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  2. Tough grandpas: Former marine fights robber caught on tape; Grandpa figh... https://t.co/ZPjTFs1FNz via @YouTube-DU WE NEED NSA AT LIBERY;S

  3. Project Banananana

    Whoot is right, that's a slick looking Bananana! I got in on a Koni shock & strut sale, $ 475.00 for the kit, misprint on AM for my V6 Cyclone build two & half years ago and am looking for another misprint,ha. I use 5/16" or 8mm spacers myself on Coyote Red. Keep up the build.
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  6. Laus Deo nunc et semper!

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  9. RT @RealGlenMacnow: Guy loses his wallet at Super Bowl parade. Someone mails it back, anonymously, with all the money and cards intact. Eag…

  10. Project Banananana

    Woot... Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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  12. Project Banananana

    Finished my custom deacklid with the emblem I had 3d printed. Can't wait to put it on.. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  13. @SlopeOfHope That face will haunt for the rest of my life

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  15. @FreedomPop As always, @FreedomPop rocks it with excellent service and coverage!

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  17. RT @zerohedge: US Treasury to issue a record $258BN in notes, bills this week; $151BN in bills tomorrow alone https://t.co/HtZbdUyXHU ht…

  18. @PriscoCBS To do what he has done in those limited sets of data is what separates him and makes him into something… https://t.co/tS8A7WXLUy

  19. Any new hardware recently?

    Do you practice pocket draw? I have a few pants that I can easily fit my Taurus PT111 G2 into(about the same size as the Shield) but drawing is anything but effective. Never even tried sitting down with it in there.
  20. Any new hardware recently?

    Hard to carry in a pocket though - just a little too big for pocket carry. I can do it, but why not go with something a little lighter, and that my wife may upgrade from her .22 as a result.
  21. Any new hardware recently?

    I'm actually thinking of building a Polymer 80 Glock here pretty soon. I've owned both a 17 and 19 and honestly didn't really like either. Not a fan of the shape and grip, but it looks like the P80 fixes those complaints. Might turn it into a po-boy race gun.
  22. Any new hardware recently?

    I found it funny you were looking for something for when your Shield, one of the most concealable guns out there, was too big.
  23. @USATODAY S A L U T E -..~`-,

  24. @RichardTBurnett [ F L U F F Y ]......WHTS NXT THE BACK STAIR RUNNERS..........?

  25. RT @APompliano: My rules of business: Build shit people want, never give up, avoid assholes, question assumptions, learn new ideas & always…

  26. RT @jessefelder: Hedge funds are dumping FAANG https://t.co/5ggpBylVxw ht @WhatILearnedTW https://t.co/Yrm7JQVoAz

  27. Any new hardware recently?

    Went to the gun show today at the local expo center. Was just going to look around, see if there was anything of interest. My wife decided to tag along - one of the things she wanted to see was a AR15 just because it has been in the news and she wasn't sure what they looked like." I've been wanting to get something a little smaller and lighter than my Shield for those times where I am dressed up and the Shield isn't very practical. Stopped at a booth and started looking at S&W Bodyguard and Ruger LCPII - the guy grabbed one of the Bodyguards with a crimson laser - and like a cat my wife was hooked. She turned and said "you should buy this one". We looked at other options and finally settled on the Bodyguard. She can't wait to try it out and I have a feeling I may end up looking again for my small gun. Ironic that at a time that Facebook is lit up with "ban guns" talk, we add another gun to our collection.
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