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    I think I figured out my next purchase.... it’s beyond stupid and frivolous, but I’m pretty much set on it. Just not sure entirely when as it’s a huge want and not at all a need. I have always been a fan of the retarded color track wheel look, and I could use a wider set of rims for track duty. I don’t track often enough for this to make a hell of a lot of real sense, so like it said, not needed but wanted. I think I will pick up some 18 or 19x11 apex wheels, which will also necessitate feint spacers which require ARP studs, so I’ll need boss 302s front hubs with them pre-installed (hub bearing maintenance and studs all at once!) and rear studs. Aaaaaand I’ll have them powder coated orange. Cuz. Why not! Then the hard part is picking a tire to wrap them in. I really want to get cup 2’s but omg 4 305 cup 2’s is not a cheap undertaking. I saw this picture forever ago and also loved the crazy style. So I really would like a track set in this color for the lolz. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We the problem here is that we have a single lane driveway at my house so whichever vehicle is parked last has to be moved. Yeah she does not take care when driving my car even though I have shown her how to parallel park using the passenger mirror for curbs, or just park away from everyone and back into a space using the camera etc. At this point I have given up on telling her to drive "better" for a lack of a better term. The thing is at this point I just have given up on the banana as far as what she does to it, the only thing she has not done yet is drive into it with her car, which I am sure I just jinxed myself by saying and not I should be expecting that to be the new thing. I am ordering a new bumper painted and I am getting a front firing sensor/camera that integrates into my head units video input. It allows the driver to hold the ok button the steering wheels media controls to turn the front camera on while parking. Hopefully that will solve the parking issue. However I may be trading in the banana in the Spring for a F150 and putting my focus into the 70 coupe going forward unless I get the bug again lol.....
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    Retired on the bay here on the Texas coastal bend in 2 years, wow, it's so close I can taste it! Coyote Red has all new shoes now & lost 28 lbs + weight I lost previously w/ X-pipe ect. Going fishing is very rewarding this time of year.
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    I'll be going there in the near future to install my gears. Thanks for the recommendation, I've just been so busy I haven't had time to even think about my car for awhile.
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    Is this PC hardware? Sorta? I got a ballin schiit audio tube amp and multibit dac for my headphones yesterday. I have been borrowing a buddies for months so I knew what I was buying, but still awesome to have my own. Thing is an absolute beast. And the obvious shot of his and mine next to each other, cuz that really is pretty nuts lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I got my new pipes in from DepoRacing out of CA. Very good build quality I cannot tell these apart from my Mishimoto charge pipes I had. Couplers and tbolt clamps are excellent. For $180 its hard to argue the value of these, these are $100 less than the cheapest listed charge pipes SR performance on AMs site, and nearly $200 cheaper than Mishimoto, etc. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    So I am hitting 56,400 Miles on project Banana, and it has been interesting to say the least. I am in the process of de-modding the engine and supporting mods as I have to take the car in for a warranty repair my small oil leak from the right front appears to have moved to the rear of the engine as well, and I am burning a little oil, so I may have one of two issues, either the head gasket may be leaking oil into a cylinder, or its just leaking at the block and I may have a seal bad in the turbo which is the cause of some small puffs of blue smoke at low idle which is also causing my rear o2 to throw codes. Its hard to tell but unfortunately knowing how Ford is with engine warranty work, I gotta remove everything even down to the plugs to ensure they do not attempt to point to non-related mods. Such is the life lol. I will be trading this car in, this spring 2019 I am just not sure what I will be getting. I have been doing various build sheets and I may be going back to an NA GT this go around. I was tossing around the idea of speccing a PP EBM for cost savings as there is about a 6K difference in price between the platforms but I think that since the gas mileage difference average between both cars is so close which is amazing to say but it is, my reason for getting the 2.3L does not hold water over the advantages of the new Coyote platform. Also if you spec into a base GT you can now get Sync 3 with the full 8" screen and the toggle switches for drive modes without the expense of the tech package. However I am leaning towards a black CS with the 10R80, 12" guages, active exhaust. Its just so sexy.
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