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  1. nastang87xx

    The Blue Beast

    One thing I hate about big parts...big money. 🤦‍♂️ 285 71R's are about $80 cheaper than 305's. Something to consider if you're going to be blowing through tires constantly.
  2. nastang87xx

    Boss 302 rear sway bar question

    Sound of silence lol. Nice.
  3. nastang87xx

    Boss 302 rear sway bar question

    Now thinking of it, I should sell my front GT350 bar...if I can find the mounts.
  4. nastang87xx

    Boss 302 rear sway bar question

    A slightly stiffer rear bar on the V6 is definitely a good thing and if you're just looking to also get rid of the clunk, fo sho go for it. GT's on the other hand...it still pisses me off to no end when the big boys are upgrading their sway bars and saying how much more planted and controlled the car feels coming out of a Starbucks' parking lot. Coyote, GT500, and GT350 cars need a front sway bar, not a rear. At least for what most people are trying to accomplish with handling balance.
  5. nastang87xx

    SW 3" from LMR

    I have strong feelings on this too, reuse as many studs as possible. Less work getting all the studs out, nuts are easier to install, and you definitely don't have to worry about a bolt backing out if you're reusing the studs. Cranking bolts into heads at those types of angles is scary. I almost screwed up my 2011 Mustang GT's heads because of this. And remember to use anti seize if the bolts aren't zinc coated. I believe most header bolts are nowadays but best to double check.
  6. nastang87xx

    Spy shots/video of '19/20 GT500

    Retuned and beefed up 10R80...that's just me though. I can say that here. This is a safe space 😁
  7. nastang87xx

    A Lesson in Tires and Heat

    It's been low 40's around me and sometimes have been dipping into the 30's. I'm still alive on those dead RS3's but they need to be replaced STAT. I'm getting my MPSS's back on in two weeks along with my new alignment with my MM caster camber plates.
  8. nastang87xx

    6r80 rachet shifter

    Yeah that's all I found too. My friend has a '15. He wants a manual now. Go figure.
  9. nastang87xx

    6r80 rachet shifter

    Correct, no dice. Got a buddy with a 6R80 who wanted one and we searched around. Nada.
  10. nastang87xx

    2016 GT Roanstang build

    I have vinyl decals on my car too. Forgestar, Hoonigan, Corsa, and Maximum Motorsports. They all gave me stoof/deals.
  11. nastang87xx

    Got a new car, sorta.

    I'm starting to get more appreciation for the way those flat 6's sound especially 997 and later. The 991's are just...oh my god.
  12. nastang87xx

    Got a 2018 Mustang GT

    Yeah I'm actually discovering this...
  13. nastang87xx

    Got a 2018 Mustang GT

    Bout time you showed it off. I'm looking to do flex tuning myself. If Shaun offers flex tuning too soon, I'm going to have to think about what I want to do, Lund or AED.
  14. nastang87xx

    Coyote Red

    How's the car going to be modeled specifically? I'm curious to see how you're going to build this up.
  15. What if they were pink?

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