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  1. Well I'm glad it wasn't me memory that was faulty then!
  2. Looks like a fun project - and underside done already gets you a long way to the finish. I thought that the 1970 had a 302, and the 289 wasn't available after 1968?
  3. Agreed, not enough understanding of firearms, firearm safety, and self protection.
  4. Took my 11 year old grandson to the range today. He said it was a great time. I'm thinking of selling my Bodyguard. I am the only one who can shoot it - long heavy trigger pull. My wife can't fire it and if that is the only gun she can get to if something happens and I'm not home it would not be good. The new Springfield 911 is a very nice shooting .380 gun.
  5. I think that you are correct - stock typically is 8" wide or less (I think a 17" wheel is narrower).
  6. I have 18" wheels from a 2012, with Blizzak snow tires mounted on them.
  7. I had the NItto G2 on my 2013 - it was when they first came out and NItto gave me a set for testing (second time they had me testing and evaluating tires, pretty nice to get a full set of tires and all I had to do was send in a write up every couple of weeks). I really liked the G2's. Good grip and handling with them. Drove through some big rain storms as well with them with no issues at all. Since they are summer UHP tires I didn't use them in the winter in SE Michigan where I was living at the time. I've been thinking about getting some for my 2017 - too bad Nitto doesn't have anything that needs testing right now!
  8. Do you have other tunes on the SCT for different octane? It could be that the car is running an 87 octane performance tune from MPT, I know that they do those.
  9. The only other cord you need is to connect it to your computer, and that is a standard printer cord (kind of a square end that goes into the bottom of the handheld). You will need to download the SCT updater and that is the first thing I would do since it is likely out of date for the handheld operating system.
  10. Ended up with the EcoBoost convertible - as soon as my wife saw it in the showroom, the GT was not coming home. On the way home she said, "if I hadn't come with you then you probably would have come back with the GT" - told her probably, or the 2008 Shelby Convertible on the used car lot! The MRT struts aren't backwards, they were done at MRT. Redline though the mounting point is to the front of the car, and MRT uses existing mount points on the stock hinge so maybe that is what you meant by "backwards".
  11. It wasn't that I didn't like the SHO, in fact I really missed my massaging seats from the SHO this past Thursday night when I drove from Michigan back to my home in North Carolina. The SHO was very comfortable, and the performance was very surprising. If I decide to get another car to add to the group (my wife's BMW and my Mustang) then definitely I will be looking at the SHO or MKS - best for roominess and performance in one package. But I wanted a Mustang and should have just bought one when I got rid of the cursed 2013. Ford offered such good incentives on the SHO at that time though that it was hard to pass up.
  12. I was surprised that there wasn't a strut tower brace on this one. It was on my 2013. There is a firewall brace though going from each strut tower back to the firewall.
  13. Last weekend I managed to run 13.5 and 13.6 all day with 1.91 for the 60'. This past weekend though I could not get any traction and ran 13.8 with 2.05 for 60'. So definitely need some drag radials for traction. As soon as I got into the throttle the rear tires started to spin. I even sat the line and built boost then just lifted my foot off the brake and the tires started spinning.
  14. The only mod so far is to put the MRT hood struts on it. I decided to do a superstripe on it, like I had on my black convertible - this one will be anthracite gray to tie in the wheels. I need to get some drag radials for it; my old set of Race Star Dark Stars won't fit because the offset is different (so a nice set of 15x8 wheels with Mickey Thompsons on them and 17x4.5 front skinnies will be going up for sale). Need to upgrade the inter-cooler. The IAT's were running 15 - 20 degrees over ambient at the track this weekend. I will replace the exhaust from the cats back. Since North Carolina has inspection, Scott at MRT checked out what they look at and said that I need to keep the stock cats to pass.
  15. I picked it up 2 weeks ago, but waited to reveal it because of an event this past weekend. Traded my SHO on a 2017 EcoBoost convertible, certified pre-owned. Originally I was going to get a 2018 coupe in royal crimson with the performance package. But after we spent a couple of weeks going back and forth on the deal Scenic Motors in Mt. Airy decided to play games when I called to let them know I was on the way to pick it up - the sales guy said "great, see you in a bit, and just a heads up, but the sales manager redid the numbers this morning" and suddenly the deal was getting more expensive. I told him "I'm not playing this game" and he claimed it wasn't a game, they just missed some things on the fax they had sent me just the day before. Told him to fix it and he said to give him a few minutes. He called back and it still wasn't the same deal so I walked away. Not playing that game where they think that I have already completed the deal in my head and bought the car so now they can screw with me. My wife said "let's go to another dealer" and just after she said it Asheboro Ford texted me to ask if I was still interested. And 45 minutes later we were on the lot looking at cars. They had a GT that I told my wife I could "settle" for even though it didn't have all the options I wanted. We walked inside to go over the numbers and inside the showroom was this white convertible. My wife said "you need another convertible". Didn't have all the options I wanted (like performance package and navigation) but it went home with us. Guess I have to post pictures later. I thought that they were on this computer but apparently I never downloaded them on this one.
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