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  2. Welcome to the site. I guess reflecting back now I am not sure what to think of the ported heads actually. Honestly I did them way too soon. I did not have other things done first to get good data. I had long tube headers, x-pipe, catback, CAI, throttle body, a not so great tune, 3.73 gears, driveshaft, LCAs and shocks/struts; but only had one day at the track with 4 runs on the car at that point. So I had the intake and exhaust mods for the heads but didn't have a good tune worked out, was having O2 sensor issues with the long tubes and traction issues. I should have had all that worked before doing the heads. They definitely flow more air, there is no question about that. I still wonder if cams would have unlocked the heads potential more. I can't recall what MPT set my shift points at any more. But I have a Circle D torque converter too. I would guess that a ported lower will give more gains than the upper because of the injector bumps in the lower.
  3. So after all these years, how are the ported intakes? Which parts do we really need for higher RPM power? I read that just the ported lower is needed. I have a 2018 Explorer XLT with the N/A 3.5 which shares the manifolds with the 3.7 at least the 3.7s used on the Lincoln's and Police Interceptors. I read that a few people have used ported intakes on these newer Ford's. Because we are all speed density, there's no longer a need to "dynotune" to correct the fuel trims unless we drastically change the VE model. Think EcoBoost without the turbos. Because I am running AWD traction is not a problem (My SHO and Fusion Sport put down 1.8 60' all day long on worn out street tires). I wonder how much of a gain we'd see with the ported intake? One vendor said the upper intake from Ford was good enough and the bulk of the gains was from the lower manifold. I've never been sold on bigger TBs, but wanted to hear from the V6 Mustang crowd. Are the autos really shifting at 7100 RPM? That's about a few hundred more than what Ford set my Explorer at WOT.
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  5. I have a 73mm BBK throttle body for sale 2011 and up 3.7 $320 shipped A brand new roush CAI 2015-2017 3.7 $320 shipped Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  6. how much money do you have invested in this swap how much money do you have invested in this swap?
  7. Bit the bullet and signed up to a real gym yesterday, woke up at the crack ass of dawn to work out before going to work. It's a small overall gym but they have a kickass powerlifting room with nothing but bars/racks/bumper plates. Actually looking forward to legs day now lol.
  8. Top speed limiter in the ECU perhaps?
  9. Yep, no, that"s my Aussie mix Charlie a service dog I trained.
  10. I have a 2005 Mustang with a 6r80 using a quick 6 control module. When I do WOT I’m stuck in 5th and at 105 mph. Any help?
  11. Amazon has a good price on Pennzoil Ultra Platinum. Hard to beat that price, especially since its delivered. I believe they are clearing it out for another new formula. I did cut the tube coning from the oil drain valve to about 3", just to make filling the gallon water bottles cleaner with race ramps.. Single use gallon water bottles with screw on caps don't leak like the reusable oil collectors you find in the store or online with their plastic threading. The oil drain valve is still working like a charm. 😄
  12. My 14 Cyclone wore 275's sq. on American Racing wheels at $150 a tire Firehawks. May I ask, how much weight savings over the PP wheels the SVE got you? I recently bought SVE's and am lightening 7 lbs. a wheel over my base wheels. I notice the difference too. I need to start a "Go fund me" page to buy the other two tires at $200.00 a pop for 285/35/19's.
  13. Welcome Samuel, I use a 4-way tire tool I store in my pony for punctures. When I bought new wheels I had to buy a "socket adapter" to fit the Special Vehicle Equipment rims that comes with the "package". Just get a 4-way tire tool & keep it under the seat.
  14. I think thats the size of the standart PP front tires on the S550s. They were a little small to me so I went up to 275s instead and they fill out nicely, and are nice and square on the rims, even on the 9" fronts they do not bulge or anything.
  15. I am having trouble get the proper size lug wrench an spare for a 2017 Mustang GT
  16. Yea. 275 is at home on a 9.5. But like I said, costs go up, and if there is no need... there is no need. Lol. Me on the other hand.... I’m retarded and like burning money in fires. I can’t wait till my MPSS’s finally die (they just don’t seem to lose tread, it’s nuts, almost annoying lol) I’m going Cup 2’s. #yoloorsomething Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Yeah it's 19x9.5. It's not a big deal because all I do is drive it on the road it's not like I need the grip. Next time I'm going to bump up the tire size.
  18. 9.5 width..? If so, yea 255 is pretty narrow. 275 is perfect, technically a tad large but totally within spec. If it’s a 19x9, 255 is fine. I woulda maybe done 265 but it’s fine. But..... 255 is a good cost option. They start getting expensive quick once you go larger. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Took forever but the 19 inch SVE wheels are finally on my car. Completely changed the look of the car and I have gotten a lot of compliments on them already. The mechanic I went to recommend 255/40/19 so that's what we went with because my dad payed for the tires so I didn't have much say in it. I think it was too small though, there definitely is a little lip between the wheel rim and tire.
  20. Yea, we were about an hour from San Diego, but, that still means plenty of light pollution. Not half bad, but, not amazing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. My dad did his astrophotography at Big Bend national park in TX. Closest town from his spot was a 30 minute drive and even it was a tiny town.
  22. Man it needs to be so dark to do that.... damn city life precludes that. But, we will get out to the desert at some point and then I can try. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Right I understand that, however on my end since this is so new of a project, nothing has been done yet, if I swap out the power train now, everything with the rest of the car will be open to whatever at that point..... In any case it all has to at least be updated just due to age..
  24. Very not the lens I use to get Astro pix... lol. But caded and printed a laser to hot shoe mount for Astro so we can zero in on the North Star, other points to set up our tracking head, and also for finding our targets. Should make this “hobby, sickness, waste of time and money”?way easier! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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