.kr/p/24QnjWd https://flic.kr/p/GgdPDR https://flic.kr/p/HMxJ2y https://flic.kr/p/HMxFLm https://flic.kr/p/HMxtXw https://flic.kr/p/HMxpTE https://flic.kr/p/25RCKJd https://flic.kr/p/Ggd9pi https://flic.kr/p/25RCniS https://flic.kr/p/HMx24G https://flic.kr/p/HMwNNj

    Marvel is slayin the game!

    thats amazing haha

    The Blue Beast

    Yea, I started at like 90% penetrated level 1 3 years ago June 29, now I am slightly more % as a level 2. Not bad, but nothing crazy. I am also friends with enough silicon valley coders and engineers that make it seems like I am making basically nothing... So, there is a bit of a California Bubble effect for sure.

    The Blue Beast

    If I didn’t already have a masters and ultimately didn’t want to be stuck at NG for another three years, I likely would. But while I do like my job, and my program and team are awesome (I mostly hate where I am living but I am trying to get down to rancho Bernardo) I am just not a huge fan of the company. From my albeit limited perspective, they just seem to tend to make the wrong decisions constantly, don’t invest properly in their people, and ultimately just don’t seem to be a top rated company. My boss got 100% towers Watson score cuz like I said my team is fantastic, but my program and Palmdale site super duper didn’t since the management seems to just make the wrong choice given the option, and the sector IMO isn’t helping anything. That being said, I have gotten very good raises, been given a good amount of responsibility and basically almost total autonomy which is very nice especially considering I am still “new”, but that is more a reflection of my personal growth and knowledge, my boss and my team team having vs NG as a whole. It’s probably a little bit of “the grass is always greener” but I have to many friends who work for tech companies or start ups that just makes NGC feel like it’s stuck in 1947 :/. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    The Blue Beast

    Not sure if I ever posted that one of my car. Don’t go on ffm much anymore ;( Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    The Blue Beast

    Got a streets of willow event in a couple weeks with some work friends. I think I have decided to just leave he car alone for a while, I’ll do a front sway bar at some point, but honestly driver mod at this point is all that matters. The car is plenty capable. Also, I think the only person here this applies to is mariousvt, but we started a Northrop ERG for “performance driving”. 10 dollars or 10% off (whichever is higher) off sports car events. So road rallies (I won one recently! So I am batting 1000 lol), AutoX, track day, concourse events, you name it. Not a huge deal, but we figured if we are going to the track and stuff anyways, might as well get NGC to pay for some lol. If I remember, I’ll hit you up on lync next week or something. I’m rarely on unclass tho :/. Ford royally fucked up my wheels studs by torquing them to god knows how much back when they did my brembo swap. Thankfully they agreed to replace the studs at their expense. I still have no idea what they where torqued to, but I couldn’t make them tighter at all, torque wrench clicked in at 225 and I couldn’t put any more weight into it. So all I know is it took a three foot cheater bar on a 2 foot breaker bar to get them loose, and I couldn’t make them budge with a torque wrench trying to make them tighter. I did end up breaking a 3/8 to 1/2 adapter since the lug socket that came with them was 3/8, well, corner ponies dipshits basically blew up all over me for that saying they fail at 60 ft lbs. Well, they don’t, just for backup that same adapter took my dad’s s550’ lugs to 150 many many times. And I ran a strength of materials calc just to see, AND an engineer I work with is an ex snapon tool designer. So. Suffice it to say.... it was torqued way to high. So now I am all back to safe non over torqued studs, and got some Vorshlag lugs which are phenomenal by the way. They seat the wheel way better. They have an extra deep taper, one lug just hand right and the wheel doesn’t budge on the hub/axle. Love it. O, and it was a HUGE cluster fuck at the dealer getting the work done. Turns out they never ordered studs, they ordered lugs. And they continually fucked up the terminology saying I had aftermarket studs when they meant lugs ect ect. It was such a cluster I won’t even bother explaining it. If anyone remembers when my mt-82 blew up, turns out the same original service writer at Galpin is now the service manager at this other dealer, and he helped me, was very nice at least and immediately said they would replace the studs, but he doesn’t know the difference between a stud and a lug, and neither does their number 2 service writer. It was fucking unbelievable. At least I learned two valuable lessons, don’t take your shit to the dealer, ever, and use the correct tool for the job. Should the adapter have broke, no, but coulda just used a 1/2 socket to start with. Also, on that dealer note, my dad’s Porsche was taken to a very reputable Porsche dealer for all its work by its previous movie star owner, they charged him for a 40k service (car has 29k on it), charges him to replace his spark plugs twice (still has factory installed plugs), charged him to redo some hydro hoses (was never done) and when they did his wheels, half of the lugs where from a turbo and half from the 4s which it is, o, and they put spacers on the wheels which made the tires rub the fenders. Spacers are out now, wheels fit perfect, has all 20 4s lugs, has a new head unit, train horn (stupid AF.... but o well), 1/4” oil pan spaces for iirc 2 more quarts capacity, and a oil pan baffle so when it’s on track (with its train horn, seriously, stupid) the oil won’t slosh as much. #ihatedealerssomuchithurts Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk