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  2. welcome to lonewolf performance

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  3. That could be the case. I really can't recall now but that was what I was thinking when I typed the response.
  4. I bet hood clearance or pulley routing...
  5. I’m hoping the 3.5 ecoboost in the F150/Raptor/GT will keep a lot of the cyclone v6 parts alive..... we won’t get interest from supercharger vendors but I’ll bet we still get to see what after market parts might swap over from our turbo powered brothers.
  6. It will be interesting to see what they say. I wrote them several years ago when the Dodge set up came out, but can't remember now why they said it wouldn't work on the Ford 3.7
  7. Yesterday
  8. Its sad but there probably won't be anymore aftermarket toys in the future since Ford drop the 3.7 from production.
  9. RT @KposK: UPDATE: So @_fournette melted down 700 old trophies to be turned into weights and donated them to Raines High School in Jacksonv…

  10. Project Banananana

    Yeah it was super annoying, I actually misquoted the original damage cost, the bill for the repairs and parts were $5200, and... $3400 for the Rims and tires. It adds up quick. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  11. Project Banananana

    Glad you finally got that resolved.
  12. Would be nice to have a PD option for boost. I know this company has made blowers that have been going on wranglers for like 5 years.
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  14. Would be dope if it works! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Music That Trips Your Trigger

    Johnny Lang at the Belly Up Tavern Wednesday 12/6.
  16. http://sprintexusa.com/dodge-charger-v6/ So after seeing the YouTube video of the running example of the Morana GT500 m122 grafted to a 3.7 non intercooled setup, it resparked an interest of a center of V superchargers to me again.... I was browsing through the Summit walk in store in Arlington TX to take pictures of the TVS2300 ford racing unit they sell in the store and came across a sprintex twin screw center of V supercharger for a very similarly built 60* V6...... wtf, how can the Dodge boys get a twin screw on their Penstar 3.6 and we keep squabbling amongst ourselves with everyone claiming a twin screw won’t fit between the V of our 60* 3.7 v6. The overall height of this sprintex setup only looks marginally larger than our own upper intake manifold. It even discharges the intercooled outlet in a row that could be very easily mounted to our lower manifolds... just needs the belts and pulleys to work. I’ll post up pictures of what I’m talking about in a bit but I think I’m going to send Sprintex an email. Anyone else have experience with Sprintex?
  17. Project Banananana

    Ok so update on the Banana, we found that the driveline vibration was caused by the drivers rear hub and bearing. My original thoughts were that she drove strait into the curb with the front wheels, but while rounding the turn the rear wheel hit at a diagonal angle hit the edge of the rim, but more flush causing the IRS setup to shift to the left, the drivers rear tire was resisting the push which I believe caused the axles and pinion to tweak the diff, pinion flange, passenger axle, and now drivers hub and bearing. After running a dial gauge on the hub, and running the car in the air it was clearly the hub/bearing. We also kept the original passenger side bearing after it was replaced and determined it was in good shape so we used it. Wallah! it is smooth as butter. Good thing we kept it. Only had 1380 miles on it. So I may be keeping her. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  18. welcome to lonewolf performance

    It looks like no he doesn't. No response from him, so far. With the little bit of research I've done, there is Mir Performance in Toronto Canada which is very pricey. Also two different guys on Cyclone Mustang Tech (Facebook page). It seems the better of the 2 is "Anthony Porting Reyes". Cost is $330 total, he keeps several cores on the shelf so turn around is quick, the charge is an extra $140 if you want to keep your original manifold after swapping out the new one from him. I think that's the way I'm going, haven't found a better option yet.
  19. Last week
  20. When you get @GopherWGym season tickets in the mail it’s called a double win! #LetsGoGophers #LotsOfDates w/… https://t.co/qaCEs8pDCO

  21. @ScottBarrettDFB @mykie824 @RyanHodge I liked the comparison to Chuck E Cheese coins. I am going later to get my $… https://t.co/SnR6W6GaX7

  22. RT @zerohedge: Half of the November rise in the index for final demand services is due to prices for loan services. Americans are so brok…

  23. The Blue Beast

    OMGZ dude you are so boned! You car will now explode in a firey wreck on the freeway even when just sitting in your driveway. Just reading this made all the customer cars in front of my shop explode. Rotors shipped with a bare metal surface will have an oil coating to prevent rust while sitting on a shelf. It is a good idea to clean them to prevent noise when first installing them but after just a few stops they will be fine. Rotors can also have a sort of painted surface(like Benz does) or even a nickel plated surface to prevent corrosion while sitting on a shelf. These do not need to be cleaned prior to install as the normal friction of the brake pads will remove the coating pretty much instantly.
  24. Mustang Roundup

    Taillight Tuesday anyone?
  25. I am hearing a lot of "leaked" news as to the GT 500 and a Bullitt mustang on G6 forum, and them Chevy "fanboy's" are livid! Lol. May the ponies run wild over the herds !
  26. welcome to lonewolf performance

    Peterson seems reliable as I read his post when I had a Cyclone.
  27. @greggrosenthal https://t.co/HNAtJGpgAW

  28. welcome to lonewolf performance

    Got this from livewire003 on FB, he keeps it with it way more then I do... There are a couple guys on facebook doing it, Anthony Porting Reyez and Mark Peterson Don't have experience with either one though
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