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    With another road course season around the corner I'm putting together a oil cooler build. My oil temps on the track last year we're hitting the 270-275 degree range. I'm copying the bracket in the Mishimoto GT mustang kit and using a different sandwich plate and making my own hoses and fittings.
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    Working down more of the loan at the moment so I am not carrying over any negative equity. Since the major vibration issue has been worked out, its been much better to drive so I am not in such a rush.
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    So this weekend I decided to do one more autocross hurrah before my surgery. Nothing competitive so I went on my old RS3 v2's. Plus I shouldn't be hauling around wheels and tires anyway. My RS3's have some tread on them still, not much but enough to say they're not quite shot, at least not at a glance. Well, they most certainly are. Despite tread, they are INSANELY slick. So slick that it feels like you're riding on hockey pucks. They are so done but why? Well, heat. And here's where heat cycling comes into play. Heat cycling in a tire is important because the compound itself needs to essentially "chemically settle", thermally. Then it stays in heat cycle and can grip and shape as it starts to wear away. But too much heat too fast and they heat cycle out. So despite having tread left, my RS3's are absolutely done. There is also another way to tell that they're totally cooked: the way the tread looks. A heat cycled tire, especially a super high performance summer tire, tends to chunk a tiny bit and feel somewhat rough and look like settled cement, rough and wavy. My RS3's look like plastic. They're extremely smooth and feel like an all season touring tire now. Essentially there's been so much expansion and contraction from heat that they have vulcanized into something totally next level. Think of a dying star that has puffed out as it's expelling all of its fuel. The tires have lost their capability to grip and dig. Instead, they more so now just roll, if that makes sense. So the takeaway here is that you can't always life check a tire based on tread. There is another component to tire wear and in fact, a potentially dangerous one too. I would not dare hit the track on these tires as they sit.
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    Hey Marvel, I can only get so erect!
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    Infinity Wars is changing the game, and Marvel has already announced 6 more films after the end of phase 3/4!
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    Finally saw Black Panther last weekend. Was worried I wouldn't be able to see it in theater. Bad ass movie for sure! The Avengers with a little Wakandan tech would be epic!
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    Those are Whiteline out of Australia. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Just bought myself a Nikon D750 full frame. Thinking about trading my 35 1.4 for a 24-70 2.8 for the extra versatility but will take some time with what I have before I make any big decisions.
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    Nothing like a range day with a new gun. I have a new recurve and hit the back yard with my daughter. She brought her's to my house as well. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
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    Usually in spring, I think around March, Koni has their annual sale.
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    Would anyone be interested in buying my CMMG 16" gas-piston upper? Comes complete with BCG, Midwest Industries quad rail, magpul rail covers, angled fore grip, A2 flash hider, and I might include the YHM flip-up sights. Runs infinitely cleaner than a typical DI upper with zero carbon fouling inside the receiver and chamber. Was going to ask $700 publicly, will take $500 from a forum member.
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    Wet sanded with 2000 grit, hand polished with compound. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Ok so update on the Banana, we found that the driveline vibration was caused by the drivers rear hub and bearing. My original thoughts were that she drove strait into the curb with the front wheels, but while rounding the turn the rear wheel hit at a diagonal angle hit the edge of the rim, but more flush causing the IRS setup to shift to the left, the drivers rear tire was resisting the push which I believe caused the axles and pinion to tweak the diff, pinion flange, passenger axle, and now drivers hub and bearing. After running a dial gauge on the hub, and running the car in the air it was clearly the hub/bearing. We also kept the original passenger side bearing after it was replaced and determined it was in good shape so we used it. Wallah! it is smooth as butter. Good thing we kept it. Only had 1380 miles on it. So I may be keeping her. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk