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  1. 6r80 rachet shifter

    Yeah that's all I found too. My friend has a '15. He wants a manual now. Go figure.
  2. 6r80 rachet shifter

    Correct, no dice. Got a buddy with a 6R80 who wanted one and we searched around. Nada.
  3. 2016 GT Roanstang build

    I have vinyl decals on my car too. Forgestar, Hoonigan, Corsa, and Maximum Motorsports. They all gave me stoof/deals.
  4. Got a new car, sorta.

    I'm starting to get more appreciation for the way those flat 6's sound especially 997 and later. The 991's are just...oh my god.
  5. Got a 2018 Mustang GT

    Yeah I'm actually discovering this...
  6. Got a 2018 Mustang GT

    Bout time you showed it off. I'm looking to do flex tuning myself. If Shaun offers flex tuning too soon, I'm going to have to think about what I want to do, Lund or AED.
  7. Coyote Red

    How's the car going to be modeled specifically? I'm curious to see how you're going to build this up.
  8. What if they were pink?
  9. Bang on from the side, I don't. From a quarter view, I definitely do.
  10. well hello there..... Those wheels are so killer too.
  11. Bullitt hype is hilarious

    I love boobs more than both.
  12. 2020 MACH 1

  13. Bullitt hype is hilarious

    I love it. That grill makes the front end actually stunning. Love it love it love. I love my 350 more though...
  14. No kidding...that seems like it wasn't cheap. Impressive nonetheless and looks really good.
  15. E85 runs cooler, they tested E85 and 114 Rocket on a 13:1 700 HP engine to take out certain variables. Unfortunately not the comparison that a street car would want to see but more of a very solid explanation of why E85 does what it does and when to use it.