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    Datalogging is impossible

    I legit only use my Macbook (only has windows 7 on it, no osX of any kind) for datalogging. Not that I have done a datalog in years, but thats about all I even have it for anymore lol.

    RIP Stan Lee


    The Blue Beast

    Yea, that was me. I FORCED it into 5th at redline going up a hill, and the 5th gear synchro is like a cone style, I forget exactly, but yea its not exactly "strong". Cold shifting issues are sorta a known thing, people say use other fluids and that helps, but I am torn... Ford and all OEM's do millions of miles of testing with their spec'ed fluids, and there is a reason they say to use certain things. Now, the question becomes, how much do you trust their recommendations... that is the question. I run ford fluid in my trans, I have not seen a reason not to. I have never had the cold shifting issue, but I also live in Cali, so the coldest I have ever driven in was like mid 40's in the dead of winter... My first gearbox failure was entirely my own fault, but root cause was shitty design by Ford. I definitely hurt it, and then ultimately broke it at autocross 2 days later (shifting into third, somehow it blew apart 5th synchro), but this second failure I am still not 100% sure about. I have to assume it was from the botched clutch job that the second mechanic found when doing the throwout/slave job, but then that same guy who "found the clutch issue" left a bunch of my bell housing bolts loose. So, really, who the fuck knows................................................................ I do know I have been incredibly nice to this trans as I really didn't want to have a third one, guess that didn't work. I had one friend drive it once at autox, and he slammed it into 3rd when it didn't want to go, so I did notice third's gear engagement was never the same (Ben Calimer confirmed third's synchro was a bit messed up, but just a bit when he took it apart last month) but that didn't cause this failure. Still not even sure what did, he basically said "whelp, hopefully a new input shaft and gear will help, I do see a bit of wear on them and that has fixed similar issues in the past". Knowing my luck, the noise will go away, aaaaand in 3 months my motor will pop. /storytime #dontbemeiguess #iluvmycarbutitsaPITMFA

    Putting my '67 up for sale

  5. So I just put a head unit in my Honda Accord DD, and I decided to give the mustang scene a look again. I only remember two previously, but it looks like metra has joined the game? Any insight or advice on this? I likely wouldn’t do it immediately as I am still waiting for my Ben Calimmer trans to return, and just dumped a bunch into the Honda to keep it goin for another hopefully 5 years... but it would be nice to have a decent stereo and apple car play! Metra 99-5839CH Aftermarket Radio Installation Dash Kit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N0SXXSX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_3rJ3BbMW2S3RV Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    The Blue Beast

    Thanks!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    The Blue Beast

    Anyone have any info on fastener locations? I gave white bear lake a ring and they got me the bellhousing fasteners, but they can’t tell me which go where as their catalog doesn’t show that. Any idea how I can determine this? I asked for all bell housing bolts and starter motor bolts, and I was given: *W714290*S437 1.93$/EA 2X REQ *W714289*S437 1.38$/EA 5X REQ *W714288*S437 1.38$/EA 2X REQ I assume the two longest will be for the starter motor, whichever two those are, then after that I am not sure :/. Not sure why I can’t find a damn exploded view of this!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Potential 2019/20 GT500 photo leaks

    Yea, when you start getting into super car prices, you have gone to far. For the coin you can have an actual serious car... All mustang love aside, thats a bit insane.

    Potential 2019/20 GT500 photo leaks

    I am very very unsure about the entire front end...
  10. Good deal. Got anything else for sale..? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    The Blue Beast

    He didn’t find any issues, but replaced it just to be safe. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    The Blue Beast

    So they didn’t send an explanation, but I messaged George (owner) to see if he has any idea if the old part was actually deemed bad. But, seemingly a bit of info going my way, MGW replaces the stick portion of the shifter. This was the Gen 1, so it looked like this originally: Now this: No idea what has changed from a design standpoint, hopefully he can shed some light, he is usually pretty good and informative. Great customer support and even better hardware. Can’t recommend MGW enough. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Gear swap to 3.73

    Yea. Usually you just leave the battery plugged in. Charger just keeps it good and charged at full volts. If it said incorrect car code (sorry on phone, can’t scroll up to see exact verbiage) is it possible that tuner wasn’t what was used to tune the car....? I would possibly call SCT tomorrow. When my dads 5.0 bricked itself while flashing a tune, on a Sunday, they where very helpful. And yea you can put tunes back on the car whenever. However many times you want as far as I know. Just only a limited amount of unmarry and remarry’s to different cars per device. SCT wants to sell you new hardware eventually.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    The Blue Beast

    To their credit, I did get my new trans with a bunch of bolt ons as well. Even my aluminum DS and at the time Barton shifter bracket and AM shifter. But, still, the fact it took them a month just to do anything, by which point everything was even more heavily backordered, it was just all horrible. The only good experience at a dealer was buying the car in the first place. Everything since has been bad. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Gear swap to 3.73

    I think the tuner shows every tune it has available. It’s not like when it downloads a tune to the car it removes it from the device. They are permanently held on the device unless you delete them. He could flash the factory tune back onto the car tho... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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