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  1. Anybody Here Dabble In Photography?

    FX2_1206 by David, on Flickr Weight on Wheels, first time sine '81. Tires still had 20 PSI in them!!! FX2_1210 by David, on Flickr FX2_1218 by David, on Flickr FX2_1220 by David, on Flickr FX2_1223 by David, on Flickr FX2_1228 by David, on Flickr FX2_1238 by David, on Flickr FX2_1242 by David, on Flickr FX2_1245 by David, on Flickr
  2. Got a new car, sorta.

    Well. Plan is I’ll be building the motor which I have never done. And it will be living in LA at my parents house so I only have weekends. I just hope the trans is good, but that can be gone through. I am not sure what my dad wants to do as far as rust goes. I don’t have the money to do any crazy rust stuff like he did his truck, but since it means a lot to him, shit, he may have it acid washed and powder coated like the truck was. But I doubt it. He did ask me to look into getting a 440 build, but I said naw, keep the 383, it’s plenty fine. Some good parts in a 383 and it would be plenty fast enough for an old piece of shit. Will have to convert it to 4 wheel discs cuz I like life, and upholstery shouldn’t be more than ~1500 bucks. So. We will see. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Got a new car, sorta.

    Be picking it up tomorrow, my dad already and look inside, said the floor boards are very clean, borderline rust free, dash has one crack where the cardboard isn’t covering, has a floor shifter sitting in there so we will do that, driver door he said will need to be replaced as it’s rusted through, hopefully the stock block is in the garage as well, theoretically it will be. Also the dude had a dodge pickup after the RR he bought a hopped in motor and never installed, so he says that’s in the garage in an engine stand. But it’s not a v8, but not to say it would be cool in, well, who knows? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Marvel is slayin the game!

    Fuck to the YEA
  5. Got a new car, sorta.

    And stock was ~330 ~420. That is a lot more power then I had thought it would be. That’s dope. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Got a new car, sorta.

    Motor is apparently disassembled in the garage. And it’s been that way since the car was parked. So at least I can inspect it all, see what’s what. The motor is out of a Furry III, dad’s buddies mom totaled her car so he took the motor and built it. Not sure what the RR originally had, but hopefully it’s in the garage as well. Matching part numbers and what not. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Got a new car, sorta.

    Yup, it’s a 997.1. Can’t wait to tow it through some gears this weekend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Got a new car, sorta.

    Porsche is easily worth over 30. But I don’t know what the road runner is worth at all lol. It was parked with low miles, but it would need a fuel tank, fuel lines, carb cleaning and possibly head gaskets just to make it turn over and start. Not to mention the interior... Ideally I’d strip it to chassis, derust it, paint it, ghetto the interior since they shit is stupid expensive, and throw the drivetrain back in it. It don’t be a rocket without I assume some new cam bearings and rings, but I have to believe it would run good enough. Out of curiosity, what would the value be in current state, running state, and good shape? Also, if the motor was refreshed, any idea what numbers it would make? 383, I believe it was bored 10 over but I’ll have to measure to be sure, I’m sure it has a mild cam, cuz who builds a motor without throwing cam at it, decked heads and a decent carb. Looking like ~280 hp 350tq? Random guess on my part, anyone have a better one? Also a 838 10 over makes it ~385? Ish? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Got a new car, sorta.

    This suspect shouldn’t be in corner carvers. Damnit tapatalk... move it wherever. I hope if it goes to the beer corner tapatalk doesn’t freak out, it sometimes has trouble with remembering the password. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Got a new car, sorta.

    Well, my birthday just passed, and very long story short, my dad’s best and oldest friend is the CPA for the dude who plays J.D. on scrubs. Turns out the dude wanted to part ways with his 2006 911 4s, 29k miles, brand new tires, good shape, garage kept ect ect. Well, my dad somehow got it for under 20 grand. Talk about the steal of the century. So while that’s amazing, that is just the start of the story. My dad’s buddy has a 1968 roadrunner that’s been sitting in his parents back yard for probably a good 35 years. My dad, him, and a few buddies built the motor way back when, 383 bores out, probably a decent cam, you know just the normal #childrenofthe70’s type deal. Got the 383 out of the dudes moms wrecked 4 door whatever car, built it and dropped it in the road runner. It ran fine with low miles, but life happened and it’s been on jack stands for 35 years sitting outside with no cover. Fast forward to this afternoon, my dad goes to pick up the pink slip for the Porsche from his buddy, and his buddy says “you know what, I really am never going to do anything with it, just take it”. So now my dad has a 68 roadrunner, which he then decides to call me and say happy birthday, here is a project car. So, I guess in reality, I was just gifted a PHAT money pit. Lol. We are going to pick it up Saturday (buddies parents house is actually right around the block from my parents house.... I have seen the car sitting back there my entire life) and take it to my dads shop parking lot. So. I guess. Time to start looking for mopar parts? Need to find the engine code, and eventually figure out what all was even done to it cuz god knows they don’t remember. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Got a 2018 Mustang GT

    Sweet ride! Really getting hard for me to resist an upgrade [emoji389] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Damn. Over 500 at the wheels from bolt ons. That’s nuts. Starting to make my car seem way slow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Anybody Here Dabble In Photography?

    FX2_0923 by David, on Flickr What I think is the final edit on this guy. I had to redo the sky since I did it super noob the first time. Now you can't really tell what is photoshopped. FX2_0921-HDR-Edit-2 by David, on Flickr And redid this image. It had a bit to much yellow in it, and added a splash of green to the shadows. Although it just occurred to me as I typed this, I took this today and never uploaded it, so you never saw the original anyways lol. #oops FX2_1020 by David, on Flickr FX2_1034 by David, on Flickr
  14. Anybody Here Dabble In Photography?

    Looks like I deleted the image prior. Here are some new ones (I have to re-edit them tho, I did the sky super dumb). Pasting from my phone, so don’t have bbcode links. They probably won’t even show up correctly. My friend got his car wrapped (used to be dipped, dip went to shit cuz it was cleaned with some chemical that destroyed it) and put that bish on air. Not my jam, I wouldn’t even be able to comprehend spending that kinda money for bags, but I also performance oriented vs #stancenation. It does look cool, and actually rides way better since previously he was on SI dampers and the stiffest fucking eibachs, thing was way oversprung. It was damped fine, but it was just stiff AF, so it rides and likely handles better now, not that that’s saying much haha. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I am certainly not saying a procharger is the best thing out there, I would LOVE a PD, my dads whippled 5.0 is a fucking animal, tone that down a bit cuz the 3.7 is no 5.0 and man o man that would be a load of fun! But, since I have basically given up hope on such things, procharger is likely the solution I will go with. Your going to have to do some convincing why something like this wouldn't be a pretty nice setup tho. That torque is no joke. Why they ran the stock setup only to 6k I have no idea, but they are seeing right about 350 torque at the wheels. That is nothing to sneeze at, especially that it does it for a "decent" amount of RPM. Especially for being at the track, your not going to be sub 4K RPM much... So it should be at least very predictable as far as torque goes. Would I fully expect to get those same numbers on cali fuel and with Cats, probabaly not. But I have every mod I can ever put on this thing shy of cams (which we all know do not much and I would never be able to get a good tune for anyways) or a built motor (which I would love, but would never pass smog as far as I can figure, I really need to figure out how to get around this somehow), and I made 285/265 on a hot day in the middle of summer. But, those are the corrected numbers, so heat should be factored in to them. So 30% more torque would be pretty sweet as far as I am concerned!