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    HELP!!! Need throwout/slave ASAP

    For future reference, I orderedBR3Z-7A508-B, 1C3Z-7600-AB, and new pressure plate bolts as those I believe are torqued to yield: M-6397-B46. Couldn't find the M-6397-B46 on autonation, so I got them from Lethal Performance. To bad... 15 bucks in extra shipping lol. I guess we will see in about 1.5 weeks if its all good. I did reach out to a buddy who used to work at ford, (had a little bit of a hand in the 350, but mostly worked on the new nascar program for them, is now at GM...) asking WTF the difference in those two parts is from someone who can actually pull up the real drawings of them. Hopefully he can get back to me and let me know cuz what a cluster fuck those part numbers are.

    HELP!!! Need throwout/slave ASAP

    From what I have read, they physically are the same, but I think maybe the hardline coming out of them are slightly different. I am really not totally sure, I have googled the crap out of it and am confident the GT part number "BR3Z-7A508-B" will work so I am going with that. Worst case the shop swaps the hardline. But, ok thanks, flywheels stays on.

    HELP!!! Need throwout/slave ASAP

    Since your so helpful, one more question. Do you have to pull the flywheel to do pilot bearing? If so I will order new bolts, if not, well, then not.

    HELP!!! Need throwout/slave ASAP

    I should replace the pilot bearing while they are in there right?

    HELP!!! Need throwout/slave ASAP

    The Mcleod option on AM states this: Ford Motor Company Equivalent Part# 4R3Z-7A508-AA Fits 2005-2017 GT, 2005-2012 V6 and 2007-2009 GT500 Mustangs so they are calling it out as replacing the "3.7, 4.0 and 4.6" according to tasca/autonation. This is the most confusing thing I have ever god damn read.

    HELP!!! Need throwout/slave ASAP

    I agree, it spaces the slave to fit with the fingers, but I have whatever was stock on my car now. But I don't know why there would be a difference. Maybe the v6 one is a little less powerful? I don't know, weird!!

    HELP!!! Need throwout/slave ASAP

    Tasca and autonation are calling out the V6 number 4R3Z-7A508-AA for the 3.7, 4.0 and 4.6. The 5.0 part number is being stated as for just the 5.0.

    HELP!!! Need throwout/slave ASAP

    It is, i have a GT clutch and flywheel, but I have that RAM slave spacer. But I am pretty sure that spacer just spaces the slave towards the motor as I assume the v6 usually has a much longer forward to aft dimension for the dual mass flywheel and clutch. So I am not sure if the salve itself is a different part because the length is different or what. Why would there be 2 different part numbers, but then the aftermarket american muscle one claims it fits both AND I see reviews of both GT owners and v6 owners saying it works fine. I want OEM, but now I am just confused as hell.
  9. Hey yall, so I am on auto nation white bear lake, and it looks like there is a different slave for the 3.7 then for the 5.0. Is that correct? Its just weird since AM has the exedy unit and calls out both 3.7 and GT... Price difference is over 100 bucks. Really need some help ASAP as I have a track event in 2 weeks and want to get the parts ordered so I can line up a shop to do the job. The GT part on autonation is: BR3Z-7A508-B V6 one is: 4R3Z-7A508-AA

    Anybody Here Dabble In Photography?

    To follow the low depth of field train. Shot these last weekend. F1.6 and 1.8 on a 58mm 1.4. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Oil cooler build

    Yea, it should drain down to whatever level the oil filter is (which is lower than most of the radiator). And a setrab plate and all setrab fittings. 4 90 degree’s cost 130 bucks! Lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Sway Bar Time.... finally

    Adjustable fronts and their billet rears. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Sway Bar Time.... finally

    BMR 35mm front bar is on. They neglected to tell me I needed the first gen s197 front bushing cradles, it no biggie. Got it all installed yesterday and can report it seems perfect. I have then set to max stiff, but that really isn’t a huge increase over a stock GT front bar. But it does feel great so far. Today I got the rear billet links on and while they likely don’t do much of anything different, they do look dope! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Brake Pads

    If you want a good fluid that doesn’t break the bank, ATE 200 is good stuff. I run it my car and my fathers s550 and haven’t boiled fluid yet. If you want better stuff, motul rbf 600 is the fo to race fluid. And if you need better (no one in this forums needs better then 600......) they make a 660. But it will absorb water pretty fast and thus requires a flush very often. Honestly, unless your tracking the car, the stock fluid is totally fine. There are only three things to worry about, hydrophobia, temperature at which it turns to steam, and price. If your not tracking it it won’t get hot enough to boil, and if it’s any normal fluid it should reject water or spread whatever water is absorbed through all of the fluid volume rapidly. So both of these are none issues for street cars, then there is price... Point is, I wouldn’t even worry about it. Brake fluid is just a hydronic fluid, all that matters is the fact it’s a non-compressible material so it does it’s job correctly. All brake fluids are, and the stock stuff is fine unless your tracking the car. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Anybody Here Dabble In Photography?

    “Friend” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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