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  1. What tires are on the front...?
  2. I don't know if I've mentioned this in the forum before, but AthleanX YouTube channel is about the most realist and legit source for fitness info you can get. From diet and nutrition to actual workouts and anatomy, it's the jam.
  3. The consensus is duration for mid high to high range RPM operation. However, there could be challenges with the extremely high lift. No one really has gathered enough data yet to start seeing what more duration or playing with separation angle really could end up doing.
  4. I got a response back, L&M wants to do cams for the GT350 but the company that provides them cores hasn't come through yet with no for sure date. Teh sad face.
  5. I sent an email to L&M engines to get some thoughts.
  6. The heads on a Flowbench 600 run 392 CFM on the intake port at max lift, 270 on the exhaust which is just hilariously high. Average gains were about 30 - 40 RWHP on their Mainline Dyno with 91 octane. I was quoted $1425 to port, polish, clean, and verify flow on the heads. Reusing stock springs and valves. Now here's the issue I have: I feel like the heads alone are nice. But it needs to paired with cams too. If you're ripping apart the top end, might as well do the whole deal. The heads are so big and so well ported that there would be basically no loss of low end, mid range may slightly dip (like the Roadrunner vs the Gen 1 Coyote) but will continue to carry on, even with higher duration cams, which is what the Voodoo needs. It doesn't need more lift. The Voodoo is maxed out on lift as much as it can, 14mm. So I'm in a conundrum. I don't think I'll do it unless I have cams to go with it. While the heads may give 30 RWHP, that would be compounded with cams PLUS what the cams would provide stand alone as well. It's difficult to figure without a real baseline but with these ported heads, long tube headers, a dialed in tune, stock intake manifold, filter, snorkel, and MAF there was a 100 RWHP gain but only theory. Since the original project car was sold before the whole project was done, they didn't get track testing either unfortunately so that's hard to figure. Slight recap with some theoretical conclusions, the car originally came in with an E85 Lund tune, long tubes, no cats, and stock everything else and it was putting down 505 RWHP on a Dynojet 224. In THEORY, the Mainline Dyno probably would have read around 470 RWHP in that configuration. After heads, a fuel switch to 91 octane, tuning, tuning, and tuning some more, they ended up with 525 RWHP on the Mainline Dyno. Theory would tell us about 550 RWHP on a Dynojet 224. Or about 630 flywheel. What's really important though is what kind of torque curve change I'm looking for. I don't want to lose any low end but I don't need to gain any either. Once the Voodoo takes off like a rocket ship @ 3500 RPM, it gradually dips down in torque and eventually ends up at about 320 RWTQ @ 8200 RPM. I want that to raise up and be flatter and hold that 375 or so RWTQ starting @ 4700 RPM. Instead of a dip down to 320 RWTQ, I'd like to see more like 350 RWTQ at redline which is just about 550 RWHP @ 8200 RPM. While the goal may be met, I still would feel weird about not having done cams as well. So the homework continues for now and no decisions can be made as of yet.
  7. Yep, Ben Calimer. Done and done. Thread closed. ?
  8. The 10R80 feels awesome. HOWEVER they're starting to let go during odd and somewhat reasonable conditions. These '18+ cars are really good...until something goes wrong. Keep 'er around stock and have fun. God it shifts so nicely.
  9. Funny you mention that because I actually want to get more data on where a good place is to safely spin the Voodoo up to. To me, the 8200 RPM redline is there simply because the power would start falling off and not because the rotating assembly is compromised. I feel like with the right stuffin's 8500 - 8600 would be very acceptable as long as the power sustains. FE did say that they're working on a new intake manifold as well but it's focused more on twin turbo applications. I'm guessing lots of volume and very straight and short runners. I actually was going to get an E85 tune as it sits but I checked out E85 stations near me and Google was like "lulz, that's funny bruh."
  10. We'll see what the GT500 brings to the table but for now I'm doing my homework on something else. A company in Texas called Frankenstein Engine Dynamics have developed a set of BIG heads for the GT350. I called them last night and inquired about the mill. They said they're sending me all the info they have about them. I'm waiting on an email. Their testing without a completely dialed in tune was putting out 525 RWHP with long tube headers, no cats, ported heads, STOCK intake and snorkel and STOCK manifold, and good 91 octane (yes, ninety ONE, not ninety three). FE claims their wheel hub dyno typically reads about 8 - 10% lower than a well calibrated Dynojet 224. Take that for what you will. So yes, a Dynojet in theory could read 585 RWHP...or 670 flywheel horsepower using accepted drivetrain loss (about 13% for the GT350). The torque curve smoothens out and doesn't have that massive jump from 3000 - 3500 RPM. It's much more progressive like the Coyote is. So actually it doesn't hit has a hard right at that meat. However what it does do is continue to carry the torque way up high and doesn't dip down like a curve but climbs until its peak around 5000 RPM and carries on. It falls off by only by a mere 30lb ft or so all the way until 8200 RPM. For curiosity's sake, when I get the info I'll show more.
  11. 660 is terrifying stuff.
  12. I've discovered dual purposing brake pads is difficult. I'd call G-LOC and see if they have any ideas. I used to run Carbotech but the big boys of the company all went to G-LOC.
  13. 275 in Cyclone?! Yeah, that is TOOOOOAAAAAAAASTY.
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