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    So far so good. I think I am going to go with the tap and drill method. I am confident the passenger side hole can't hit anything....as for the driver's side hole, I doubt it will hit any water passages or oil galleys either(assuming a reasonable depth) I cant imagine they would run differently in the ecoboost head vs the cyclone...and worst case scenario, even if I drilled into one, I could just install some thread sealant on the bolt securing the crossover down and it wouldn't be a problem....people plug oil galley holes with bolts/plus all the time in various head conversions without issue. The only issue I can see is getting the passenger side hole started correctly might be a bit of a challenge...since it falls on the slope past the machined surface as you can see in the picture....but that is the beauty of transfer punches...I highly recommend buying a set for anyone who does a lot of fab work...one of my favorite tools.
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    This weekend I did some work on getting flanges on the throttle bodies. While there is nothing technically wrong with the coupler setup, by adding true flanges, if I ever choose to use forced induction on the car, I eliminate a lot of possible boost leaks: I beveled the inside slightly to gain more clearance for the fuel rail...last thing I need is some crazy rubbing that punctures the rail and spills gas all over the engine bay. And then...ran out of argon for the TIG...but at least I got the tubing tacked to the flanges...the clocking here is critical...I have almost no space between the tubes in a crossover setup...and the crossover setup is needed to maximize room within the shock tower brace.
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    I wish I could offer some advice but I have zero experience welding. I took my intake to a welder and paid a lot more than I would have liked but I had no option and he did a great job.
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